How to Clip Your Own Stream

Are you fond of your own streams? Or are you a viewer who has spotted anything great and wants to share this piece? Twitch platform has analyzed the wishes of both streamers and users and introduced a Clip feature to clip your own stream during the live broadcasting.

You may agree that the pleasure of watching a stream is in its being live, first of all. However, there are often some moments which appeal to either streamers or viewers most of all and clip feature helps not only to repeat but also share them with others.

This article will tell you about the process of clipping a stream and what difficulties there are for streamers who do that.

How to Clip Your Own Stream

Every broadcaster has some unique moments during the stream but not all viewers can appreciate them. That is why it is reasonable to clip a short video of the most fascinating moment from the stream without making any pauses and share it with others. How can you do that? The procedure is simple and fast.

  • Every streamer has a Clip button over the stream. When a broadcaster presses it, he receives a 30-second record of the stream (25 seconds before the click and 5 seconds after). Clicking can be substituted by hitting a combination Alt+X on the keyboard.
  • When clipping is completed, a new tab opens and you can edit the clip and adjust its length by dragging the end of the yellow slider (cut its length by 10 seconds or extend to 60 seconds). Here you can also watch 90 seconds of the stream before the clip to understand what was going at that moment there.
  • Press ‘Publish’ button after you cope with editing.
  • You can change the name and description of your clip on the next screen which appears automatically. It is also possible to preview it.
  • Press ‘Save’ button and you clip will open immediately in the viewing page.

If you do not change the title and add a description to the clip, it will be generated from the stream title. There will be also information about who captured the stream in the left upper corner of the viewing page and 4 icons in the upper right corner which allow sharing a Clip directly in the social network selected. It is also possible to copy the URL of the clip and share it everywhere including a Twitch chat or any other website.

If a streamer uses a mobile phone, it is possible to make a Clip there while he or she is broadcasting.

Android phones require the following steps to be made:

  • You need to tap the screen while the stream is on, past broadcast or highlight you are watching;
  • You will see a button ‘Create Clip’ on the video player and your task is to tap it.

iOS devices require the following steps to be made:

  • You need to tap the screen while the stream is on, past broadcast or highlight you are watching;
  • You will see the Share Icon to tap on and choose ‘Create Clip’ button at the bottom.

In both cases, the clip is generated automatically and you can share it immediately after creation.

How to Save Your Streams

If one minute clip of your stream is not enough for you, it is possible to download the whole stream. You may wonder why you should do that if there are VODs available.

Look: stream video is stored only for 2 weeks, so you will not be able to access them later.

That is why there are two more ways to create clips of your whole streams:

1. Connect YouTube account to Twitch

  1. If you are a channel owner, open the settings and select ‘Connections’ section.
  2. Tick YouTube to connect it with your Twitch account;
  3. The next step is to enter ‘Past Broadcasts’, choose the video you need, press a gear wheel under the video and select ‘Export’;
  4. Enter the Google account used on YouTube and allow Twitch to get access to this account;
  5. You will see a window ‘Upload to Youtube’, where you can change the title, provide tags and description and complete the process pressing the button below.

Depending on the size of your video stream it will be available on YouTube in several minutes.

2. Download the stream video

  1. Open the Settings and select ‘Channel&Videos’;
  2. Find Archive Broadcasts and tick a box next to it with the inscription ‘Automatically archive my broadcasts’;Save your own stream
  3. Open ‘Past Broadcasts’, click the video, and copy its link;
  4. Find any online tool which downloads videos from online platforms, enter the link there, choose the format of video, and click ‘Download’.

Your video clip of the whole stream will be downloaded to the folder your have chosen on your PC.

Why Can’t You Clip Your Stream

Sometimes, there might be difficulties in creating clips while you run your stream. If you do that not for the first time or your PC cache has been filled with any other files, you may face a challenge to make your next clip on Twitch.

According to the reviews of other streamers and viewers, a ‘Clip’ button which is usually colored purple may turn gray and do not react to clicking. It means that you cannot create your next video clip because your cache is full and there is no space left.

Is it Bad to Clip Your Own Stream?

Of course, not. Though it may sound egoistic that you clip yourself, in fact, it is a powerful marketing approach as well as a possibility to please your viewers and subscribers with the opportunity to repeat the best ever moments of your broadcasting.

It is natural that your channel subscribers have access to all your clips in the section called respectively, but not all of them know about that. There might be new users who are not aware of your passion to gather the best moments of your stream, so you can add a link of one of them to the chat and explain where viewers can find other decent videos to watch.

At the same time, only subscribers have access to your clips, so how can people who have never watched your streams or used Twitch learn that you are a talented broadcaster? The possibility to create clips and share them on other platforms may be a powerful advertising campaign. Users of social networks and forums may get interested in the streams you broadcast, register on Twitch, and subscribe to your channel to be able to follow your achievements. It is a source of income as well as a possibility to extend your audience.

The experts also advise embedding the best clips in the Channel Feed and feature people who receive these clips. It will also run the video directly on your channel page making it accessible to a bigger number of users. It is also possible to create a special section called ‘Highlights of the Week’ and add the best clips there after you save them to your PC. As a result, you will get a variety of benefits which should not be underestimated if you want to grow as a professional streamer.

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Clipping on Twitch is a great feature that has made the promotion of channels and streams much more efficient and easier. Moreover, it has provided streamers with an opportunity to remember their moments of fame forever and share them with others. As you have found out, it is very easy to create a Clip even if you are streaming at the moment. You can use not only a PC but also mobile devices for this purpose and take advantage of all the benefits you might get from shooting clips.

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