Every post strives for two major goals: higher levels of engagement or conversions. Both the metrics are equally important but everything depends on what your goal is. If you want to increase website traffic, or engagement, or actions. If you want people to act when they see your post, you will necessarily aim at conversions. You might want people to subscribe to your channel or newsletter, download your app, be a member, buy products, or whatever. Thus, if you aim at conversions, your approach needs to be strategic and different from what you would commonly use for engagement purposes. You can even increase your engagement rate by buying Facebook likes for your post. Read ahead to explore the tips and tricks that will help you prime your posts for conversions.

  • Outstanding visuals

A post outshines only when it is laden with creativity. When you provide outstanding visuals, nothing stops people from liking and engaging with such posts. It’s wise to remember that there is a neck-to-neck competition. Every Facebook post is in competition with thousands of others. And you have just 2.6s to grab the attention of the viewer. So, ensure that you provide a visual that is irresistible and attention-worthy. Some of the few things to ensure while you are selecting visuals for your Facebook post are:

  • Right Specs: Ensure that your posts are of high quality since low quality images is a poor reflection on your brand name. For this, check Facebook’s specifications 
  • Limit text: Don’t overwrite. Be limited as nobody is interested in more than 20% text. Use Facebook’s Image Text Check for this.  
  • Skip stock images: Don’t use Stock Images as they are very generic rather if you are in a position to afford a photographer or illustrator, do it. 
  • High contrast: Use contrasting colours as it will help make your images stand out. Use a color wheel for right choices. 
  • Think about mobile: Always keep in mind that about 88% of Facebook users operate on mobile devices. Check if the images and the texts are properly legible and visible on a mobile device.
  • Sharp copy

 Gripping copy is the next important element of ensuring high converting Facebook posts . Ensure your writing is simple, direct, and clear. Refrain from using business jargon or promotional language. Don’t over-sell as it meddles with the Facebook algorithm. Convey the values that your brand embraces. Show them the brand personality as it helps you connect with the reader on a personal level. Generally, it’s believed that a short copy grabs more attention. However, long copy posts can also farewell. In the end, it all depends on the kind of audience you have. Don’t constrain yourselves. Experiment and find out what’s working best for you. 

  • Compelling call-to-action

Another key tip for a high converting Facebook post is the call-to-action, a.k.a CTA. Before making a post, ask and discuss what you want to achieve, how do you want people to act, what do you want them to do once they see your post. Whether you want website traffic, profitable sales, or a higher level of engagement; you need to create a situation if you want it. Use power verbs such as Sign Up, Download, Subscribe, Share, Click, etc. as it compels the users to act. However, these verbs have become too common and widespread, don’t hesitate to spice it up by showing the urgency of the incentives. If the trial or subscription is for free for a certain duration, mention it. It is of immense help as a CTA provides purpose. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t overdo it as it leads to decision fatigue. Abide by one CTA per post rule. 

  • Incentives


A call-to-action will bring you no benefit if you don’t incentivise the population. Unless you give them a good reason to download or subscribe, your CTA would be futile. There can be various incentives that you can provide. Such as benefits of being a member of a program like the opportunity to learn, the rewards and giveaways; if you are a travel company, post about the major attractions and sights, etc. Any good marketer is well aware of what the audience wants. Thus, the incentives you provide must be in line with the needs and desires of the audience. See what the audience wants by checking your most engaging posts. Show teasers if you are making a blog post as it keeps the viewers hooked. Other incentives you can use are promo codes, giveaways, prizes, etc.

  • Strategic targeting

Facebook is renowned for its ad targeting capabilities. But, you must be strategic when you target the audience. Some of the things to keep in mind are: Be aware of the demography of your audience. Understand that your followers on Facebook might not be the same as in Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Things like age group, whether there are more males, females, or gender non-binary, location, interests, etc. For instance: if you have a more female population, showcase contents that best cater to their interests. The same goes for others. Another thing to analyze is what is the time when you find the most engagement or traffic on your website. Make sure you post accordingly. You may have to keep in mind the time zone difference and other issues. However, use Facebook Analytics to know the peak times for your website’s traffic.

Other tricks and tips you can use for a high converting Facebook post include pinning the post at the top of your page, have a social media budget that can be used for boosting marketing or launch a full-fledged campaign using these high-converting tips. 

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Alice Metzger
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