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Do you enjoy watching music videos? If yes, probably, you are a regular guest of the TikTok video platform where there are over 90 million users who produce over 500 million videos every day. Previously called as, today this website allows users not only to watch videos and share them on social media websites but also download TikTok videos in a matter of seconds.

You will agree that there is a desire to watch favorite videos for hours or send them to your best friends, but you can do that only after saving. Moreover, you can extend or edit them to your preferences if they are stored on your mobile device or computer. Therefore, you need to be aware of several simple ways how to get TikTok videos and music to your PC, phone, or tablet.

Look: this article will suggest you 4 simple ways how to achieve this goal.

How to download TikTok video on mobile phone or tablet

It is not surprising to learn that 60% of all online purchases, visits and views are made from mobile devices. The same goes for watching videos – an entertaining activity that raises your mood each time you switch it on. TikTok videos can be watched directly in the web browser or through an app available both for Android and iOS. The last method is also suitable for downloading pieces you like and you can do that using several simple ways.

1. Press-and-hold in the center of the screen when you are watching a video

It is the easiest and quickest way to save a piece while you are watching it through the application. It is enough to press and wait for a couple of seconds to see a menu with the ‘Save Button’ icon. When you press on it, your video will be added to the Gallery on iOS and Android devices.

2. Tap ‘Share Icon’

When you are enjoying a certain stream, there is always a number of buttons to the right of the screen. One of them is ‘Share Icon’ which looks like an arrow. When you tap it, you will see a menu with two rows: the ‘Save Video’ button will be in the lower row. Select it and the piece will be added to your gallery too.

3. Get a special TikTok app

Both methods offered above allow saving videos with a watermark and ones which are not blocked for other users’ downloads. If you need a blocked piece or want a pure stream without any signs on it, you need to get a 3rd-party application:

  • Video Downloader For Tik Tok for Android devices from Google Store;
  • Tiktok Downloader shortcut for iOS devices from App store (works only with Shortcuts app).

When you install a necessary app, it is time to find a piece or stream you have liked, copy the video link pressing the ‘Share’ button and finding a respective icon in the upper row. Your next step is to open the app, paste the URL, and start downloading clicking the ‘Download’ button. It takes only several seconds to complete the process and find a file in the Gallery of your device.

TokTok downloader is a free application that works best for saving videos from the platform. Its greatest benefits are ease of use and the absence of watermarks, however, sometimes you have to watch short ads using it. This app also allows saving videos in bulk and enjoy them on your phone or tablet spending a minimum of time.

4. Enter the account to save your video

If you are an active user of the live streaming platform and have added your videos too, but have already lost or deleted them, it is not time to worry. Only registered users can add their creations to the website, so you probably have an Account. You need to open the mobile app and select the ‘Account Icon’. The last one can be found in the right corner at the bottom. You will see a menu where you should find the ‘Download’ button which is located lower and tap it to see the list of your videos. All of them are listed on the profile page so select the one you wish to save.

How to download TikTok video on PC

Despite the popularity of mobile devices, there is still a big number of people who use desktop and personal computers actively to surf the web. The reasons are different for that: a bigger screen, louder sound, more possibilities, etc. However, it makes no difference what device people use for watching streams because the process of downloading is simple and fast in both cases. There are also several ways to get your favorite file to your computer:

1. Open

Tik Tok video downloader

TikTok videos are usually watched through the Internet browser on computers so every viewer can copy a link of the stream preferred in the address line. The next step is to open the website page of the TikTok downloader and enter the link into the box. When you press the ‘Download’ Button, the process will start automatically.

One more benefit offered when you select this method of saving is the possibility to choose whether you want to save a video or only song from it. Pressing a button correspondingly, you will get either an MP4 video file without a watermark or an MP3 file of the song.

2. Installing third-party download software

There are many examples of software used for saving videos from different websites and the TikTok platform is not an exception. Most of them work similarly to the downloader described higher but you need to find a non-malicious tool, install it, find a video to open the preview page, make a copy of the link and enter it to the software to finally save it.

How to get TikTok video by email

One more simple way to save a video piece from the popular live streaming platform is to send it by email. For this purpose, it is necessary to open the original app and find a Share icon. As soon as you see its menu, find an Email option in the upper line and tap on it. You will be offered to provide To and From addresses. However, if you wish to deliver a video to someone else, you should enter your email in the From section and recipient’s email in To section. If you are going to save it yourself, enter your active email address in both sections and complete the process. In a matter of seconds, you will get a letter with the video you like and see the ‘Download’ button next to it. The only thing left is to press it and add a piece to your collection.


As you can see, it is very easy to save video pieces from the TikTok platform for users of both mobile devices and computers. Moreover, there are multiple ways to do that, so even if you face any difficulties with one of the methods suggested, you can always try another way and achieve the goal.

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