Cheer on Twitch

Haven’t you else cheered on Twitch? Probably, you have if you are an active user of the platform.

However, there are viewers and broadcasters who are not aware of all the cheering peculiarities.

You will agree that cheer is a necessity on the platforms which streaming since they encourage video creators to work actively.

This article will tell you how to cheer on Twitch professionally and what benefits streamers get thanks to them.

What is a “Cheer” on Twitch

Twitch is a popular broadcasting platform which was launched in 2011 and can boast over 2 million people active streamers per month. You can find videos on a variety of topics on the platform and express your attitude to them using cheers.  

Cheer is a process of showing appreciation to streamers as well as tipping them using a specially created Twitch virtual currency called Bits. It serves not only as support and encouragement but also is a way of monetization on the channel. Consequently, streamers can earn money if their viewers cheer them.

Cheer is counted in Bits each of which costs 1 cent. Viewers can buy Bits via Amazon Payments or on the platform and cheer them to streamers they fancy. These bits are added to the streamer’s account and he or she can withdraw them after reaching the minimum amount of money.

Moreover, every cheer can be accompanied by a unique animation a viewer can choose in the Cheermote menu. Users who cheer viewers are rewarded with badges, while there is an opportunity to cheer anonymously too.

It is a mutual reward system which does not have any underwater stones and serves as a means to show streamers appreciation and inspire them for more high-quality projects.

What Does Cheering Do on Twitch

Twitch has introduced cheering only a couple of years ago, but it has been appreciated by hundreds of streamers since that time. Users who participate in this activity have come to the conclusion that it is a comfortable and absolutely safe means of the channel monetization. Consequently, the main role of cheer on Twitch is to guarantee streamers a secure way of earning money for their work and viewers to get an easy and fast way to thank streamers for their activity.

Unlike PayPal donations which used to dominate on Twitch before the introduction of cheering, this way of monetization does not allow scammers to troll broadcasters and ask for chargebacks in a matter of time. When bits are sent to a streamer in the chat, there are only 5 seconds to change your mind. Otherwise, they will be immediately delivered to the account and serve for the further development of the channel.

Other functions of cheers on Twitch are support and encouragement. Streamers should understand that the job they do is required by someone and appreciated too. Not only pleasant words, funny comments, but also money serve as a boost for further work and search for new interesting topics to cover in videos.

Twitch Cheer Cost

It is absolutely free to cheer broadcasters on their Twitch channels. However, it is important to remember that cheering involves sending Bits and they must be either purchased or earned by watching ads.

Consequently, if you have obtained bits in any of the ways suggested, you will not have to pay any fees to enable cheering and be able to deliver them to a broadcaster you like. This function is free for both Partners and Affiliates who have accounts on Twitch, so every person can express gratitude and appreciation to people who run high-quality streams and share useful and sometimes even precious information with others.

Twitch Cheer Badges

The platform has decided to reward users who support streamers by cheering and provide them with special badges. They appear only on the page where a viewer has earned them and differ in shapes and colors depending on the number of bits you have cheered.

Twitch badges

For example, when you send one bit, your badge is a gray square with a black triangle. When the total number of bits on one channel reaches 1,000 bits, you are awarded a green square with a black pentagon inside. All the badges with the number of bits exceeding 10,000 are squares with stars of different colors inside them.

However, both Partners and Affiliates can choose their own design for badges and replace them. It allows making a channel unique and adorning viewer’s messages with their help.

Cheer Badge Settings are located in the section Dashboard/ Settings tab. A viewer enters these settings to unlock a badge in accordance with the number of bits sent.

If a streamer wants to exchange a badge for his own design, it is necessary to click ‘Edit’ on the Chat Badge Tier to be able to upload a necessary image. Twitch accepts images of .png format in three sizes – 18 x 18px, 36 x 36px, 72 x 72px – no animation is supported.

You will see 3 squares next to the inscription ‘Badge Image’. It is possible to click one of them to open the file or drag-and-drop the image to the corresponding slot.

When you upload the image, it is necessary to save it and it will be available to the viewers of your channel. If a viewer has received a badge before a streamer changed the icon, it will be updated only after the next cheer.

Every uploaded badge must meet the requirements mentioned in the Terms & Conditions section or streamers may be refused to use it.

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Twitch Cheer Cup

It is possible to cheer streamers using different third-party services, which make this process even more exciting. The most popular examples of such websites are Muxy and StreamLabs. They allow not only watching high-quality streams from Twitch users but also provide cheering with new interesting aspects.

If to analyze what Muxy offers to both streamers and users, there are several things connected with cheering. This service incorporates Cheer Alerts to show bits received on the channel, Cheer Glimmer Widget which animates bits received from viewers, Cheer Progress Bar which shows how many bits were used during the stream session, and the most popular feature Cheer Cup.

The last one gathers bits which a streamer has received from his viewers and drops each of them into the cup. Thanks to physics, bits produce different sounds depending on their size and number. These sounds and animations attract the attention of other viewers encouraging them to make their donations too.

StreamLab also has a similar feature which is known as a Tip Jar. It is also used to visualize donations made on the Twitch channel. This widget allows to control how streamer’s earnings grow, engage other users, and make your channel unique thanks to the unique designs of cups and a possibility to customize them.

How Do You Cheer on Twitch

The process of cheering on the platform is very simple. Even a newbie can easily understand the procedure.

If you want to cheer a streamer, the first thing you should do is to sign up for the platform and obtain Bits. The last ones can be purchased online or earned by watching short advertisements.

It is also worth mentioning that there are streamers who set up the minimum number of bits to cheer them and viewers are not able to send fewer bits than the number indicated.

When you start watching a stream and understand that it appeals to you greatly, you need to find a chat below the screen. It is the place where you can not only express your attitude to the video broadcasted but also cheer its creators. How can you do that?

It is a very simple procedure:

  1. Type the word ‘Cheer’;
  2. Indicate the number of Bits you want to send to a streamer next to the word without space;
  3. Add any other words (your impression, emotions, gratitude, etc.) if you want.

After you hit enter this message will be sent to the chat and your cheer will be added to the streamer’s account. Be ready to see a funny animation instead of the word ‘Cheer’ in the message – every number of bits is associated with a certain emote icon which serves as an adornment of your message.

Bits emotes

Sometimes viewers face a challenge when they mistype anything and want to change the message. It is possible to do that within the first 5 seconds after you have sent it. There is a countdown timer and you can press ‘cancel’ to prevent your message from sending within this time period.

Utilizing Cheers as a Streamer

It goes without saying that the first reason why streamers should use and encourage others to use cheers is the revenue they receive. Someone might consider this fact egoism, but every job should be paid for and affiliate marketing is not always a way out.

As it was mentioned above that streamers receive only 1 cent from every bit sent to them. Consequently, to be able to earn enough, it is very important to encourage viewers to join your videos and make donations.

Cheers is also a way to keep your viewers closer to you. Being an interactive chat feature it allows keeping users engaged and learn what they want to get from the streams they watch. This possibility to communicate with viewers allows improving the quality of streams and meeting viewers’ requirements more accurately. As a result, it will increase the number of subscribers and the number and amount of donations.

Streamers with higher earnings can reach the minimum withdrawal sum faster and invest this money in their personal development and improvement of streams created.

Cheering for Viewers

A viewer is a person who watches streams on Twitch so there is no necessity to create a channel to be able to cheer. The only thing required from a viewer is to register on the platform and add bits to your account. You can cheer only if you have bits, so the first thing you should do is to obtain this virtual currency.

When your account is loaded with bits, it is time to choose one of two variants how to cheer.

  1. Click the icon depicting bits in the chat window. You will see your number of bits available for cheering and Cheermote list to select from. You need to choose the number of bits to cheer in the menu. If you want to send another quantity, choose any button in the menu and edit it in the window according to your preferences.
  2. If Cheermote menu is not for you, it is possible to cheer in the way mentioned earlier – by typing the word ‘Cheer’ and indicating the number of bits next to it. If you want to add Emoticon to your message, replace the word ‘cheer’ with the title of the emote you want to see and your cheering will be exclusive, undoubtedly.

If you do not want anyone to learn that you have cheered one or another streamer, you can opt for ‘Cheer Anonymously’ in the Cheer Card menu. However, these viewers are awarded a ghost badge only and cannot be added to the leaderboard.

Cheering for Moderators

Every chat message can be read by each viewer who is following the stream. Consequently, they are absolutely open and accessible to every registered user. However, there are viewers who can accompany cheers with some unsuitable inscriptions, so every message in the chat is moderated. It means that people who violate terms and condition of the website can be punished by being banned or timed out for some period of time. Moreover, messages which were not approved by moderators are deleted from the chat.

You may wonder what will happen to bits if there are any in these messages. In fact, they are immediately transferred to the streamer’s account even if the message is removed from the chat. Such bits are not returned to people who cheer them.

What are the requirements of the platform to the content of messages? Naturally, there should not be any banned words from the list. Moreover, each user subjected to a ban or timing out is not able to send cheers again. Streamers are also allowed to moderate messages in their channel chats and both ban and limit users clicking their names.

Twitch platform allows sending only meaningful and polite messages to guarantee the best streaming experience to every viewer and prevent any violations and problems.

Benefits of Cheering

You may wonder what is a purpose to buy bits and cheer online if you can send money directly to the PayPal account? However, taking into consideration the cons of PayPal payment method and learning about the benefits of cheering on Twitch, it is very easy to make a choice what type of donations must be preferred by users.

So what are the advantages of cheering yourself or gathering a Twitch cheer command?

  1. The contribution to the channel of every viewer can be understood easily thanks to the badges they get.
  2. Minimum of setting up. There is no need to share your personal information, meet the requirements of the payment system being worried about the possibility to have your money frozen. Every Affiliate and Partner on Twitch is provided with this feature immediately after sign-up.
  3. Fraud prevention. Unlike PayPal which supports chargebacks, there is no sense to worry if you get impressive donations, while donors know exactly how much money a streamer will get when they send bits to them.
  4. The donation process is easy, funny, and quick. Viewers can purchase bits in advance and send them at the time when they watch streams without a necessity to leave the page and miss anything. Moreover, every cheer can be accompanied by emotes and it makes the process much more exciting.
  5. Possibility to donate in small portions. Not every viewer is ready to send big amounts of money but cheering with bits starts from 1 cent and it is very comfortable and affordable. It leads to a bigger number of viewers who make donations and increases their participation.
  6. Bits for cheering can be earned watching ads, so you can support streamers not paying any cent from your own pocket.
  7. Typo measures allow changing your message within 5 seconds after you hit enter. Even if you made a mistake, it can be corrected.
  8. Cheers are sent to chat and everyone sees them. It helps streamers to follow the most devoted viewers and encourages other users to donate too.

Every cheer and message in the chat are subjected to moderation. Users who violate the rules are punished by being banned or timed out and they are deprived of the right to cheer. Improper messages are removed and bits are sent to the streamer’s account.


Every platform on the web realizes the importance of interaction with users and rewards to content providers. It is very important to guarantee everyone the best experience and it is one of the reasons why Twitch introduced cheering. Viewers received an opportunity to show their gratitude and appreciation to the streamers, while the last ones have been provided with one more way of their channel monetization.

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