Can you get banned for buying Twitch followers

In the massively growing world of live streaming, it has become every new content creator’s dream to achieve a huge number of Twitch followers. A higher follower count simply symbolizes your success on Twitch as a content creator.

Amidst this chaos, here arrives a hot question – can you get banned for buying Twitch followers? So, without any further ado, let’s dig straight into the meaningful insights related to Twitch’s policies regarding buying Twitch followers and the risks that come along with it.

Can You Get Banned For Buying Twitch Followers

Yes, you can get banned for buying Twitch followers if you’re buying them from an unknown source or non-reputable service provider. According to Twitch’s terms of service, it is prohibited to buy Twitch followers that are generated using fake bots or any artificial means.

These kinds of followers include a high risk of getting your account permanently banned from the platform.

Therefore, you need to be really careful while choosing the platform to buy Twitch followers. Twitch only allows genuine and legit followers that are backed up by real profiles usually handled by your service providers.

GrowthMount is the safest platform that provides genuine Twitch followers. You can check out their wide range of Twitch followers packages. The high-quality followers with a 0% drop rate ensure a massive boost in your organic reach.

Backed Up Profiles And Stability

Most of the trusted platforms have their own accounts which they direct to your account once you purchase on their platform. These real accounts ensure the quality of the followers as they’re not artificial.

The stability of your followers matters a lot as well. Twitch prioritizes growth to channels that have stable and non-drop followers as compared to unstable followers. The stability of your followers also crosses your concern “Can you get banned for buying Twitch followers” in a positive way because stable viewers indicate that you’re followers are genuine.

Real Twitch followers help you create a sense of emergency for anyone who comes across your channel or content. A higher follower count increases your profile’s credibility which results in maximizing your organic growth on Twitch.

How to Select The Right Service Provider to Buy Twitch Followers?

As stated above, Twitch’s community guidelines clearly state that any activity disrupting their services with artificial methods is a no-go. The key term here is “artificial”. Let’s clear up some gray areas and misconceptions that will you help you make an informed decision when buying Twitch followers.

Navigate Through The Gray Area

Any platform that uses genuine profiles to increase your follower count is a safe option to go for but here comes the gray area; many Twitch service providers claim to offer real and legitimate followers. But in reality, they are just deceiving their customer base.

These platforms use bots-generated followers and label them as real Twitch followers. Here comes a question: Can you get banned for buying Twitch followers and viewers like these?

Yes, there’s a high risk of getting your account flagged in case you’re service provider is selling you fake followers in the name of genuine followers.

Here’s my personal recommendation if you’re looking to buy legitimate Twitch followers; GrowthMount is the top-rated source for your Twitch followers and viewers. Buy Twitch followers from them because every single follower is backed up with real profiles. Their customer support care and prices are market-competitive.

First Hand Reviews

All-in-all, it requires your own research and trustability in your service provider. The best way to judge a platform is through their reviews.

Many of the service providers use artificially generated reviews on their websites. So, it’s not recommended to trust those reviews.

Here’s the best alternative, ask about different service providers within your communities. Always gather first-hand information/reviews about different service providers. Ask your friends who’ve personally bought Twitch followers in the past. The real insights would help you make an informed decision when buying Twitch followers.

Organic Growth Strategies

To achieve the optimum growth on Twitch, you need to combine the few most effective approaches together to achieve ideal results.

  • High-Quality Content: Quality content combined with buying Twitch followers helps your content achieve the attention it really deserves.
  • Engagement and Consistency: The right mindset of a content creator involves continuous interaction with their audience. When you’re consistent always giving your hundred percent. It generates the spark you deserve.
  • Social Media Promotions: Buying Twitch followers helps you attract an organic audience to your channel but how do you make them a loyal part of your community? By actively interacting with your followers on your social media accounts.


Make sure that the temptation to buy Twitch followers does not affect your streaming journey. There’s no doubt that It’s a very smart and effective approach but it involves risk.

Always choose the platform that guarantees 100% safety. Do your own research before giving your money to anyone. Here’s to make your job a little easier, GrowthMount is one trusted platform, you can buy Twitch followers from them without any hesitation.

Ensure you have all the answers to questions that may arise regarding the safety of your Twitch account. By having these answers, you can determine if you can get banned for buying Twitch followers and viewers or not.

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