Have you already downloaded the latest Warcraft extension called Shadowlands but have no idea how to top up your Arena? If you want to win and do that easily, you should have a clear understanding of how to get good at arena WoW. There are simple tips to help you level up your PvP ability, win every battle in the death-match arena, and move higher in Arena 3v3 Rating. What should you do?

Look: through these ideas on how to improve at WoW and your game will get to the next level.

1. Keep on improving your general knowledge about the game

Since it always takes time to get used to the game and understand what benefits PvP carry WoW Shadowlands gaming experience will improve only when you get all its peculiarities. The proficiency in gaming is built gradually not only when you play it but also when you read extra resources and enhance your understanding of different things characteristic of it. You should be able to define your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, know what spells act better in every situation, where you can trade cooldowns, what to do when your enemy has activated cooldowns, etc. You can get this experience in practice or do a small research prior to starting playing. One more piece of advice is to use add-ons like GladiusEx and BigDebuffs since they will give you lots of details about your opponents and your in-game decisions towards them will be more grounded.

2. Develop better communication strategies

The arena is a team game, so efficient communication between team members is crucial. A team should have one common strategy discussed before the game and improved during it in order to become winners.

3. Look for consistent members of the team

Striving to achieve long-term success you should act as one team. It is better to look for team members prior to the start of the gaming season and be in constant contact with them to call them anytime. The easiest way is to start playing with your friends, but a more professional team can be created thanks to different forums and threads. YOu can also join the in-game Guild & Communities tab to look for more reliable and passionate teammates.

4. Build your own responsible attitude to the game

The success of the team depends on every player but the first thing you should care about is your own quality of playing. It is wrong to leave after the first game since the team has not learned your playstyle. Try to spot possible mistakes and discuss them with your team members. Never blame others – focus on your own game first of all!

5. Become an expert in one class and character

It is more reasonable to know everything about one or two classes and their rotation, skills, than waste time on learning many others.


Are you ready to dominate the WoW Arena? Remember these top 5 tips from gaming experts and try to benefit from them in practice. Despite a simple and quite predictable message in them, they can enhance your WoW results significantly and help you become an expert!

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