A typical day in English summer camps for international students includes morning classes, where children learn to speak freely, read and write and comprehend the English language. Further activities imply daytime activities: excursions, sports games, or creative activities. In the evening, children are involved in making a movie or a fashion show, a disco or a quiz, “Horror Night” or a barbecue, karaoke or comedy sketches.

On weekends in English language summer camps for international students excursions are provided. Children not only visit neighboring cities and neighborhoods but can also spend the whole day at the museum or sightseeing. During excursions, children have an opportunity to communicate with native speakers that are quite fruitful for mastering language skills. Many English summer camps also offer an option for a day program – the child goes to English classes from morning until 17:00 and then returns to the hotel to his parents. England and the USA are especially popular for family holidays in English.

Learning English in best English language summer camps

Old England offers a classic, time-honored approach to education. You can choose a summer camp near London, in the academic cities of Oxford and Cambridge, or you can spend summer holidays on the “English Riviera” – for example, in Brighton.

England has many places and activities that can keep kids engaged for a whole day: visit the Tower, Buckingham Palace or Madame Tussauds, go shopping on Oxford Street or Harrods, take a cruise on the Thames, watch musicals in London or admire the beauty of Leeds Castle, Canterbury, Greenwich, Hastings, and other places.

Themed summer English holidays in England

In addition to English courses, there are many themed children’s camps in England. For example, you can choose art courses: fine arts, painting, photography, theater. In addition. Quite popular are specialized English camps based on football clubs: Manchester, Arsenal, Chelsea and even Real Madrid and Barcelona. There are programs for other sports: golf, tennis, horse riding – all classes are taught by professionals.

Small children from the age of 3 with their parents can also go on English holidays abroad. There are such programs in England at the International Community School, Berlitz Kids. While the children in the summer camp learn the basics of English in a playful way, parents can take a language course for adults, visit an exhibition or go shopping.

Vacations at English summer camps in the USA

As for English summer camps for international students in the United States, then there are several main directions available. Firstly, these are summer camps at the universities of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UCLA. If your child already knows the language well, then he can spend holidays abroad studying subjects in English: from traditional lessons in Maths, literature, art, physics, to non-standard ones – forensics, robotics, creative writing, and architecture. This type of summer program abroad means living on campus, attending courses at the university with professors, preparing project works. All this, of course, does not interfere with the other main purpose of summer holidays abroad – excursions and trips.

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