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It seems that I will never get tired of repeating that collaboration with Influencers is one of the most powerful marketing tools if not the most powerful at all. These well-known individuals are engaged in short-term projects, become permanent supporters of brands or are appointed brand ambassadors. Brands are interested in making their product or service recognizable, influencers provide them with promotions, and do it greatly as they are already recognizable and loved by the public.

Amazon – a large American company mostly specializes in e-commerce knows for sure how to make money, and it has recently made up its mind to help people make money, having implemented Amazon Influencer Program. Read on to learn more about the program and how to use it for your own purposes.

What is an Amazon Influencer Program

Since 2017, Amazon has been running an affiliate program for social media influencers, allowing them to earn money by promoting the products from Amazon within YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This year, Amazon has expended this project to a giant initiative. At present, influencers get their own URL and create their own page with a list of products they recommend. As a result, followers get to make purchases directly to Influencer’s page on Amazon.

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How Does it Work?

Amazon Influencer Program works almost just like Amazon Affiliate Program but with more personalized hint. Influencers get a commission on products that were sold via their pages on Amazon. They mostly promote them via social media platforms, websites or blogs inserting links to the items on Amazon. Once somebody saw a shopping ad somewhere, he follows the link and is able to buy stuff on one page created by trusted Influencer. Since this year, Influencers have become clearly or verbally present on Amazon with an opportunity to manage the page themselves and sell the products as a result.

Difference Between Amazon Influencer and Affiliate

Amazon Influencer Program is considered as an extension version of Amazon Affiliate Program. The main difference is in getting a separate page like on Instagram or Facebook and get together all the products Influencer would like to sell. With its own URL, the private page becomes a shop where various brands merge with Influencer’s brand mark, and it turns out a combo! It looks like you don’t buy the products on Amazon but go straight to virtual Influencer’s showroom, and shop directly from him. Each Influencer remains an autonomous unit with a number of rights to manage a product lineup based on his own knowledge and experience.

Please note: if you already have Associates account and store ID, you do not need to sign up for Amazon Influencer Program again. Just follow the link and complete the qualification process.

Benefits of Amazon Influencer Program

There are significant benefits, of course. Otherwise, what did Amazon launch a new program for? Influencers are able to work with one link only (the link to their page). There are some media, for example, Instagram where you need to make efforts to use hyperlinks. For now, there is an easier and more useful way to direct traffic to Amazon. All the products are neatly organized in one place, and you do not need to fuss looking for that perfect dress that Ariana Grande showed on Instagram.

Influencers have access to online account management such as reporting and tracking sales. They have the power to decide when and what they should put into a storefront to drive sales.

Influencers get commissions for sold products and can also earn money from bounties, promoting Amazon programs within their store.

Customers are likely to be pleased more with such a comfortable way of doing shopping. Just imagine how happy would you be if bought something directly from a legendary person? I would be on top of the world.

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How to Become an Amazon Influencer

You need to be rated as Influencer on other social networks and have your audience already to become an Amazon Influencer. It is obvious but one of the most important things you should take into account starting this kind of career.

Requirements for Amazon Influencer Affiliate Program

Let’s outline the requirements every Influencer should know to cooperate with Amazon:

    • you should have an account on Amazon and link it to your social one – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter

social media accounts icons

  • the type of content you make and its relevance for Amazon customers is extremely important
  • the number of followers and other engagement metrics are also taken into account

Please note: you could check whether you are eligible or not clicking on Get Started

Keep in mind: influencers of any category can participate in the program

Please note: Amazon Influencer Program is currently available in the USA, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom

How Many Followers do You Need to Be an Amazon Influencer

Amazon does not give any well-defined numbers. However, we all know – the more, the better. It is perfect if you have thousands of devoted fans that will follow you anywhere you offer. Nowadays, micro influencers are becoming more and more popular, and some of them have recently joined Amazon Influencer Program, having several thousand of followers. A large number of followers will confirm your qualifications once again.

What Should I Use as my Amazon Influencer Page Name

You should name your real name or a nickname that you have been using for a long time for people to recognize you. If you are Nelly Johnson on Instagram but Miss Congeniality on Amazon, your followers are likely to doubt before subscribing to your page and making purchases.

How to Choose Which Products to Sell

Correct me if I’m wrong but you know your audience and its needs better. If you are introduced as a fashion blogger it will seem strange if you promote cupboards. Choose those items that your followers are interested in according to their taste and preferences, those ones they are hunting for.

Bear in mind that you should select the products you adore yourself. It will be easier to write sincere descriptions of them and put your heart into advertising materials. Your followers will feel if you try to pitch them something just to sell. People usually have an excellent sense of smell. Before making a list to display on your storefront, think whether these items are worth offering to your customers?

There is also the reverse of the medal that is called commission. The rates vary from 1% to 10% from the sale. You can choose the products of those categories that will bring you a good income.

How to Add Products to Your Store

Look through a guide below, learn and memorize.

  1. Log in to
  2. Type your vanity URL into the browser toolbar, click on the Idea List you’d like to add products to.
  3. Use the search bar to find the product, and add it to your list, clicking Click the + in the upper left corner

Please note: each member of Amazon Influencer Program gets a special vanity URL (

You can also come across cool products roaming

  1. Once you have found a product and got to its page, click on the ‘Add to List’ dropdown
  2. Select the Idea List this product matches perfectly, and add it to

Please note: you are able to add products via an Amazon application, mobile web or desktop

How to Edit my Product List

To edit the product list or how it is also called Idea list, you should click on the pencil next to your list tagline. In the box that will open you can make all the editing: change the name at the title line or tagline, delete some products or the whole list.

How Much Does Amazon Charge Per Influencer

What is worth being mentioned that Amazon pays Influencers only when there is revenue. It singles it out of other companies. It is not enough just to create a publication and inform followers about a product. Make a profit and you will get paid.

Each category of products has its own rate. For example, beauty products are worth 6%, furniture is worth 8% (omg, perhaps I need to take my words back about the cupboard), Amazon’s private-label fashion line provides influencers with a 10% commission.

How Much Does an Amazon Influencer Make?

The revenue from the Amazon Influencer Program can vary from a few dollars to $1,500 a month, and even more. Those Influencers who have several thousands of followers can easily get more than $100 per day.

I have already mentioned that there is an opportunity to make money via “bounties,” when followers sign up for Amazon services, such as Amazon Business ($15), Amazon Fresh or Audible ($5), and Amazon Prime, and Amazon’s Wedding Registry ($3).

Quite well earnings!

Amazon Influencer Page Examples


Erin Layne


Erin Layne Amazon page

In her storefront, you will find all those things that are heartwarming for women. Erin Layne has created several lists and named them according to her style. She has also customized her store adding a photo, a banner and describing herself in a few words.


Jen Mathews


Jen Mathews Amazon page

This woman is a beauty, travel, health, and lifestyle blogger from California. Her shop on Amazon is called My Beauty Bunny’s Picks, this nickname is more recognizable among her audience than her real name. Mostly she sells some beauty stuff.


Acrylic Pourn


Acrylic Pourn Amazon page

This is a shop for painters offering paint sets, brushes, and other tools for making art. They have included an inspiring phrase to his bio – “Paint Like The Pros”, that really prompts to buy something.


Diego Léon or Dandy In The Bronx


Diego Léon Amazon page

is a real godsend for men. He is a fashion blogger and self-proclaimed “dandy.” His page on Amazon is well-organized and is not overcrowded. He sells the products that are really interesting for him. You can see it with the naked eye.


Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban Amazon page

An American businessman and investor, Mark Cuban also has his own shop on Amazon. He showcases some of his favorite items focused on healthy lifestyle and necessary relaxation.

Please note: if you are a marketer and looking for an influencer to promote your products on Amazon, you can check an engagement rate and find out more about influencers using


Amazon Influencer Program is a beneficial initiative for Influencers, businesses, and Amazon itself. It uses a more personalized approach to customers and collaborates with those Influencers who are entirely relevant to the products.

Influencers will have to apply some efforts but they could be sure of quality service and a decent income.

Absolutely worth your attention!

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