Download TikTok Video

How to Download Tiktok Videos on Phone and PC

Do you enjoy watching music videos? If yes, probably, you are a regular guest of the TikTok video platform where there are over 90 million users who produce over 500 million videos every day. Previously called as, today this website allows users not only to watch videos and share Continue Reading

Twitch hoodie

Twitch Dress Code: What to Wear for a Stream?

You are likely to know those famous proverbs like “Meet by clothes, see off by mind” or “Good clothes open all doors”. Our ancestors were wise enough to create such gold words without completing 5-year university programs and without having the Internet. Clothes are not a crucial factor on your Continue Reading

twitch female streamer

What is a Twitch Thot?

Nowadays, Twitch is a very popular streaming platform. It was originally made for entertainment and playing/streaming video games. Later, Twitch Creative and IRL broadened horizons of the platform and subsequently provided Twitch with a greater influx of fans. There are actually many female professional gamers that use the service. However, Continue Reading


How to Change TikTok Username on App

They say that TikTok is three applications – Vine, Snapchat and Instagram, combined in one. A format for short videos with a wide spectrum of editing capabilities is highly popular among users. Basically, they publish music videos, comedy sketches, dances, reactions to trends and other activities. It is a toy Continue Reading

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Twitch Teams Ultimate Guide

I am sure that sometime you were asked such a question on a typical job interview: “Do you prefer teamwork or working independently?” According to Google and Human Resources specialists, the right answer is – “I enjoy both!” What is the best algorithm of actions on Twitch then? Lots of Continue Reading