Over the past couple of years, Instagram has surprisingly become a high traffic network that over 60 million people have registered on as users and has over 40 million daily active users. With the growth of social media, a lot of people have raised concerns when it comes to their privacy.

This has then led a lot of people to be asking questions as to how they can be able to hide their Instagram followers. This article will give you a bit of information as to how you can be able to hide your following list on Instagram, your following activity, and many other Instagram settings that you should change to protect your privacy.

By now, if you have been an Instagram user for long, you should know that you are able to set your Instagram account to a private account, allowing only those that follow you to be able to see your information as in what you post, hide who you follow on Instagram, and also who follows you too.

Can I hide who I follow on Instagram?

Instagram allows its users to hide your followers and who you follow by turning your account into a private account but that will not however hide the number of people you follow and the number of people that follow you. This private Instagram account is the only way that you can hide all your other information.

We, however, have to let you know that a lot of people these days want to hide their information on Instagram and this may be as a result of some of these users feeling embarrassed due to the number of followers that they have which might seem very few. It will then seem very feasible for you to alleviate such feelings by growing your following in a short period of time.

Your followers will still have access to all your other following information too even when you turn your account into a private account. When you turn your account into a private one, you will hide the profiles you follow but those that will be following you will still see your followers and followings as well. From those kinds of people, you will not accept their follow requests.

The Instagram is now testing how to hide likes so that its users do not fix both tanned numbers but it is unknown if they have a plan of doing that too with the following and the followers data.

You have to know that if you want to hide your Instagram followers when you have just a few followers.

The only way that you can reduce the embarrassment of a few followers is to grow your Instagram following quickly. You will have the help of GetInsta and this will help you in increasing your followers and this works well for users from all over the world. You should try and download the GetInsta on your Android or iPhone so that you get more followers.

How to hide Instagram following list

Below is a step by step list of how you can hide your following list on Instagram:

Step 1. Open the Instagram app and log into your account to hide followers.

Step 2. Then enter the Profile page and select edit profile.

Step 3. Among all the options displayed, uncheck the option “similar account suggestions”. After that, nobody will be able to see the people you follow on your Instagram.

After several updates that Instagram received, it is increasingly taking into account the option on how to hide who you follow on Instagram 2021. This is the reason why they are teaching you to have less reach to people who will be able to see who follow you. Deleting all your Instagram history is a very good option so that you have less reach and to hide those that will follow you on Instagram.


With the rise in risks that come with Instagram, a lot of people have seen the reason to bring options that allow you to hide your information and those that follow your Instagram. Be sure to carefully study the review above so that you can be on the safe side.

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