Oh, this blue check on Instagram! It does not leave in peace so many people at present. It could be compared to a bluebird of happiness that everybody would like to own but has no idea how to catch it. Those accounts that do not represent public figures or well-known brands take a verification badge for a sign of status, and aim at gaining it at all costs. If Instagram itself does not expose blue verification ticks for sale, where should you dig for buried treasure? Is it possible to bargain about the price? Find out below.

Can You Buy a Verification On Instagram

Instagram is unceasing with a desire to persuade its users that there are no legal ways to buy a verification on Instagram. “It is utter nonsense!”, – you have just thought. It seems that we can buy whatever we want in the 21st century. However, this is a gospel-truth that a blue check on Instagram is available only for accounts that could be impersonated such as celebrities, public people or global brands. Verification badge conceives the idea of protecting well-known users from being faked or imitated. There is only one legit way to be verified – request it directly from Instagram.

There are some illegal methods you might be interested in. It is definitely a wrong path to follow, and I would not like you to choose it. However, you should be aware of a black market where a lot of products and services are sold illegally, and Instagram verification badge is not an exception.

Where to Buy Instagram Verification Badge

If you are not ready to wait for your finest hour when you gain much popularity and rank as a public figure, there are some illicit ways for impatient to buy Instagram verification tick. We are strongly against this kind of purchase and fraud but we are for apprising people of all possible means to get that desired blue tick.

  • Digital Agency
  • Digital agencies can submit a verification request for you. They are empowered to log on a digital portal that is inaccessible for ordinary users. According to Instagram, media partners can act on behalf of a person they represent, especially public figures. Digital agencies are likely to be more authoritative from Instagram point of view than you as a separate individual but there are still no guarantees. It could be a waste of time and money.

  • Black Market
  • Google is a riot of various websites that offer to purchase a blue check for your Instagram account. There is no precise price range, it varies. On average, it costs from 200$ and your priceless reputation as well. Sometimes the price can reach several thousand dollars just for your information. I have come across a website where the price was 400$. Global Like, for example, charges 190$. As far as you see, it is impossible to buy Instagram verification cheap. You will have to get through a lot of money.Some services guarantee money back and assure that you are secured.

    The scheme they use is shady enough. These services usually apply to the agencies that are considered media partners of Instagram. Before you will be asked to present some documents to prove your identity. Sometimes there are some particular requirements you need to meet such as not less than 2500 real followers or minimum 100 likes for the last 6 posts.

    There is another plan of operation. Before submitting a verification request, the agency works on your PR, strengthens your image and public presence. PRIMEBADGES, for example, goes this way. Regarding time, it normally takes from 7 to 15 working days to handle with a request but sometimes extra days or weeks are needed. If you chose to work on the promotion of your account first, it will take longer – from two month to half a year.

Please note: we do not recommend any methods that are deemed illegal and violate an official policy of Instagram

Can You Get Banned From Instagram for Buy Verification

To avoid getting banned, you’d better choose a legal way of presence on Instagram. When Instagram notices any violations, it immediately figures out what is going on, and can move you to a shadow ban or even delete your account. It is easy to get caught if you cheat and do not follow the rules set.

If it happens, you will hardly be able to get your money back you paid for verification. What is more, you will be under the supervision of Instagram or will have to create a new account.
Be a law-abiding citizen of social media, and have a peaceful sleep.


There is an only way to get a verification badge – adhere to the requirements and request it directly from Instagram. All the websites that offer such kind of service are illegal and do not bear responsibility for further actions even if they assure that do. Save your time and money, and invest them in the development of your Instagram account.

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