What’s new in Minecraft 1.18.0, and

In Minecraft PE 1.18.0, and, the developers of the Mojang Studios decided to add new materials, mobs and even biomes.


First of all, you should start with new locations in MCPE 1.18.0, and At Minecon, players were shown a new generation of caves Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.2. With this update, the caves are much more realistic. There are also two new biomes: lush and stalactite caves. The first location is covered with different vegetation. There is literally a stormy life here.


And in the stalactite caves in Minecraft PE 1.18.0, and, the user can contemplate stalactites and stalagmites. From time to time, they can fall on the user and cause damage to him.


In Minecraft 1.18.0, and, several new materials and items appeared at once. First of all, the telescope is worth noting. With its help, the user will be able to view various objects in the distance. Also, the developers have added two new materials:

  • copper;
  • amethyst.

The first material deserves special attention.


You can make various blocks from it. For example, copper steps. They look pretty nice on the rooftops of buildings. However, copper tends to oxidize.


Therefore, after a long stay in the open air, the copper will be covered with an oxide film and change its color. In Minecraft PE 1.18.0, and, the player has the ability to influence the direction of lightning with a lightning rod.

Brushes, bags and artifacts

Sacks, brushes, and artifacts are another interesting addition to the cave update Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18.0, and With the help of a brush, you can clear various blocks and thus find artifacts. And bags are needed to store various things.


With the release of Minecraft 1.18.0, and, the game has been replenished with two new mobs: minotaurs and axolotls. The minotaur can be found in caves and is quite large in size.


From now on, being in the dungeons becomes even more dangerous.

And axolotls, on the contrary, are helpers of the user and can help him in the water space.

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