The number of users is impressive on Twitch. According to official data, there were 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, and around a million average concurrent users in May 2018. How once The Little Prince told: “Grown-ups like numbers”. There is the same story on Twitch. Streamers strive for getting more and more active viewers, and also would like to know the exact number of people who watch them. Should they enter themselves on the list of viewers?

“Does Twitch count me as a viewer?” – this is the question on the agenda. Let’s find out.

Understanding Viewer Count vs. Viewer List

It could be a little bit confusing. There is Viewer Count and Viewer List, and they display different quantity.

The Viewer Count takes into consideration those people who are watching you at the moment, concurrent viewers. Once they leave your live broadcast, the number will increase. The Viewer Count is displayed in red below the video player.

The Viewer List counts people connected to your chat, not people watching the stream. There are only users that have Twitch accounts on this list. Click the list button, that is beside the Settings cog at the bottom of the chat, and you will see the Viewer List.

Please note: those viewers who do not have an account on Twitch display on the Viewer Count.

Does Twitch Count You as a Viewer?

Yes, it does. Are you a fan of yourself in a real life? Why not to be one on Twitch as well?
However, there are some cases when Twitch does not count if you watch your own stream via mobile if you do not have chat. Also, keep in mind If you shut a video preview you no longer count as a viewer.
If you are a beginner streamer (and you probably are) – we recommend you to read our streaming setup guide. Make sure your stream has the highest quality, it’s a must.


We have just figured out that Twitch counts you as a viewer. However, if you do not have a perfect Internet connection or high-quality computer, it can lower your game’s performance. It is a good intention to aspire to get more unique viewers and fans but whether you are taken into account or not should not make you worried. Happy streaming!

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