As of the year 2022, TikTok is huge, largely accredited to the general social media dependency that was received a massive boost during the course of the pandemic. Tiktok is, in essence, a social video sharing platform. The earliest release of the social network was only a few years ago in 2016 facilitated by the Chinese mogul ByteDance. For the sake of diversity and overall exposure to more people across the world, the developers make the platform available in over 40 languages and allow videos and clips of all kinds. The network is home to over a hundred million users, where around half a million of those are projected to be active daily participants. Cross-platform TikTok presence is also quite popular, where their Instagram account has well over 27 million followers, and the rest follow closely.

The platform incorporates all kinds of features, all made to provide satisfactory services to all users. With such a vast subscriber base, there are bound to be some areas that people generally question. In this short review, we will be talking about one of them, particularly described as an inquiry by users on the best time to post on TikTok.

Why do you need to find the right time for TikTok posting?

The concept of posting updates on social media seems simple enough to most users, where they only need to click a particular button and have their gallery, or otherwise, camera, brought up so they can make a selection on what to post. Well, the more accustomed users of these platforms are well aware of the key factors that typically should precede any posting activity. Now, there are many such factors, and they generally depend on the type of user, their common activities, their overall agenda, and, or, their targeted audience base.

Now comes the main question, of why one would need to locate the most appropriate time to post on their feed. This is because of the above-mentioned diversity across the network, where people from all over the world have different interests and expectations from content creators. In order to capture their attention or the attention of any specific subscriber base, one would need to make some key considerations, some of which are elaborated below.

What time is best to post on TikTok?

Upon making some deeper analysis, it can be concluded that the concept of time does in fact carry a toll on the general response that a specific post receives. As stated before, TikTok is the active home ground of millions of users, spread out around the globe. Depending on their specific geographical positioning, users who are serious about being progressive with whatever agenda they go onto the platform to pursue need to keep the aspect of time on their mind. Below is a breakdown of the time factors, with brief explanations on each:

Day of the Week

This is important as people enter different days with different agendas and expectations. Weekdays are only good in the morning, as people will be waking up to prepare for their day. Weekends are the opposite, where people tend to sleep in. Then again, this too depends on your audience, where some people are seen to be free the entire day.

Time of the Day

As stated above, the specific times are critical, where some people’s activity on the platform is rather fleeting, and others’ is a bit more consistent, all depending on other factors like age groups and the type of audience, and their relative activities.

Your Audience Location

The TikTok audience is generally the whole world, but there are some other factors that come into play. One such is relatability, where an individual from Australia can find a post from Jamaica to be uninteresting, but analysis on that post shows that it is viral in the Jamaican territory. All in all, one needs to be aware of their following audience, or otherwise create content that attracts specific types of people, indigenous or foreign.

Time Zones

These play a major role in content creation and posting, especially to those who seek an audience of the whole world. One is required to be highly alert, having a general idea of the state that users on the other side of the world would be in when they put up a post in their time.

Peak Times

As much as there is no one time period for posting, it is seen that there are times when the network generally experiences heavy traffic. These are peak times and are noted to be around 0600hrs, 1200hrs, and 2000hrs for all days. Besides days, peak times also encompass whole intervals that may span days, the likes of holidays.

How to find your best TikTok time chart

Seeing as how they have an analytics feature, the platform operators automatically provide a standardized time schedule. This serves as a good start to understanding one’s audience, where it gives a clear representation of the active time periods, and therefore the times when one can expect to pop up to the most individual users. However, as one’s own facilitator and content creator, it would probably be in your best interests to make your own customized time chart. This is because you know your type of content, the rate at which you create it, and how you intend for it to be interpreted, as well as the relevant age groups you would like to enjoy it.

So in order for you to find your best TikTok time chart, you need to list out all that makes up your profile, and your intentions with it. This list then becomes your ground zero for coming up with an appropriate time chart.

Analyze your statistics

By launching their Analytics feature, TikTok now enables content creators of various genres to monitor their profile activity. Literally, anyone on TikTok can make effective use of this feature, by way of switching their account to Pro. Needles to say, the TikTok operators certainly dropped no-ball with this service. Its level of accuracy and detailed features is like no other. So what exactly can you keep track of with this feature?

Well, you can make use of it to see the relative statistics regarding your own followers. This simply means that you are capable of making evaluations based on the gender, age, and respective locations of each of your active followers. You can also check for the legitimacy of these followers – TikTok realizes the present abundance of bot accounts and profile pages on their network, they, therefore, give you a chance to point them out. Social insights are also featured, where you are presented with data extracts from specific time periods in history. If you notice any other creators who may pose somewhat of a threat, this service is right behind you, allowing you to track their general activity patterns. To top all this off, the service allows you to mediate information between accounts from different platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram. This means that you can run export functions of profiles, images, hashtags, and so on.

Make Experiments

TikTok puts you on the screens of literally millions of users from all around the world. No amount of social skills and, or, travel can allow you to know what a certain region wants, much less the individual users. Be that as it may, one can develop a few tricks to enable them to understand their audience a bit more. That said, there is no other way to describe these tricks than as experiments. This is because by starting up with varying content, you can get a clear view of what your current followers generally prefer. Besides this, you could also try putting up posts at different time intervals. The level of response you see in the first two or so hours are will be your evaluation of that time interval.

Best TikTok times for various niches

As this guide is meant to be for a kind of TikTok content creators, we made our own analysis of the relative user times of activity. From this analysis, we crafted a rather standardized time script for all users on the network. That said, this was not an easy task, where we had to put well over a dozen factors into consideration while dealing with a user base that spans the entire globe, through all age groups. We identified the following times to be the times of activity, and hence the most appropriate times for posting:

On Sunday – 0700hrs through 0800hrs, till around 1200hrs, then again at around 1600hrs.

On Monday – from 05:00hrs till 1000hrs, then again at around 1300hrs and 2200hrs.

On Tuesday – 0200hrs and 0400hrs, then at around 1000hrs

On Wednesday – 0700hrs till around 0800hrs, then again at 2300hrs

On Thursday – at 0900hrs, 1200hrs, then around 1900hrs

On Friday – at 0500hrs, then at 1300hrs till around 1500hrs

On Saturday – at 1100hrs in the morning, then from 1900hrs to 2000hrs.

The worst time for TikTok posting

The times shown above are general hotspot times for all kinds of activities, even non-TikTok ones. If you take a closer look and analyze the times, you will notice that the larger majority of these times are, in the real world, commonly referred to as the peak hours, as previously explained. The overall availability of open time periods goes to indicate the worst times for posts on TikTok. These can best be explained as times when most users will be occupied with their daily activities, the likes of school, home chores, or work, just to mention a few.

That said, there are simply no worse times to post than in the early hours of the morning on weekends. This is self-explanatory, where it is standard that most people use weekends to blow off some steam and relax. Other times are during the week, and these are around 1100hrs in the morning, and around 1600hrs to 1700hrs in the afternoon, then at 2300hrs at night. This is because people will be occupied by whatever needs to be done for the first, while they will be occupied with their end-of-day commutes for the next, and they will be trying to get some sleep after a long day of activity.


In the spirit of assistance, we, therefore, conclude with a few tips on how one can run a TikTok account successfully, regardless of what you do. The first of these would be to do joint ventures with other TikTokers. You can do this by simply reaching out to other users who have the most similar agenda to yours. That way, you can help each other get more fans, as well as assisting each other when one does not understand a certain concept. The second one is the reason for many people’s fame, described as TikTok viral challenges. These pop up on a regular basis, and the creator, as well as those who do them the best, stand to receive feedback from thousands of users.

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