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Human beings always feel a need for something. Just recall a theory by Abraham Maslow that is called a hierarchy of needs. All of us need to meet basic, physical requirements such as health, food, sleep, etc. If they are satisfied, we move further. Twitch streamers also have their own requirements according to a particular pyramid. When they have already become famous and recognizable, it is high time they benefited from their activities. Twitch donation goal comes to the rescue. In the Universe of video streaming, it is really noble to support streamers donating several dollars to help fulfill their dreams. But first, settings. How to set up a donation goal to reach them as fast as greased lightning whether it is a new keyboard or something bigger? Read on and learn.

Tools you need to set up a donation goal

In real life, you need a detailed plan and much efforts to achieve your goal. It is easier on Twitch but you have to spend some time on setting up a fundraiser. Just several movements and you are almost there. The platforms to come in handy are below to your attention.

Streamlabs Widget

It is one of a myriad of tools that Streamlabs has at its disposal. But extremely necessary if you strive for monetizing your stream. Al

Streamlabs widget for goals is a reliable application and easy-to-setup. It is a perfect choice to increase your revenue and make your fans feel a part of a large community that moves together towards a goal. Most of the streamers are already familiar with Streamlabs OBS, using it for other purposes that is why they also choose it for setting up a donation goal.

How to set up Streamlabs Donation Goal Widget

  • Download Streamlabs OBS or log into
  • Once you got to the dashboard, find All Widgets on the left sidebar navigation
  • Select Donation Goal from a Widget Gallery
  • You will see two sections: manage goal and settings. Focus on manage goal, first.
  • Fill in all the information about your goal, setting the title, amount, and an ending date. If you have already raised some money for this very goal – set it to a starting amount field
  • donation goal_streamlabs

  • Click Start Donation Goal button
  • Go to Settings, and customize the donation goal bar – layout, bar color, font, etc. to personalize it
  • When everything is set, move to the top and copy Widget URL
  • Press the save settings button and add the link to Streamlabs OBS editor
    or paste it into your streaming software

Please note: it is not possible to edit an existing goal. You will have to start from scratch if you need to change something.

Streamlabs donation goal widget helps you keep an eye on your progress, and achieve visible success measured by tangible sums of money.

What is more, Streamlabs supports extra life. In simple terms, it allows streamers to set up the donation goal for charity. It is super cool and useful, isn’t it?

streamlabs twitter

Muxy Donation Goal

Muxy is one of the most popular solutions to improve streams. It can boast of various features for donations, alerts, analytics, etc.

Getting to the dashboard, you will find your donation statistics, a list of all donations, and a donation settings page. You are able to set up your donations just the same as with Streamlabs widget. The difference is that you can apply a profanity filter and an option for anonymous tips.
To display the goal in OBS, you should use whether a text field in OBS or the Tip Goal Bar.

What is more, Muxy does not take a cut of any donations you receive. All for you. The tipping aspect of your stream is in good hands with Muxy.


To set up a Twitch donation goal is not a big deal. Setting up one of the widgets I have described above, you can reap quite good dividends. Set goals, achieve them and do not forget to thank your followers for their support.

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