Charity hashtags are one of the best options to integrate Instagram into your fundraising strategy. What makes Instagram different from social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter is the way people use it. Instagrammers frequently check the site, often several times a day, and engage with posts at a much higher rate than with other social networks.

If you use it right, you could tap into an engaged, active network of passionate people, ready and willing to like, comment on, and click on your posts.

Charity Begins On Instagram, But Should Not End There

Instagram is first and foremost a community-led platform – and the fastest growing one, too, with 600 million monthly users and counting. It is a great platform to reach the next generation of supporters and donors – both millennials and Gen Z. In fact, 70% of all young millennials are on the platform.

Instagram is a great way for charities and nonprofits to visually share compelling stories and imagery and bring them to a new audience.

There are a few case studies promoted by Instagram where nonprofits have used ads with much success.

For example, the British Heart Foundation wanted to attract the younger females to charity run to fundraise for its MyMarathon campaign. Since the Foundation’s desired demographic was really into using Instagram, they focused their advertising message there and received almost 13 percent of total sign-ups from the platform.

The benefit of running an ad on Instagram (and all social networking sites) is the ability to track the return on your investment directly. By putting a small pixel on your website, you can determine how many people came to your site from the ad and took the desired action.

Tag the profiles of your partners and participants in order to expand your reach and visibilities. Make sure your partners and participants are tagging you in their social media as well — when they tag you, they’re introducing your organization to their own personal social media network.

Instagram now has a feature called “Stories” that allows you to post temporary, 15-second photos or videos, as well as stream live video. Users use this feature to broadcast things happening at the moment. You, too, should use this feature to broadcast scenes from your events, volunteer trips, fundraiser updates, motivational messages, and more to your followers. This will give new or potential followers an insight into what you do, how amazing your events are, and get them motivated to participate.

Top 5 Hashtags for Charity

Instagrammers love hashtags. Hashtags lead to new accounts to follow. How many should you use? The maximum is 30, but experts suggest five or six, although some people use all they can. It’s really up to you and the image you prefer.

Globally, charities use hashtags to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Raise funds
  • Engage potential donors and celebrities
  • Make announcements

Here is our list of the best hashtags for nonprofits:

  1. #4charity

One of the most popular activism and charity chat tags, this one relates to online technology news that has a focus on changing and improving the world. From social media campaigns aimed at ending hunger to events for breast cancer awareness, this covers it all.

This is one of the hashtags frequently retweeted by millennials. They seem to prefer it over other worn out hashtags. You can use it to publicize opportunities for donating to your charitable cause.

Charity hashtags

  1. #donate

This hashtag has been popular for a couple of years. Use this hashtag when making calls to support your NPO financially, or when asking for support of other causes. It may also be used when seeking for the assistance of any other kind besides money

Donation hashtags

  1. #volunteer

You can use this hashtag to appreciate your top volunteers. Tag them in photos or videos that they appear in and include the hashtag. With this hashtag, you can invite people to work for your organization pro bono.

Volunteer hashtags

  1. #fundraising

Use this hashtag to announce upcoming raising money events, during donation campaigns or to notify potential donors of donation opportunities. And you can also use it to show donors their donations were used to help less fortunate people.

Fundraising hashtags

  1. #charity

Use this hashtag when commenting on your nonprofit organization achievement or thanking donors for their support.

Popular Charity and Donation Hashtags

  • Charity Hashtags:

#charity #nonprofit #donate #love #fundraising #community #volunteer #giveback #fundraiser #socialgood #philanthropy #support #charityevent #help #causes #donation #givingback #donations #volunteering #giving #humanity #activism #peace #environment #nonprofitorganization #kindness #helpingothers #bethechange #mentalhealth #changemakers

  • Donation Hashtags

#donation #donate #charity #love #nonprofit #volunteer #help #education #giveback #ngo #support #community #fundraiser #children #donations #fundraising #givingback #change #makeadifference #philanthropy #socialgood #instagood #causes 

Charity hashtags

Hashtags for Charity Events

#charityevent #charity #fundraising #fundraiser #event #art #party #supportlocal #events #charityevents #donate #community #nonprofit #giveback #philanthropy #givingback #donations #auction #silentauctions #fundraisinggaladinner 


If you are posting pictures from an international day of charity or any other charity related event, don’t forget to add a handful of the useful hashtags to attract bigger audience.


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