Gift Subs on Twitch

Do you like gifts? There is hardly anyone who does not like to be presented with anything, even a trifle. However, gift subs on a popular streaming platform is a great benefit which should not be underestimated.

Twitch platform has introduced gift subscriptions a couple of years ago, but both streamers and viewers have already appreciated all the benefits of such a feature for this short period.

You will agree that there is hardly any better present for a person watching streams than a possibility to get pleasure from this activity.

This article focuses on all the details connected with gift subs which can be interesting to Twitch users and not only.

What are Gifted Subs on Twitch

Twitch is a popular streaming platform which is constantly developing and implementing new features for its users. One of them is a possibility to buy a subscription for one or another channel and present a viewer or several viewers with it.

Every person can register on Twitch but to be able to watch the broadcasting of popular streamers, you need to buy a subscription for the channel. With the introduction of Gifted Subs, viewers have received an opportunity to be presented with a monthly subscription and follow the streams of their favorite channels free of charge.

When a person receives a gift sub, there is a notification in the chat. It will mention the user who has sent it to you as well as the Tier has chosen (Tier 1 – $4.99, Tier 2 – $9.99, Tier 3 – $24.99).

If you want to check all your subs, it is necessary to open a subscription page. All active subs are listed there with their dates of expiration. Unless this sub appeals to you, it is possible to remove all its benefits by clicking Disable Subscription Benefits in the section ‘Subscription options’. The sub manager also allows upgrading the existing sub for any other Tier.

How Do Gifted Subs Work?

There are dedicated or new viewers who deserve a gift according to your opinion. These might be active users of the platform who encourage others or follow similar channels and you want to attract them to one specific one. At the same time, there are reasons why this person or these people could not subscribe to the channel, so you can provide them with this possibility. Every Partner or Affiliate can purchase a 1-month sub to the channel (one of three Tiers available) and gift it to another platform user. It can be a present for a certain holiday or just because you want to do that.

After you send a gift to one of the users, you can opt for sending a message to the chat. At the same time, a user will receive a notification of such a kind: “You have been gifted a subscription. Type claim to activate.” It will appear in the section located in the upper right corner of the page.

Sometimes, there are situations when you can see the following message: “Sorry, a gift subscription to this channel is not available for this user.” It can appear if another person has already gifted sub to the same channel to this person, this user is banned, or he or she does not belong to Partners or Affiliates of the platform.

It is also important to mention that a person who gifts subs is awarded sub gifter badge. This is a sign that a person has made a Twitch gift to someone and it looks like a purple gift box displayed next to the ID. This badge is shown within the whole period while the gift subscription is active and will disappear only after its expiration. Next time, it will appear again when you make another gift.

Sub gifter badge

How to Gift Subscriptions on Twitch

Whether you want to show your gratitude to dedicated viewers or attract new subscribers, one of the way to achieve both of these goals is to make a gift in a form of the Subscription to the channel. In fact, there are several ways to do that.

Subscription button

Every Twitch channel has a button which can easily activate a gift. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the channel you want to gift the sub for.
  2. Look at the right upper corner over the video stream to find a ‘Subscribe’ button.
  3. Click the button and look at the bottom of the tab for ‘Gift a Subscription’ button.
  4. Open the subscription menu and choose one of two types of gifts: to a specific viewer or community one.

Sub to a specific viewer

If you want to present one of the viewers of the channel with a monthly sub, keep on doing the following:

  1. Choose a gift to a viewer by clicking the button ‘Give a Gift Subscription.
  2. You will be redirected to the page which offers to choose one of three Tiers available and a line to type the Twitch ID of the viewer.
  3. As soon as you start typing, you will be offered accounts which start with the same letters. You can click on the necessary account from the list or type the ID till the end.
  4. Check the cost of Tier and the account ID at the bottom of the menu and click the button ‘Give a Gift Subscription’.
  5. You will see the checkout page to complete the process and be proceeded to a payment page.

Once you complete the payment you will see a message in the chat stating who gifts a certain type of sub to whom.

Community gifting

The second type of sub offered in the subscription menu is Community one. When you select this option, you will need to complete the following stages:

  1. Choose the Tier.
  2. Select the number of gifts (it is possible to buy 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 gifts).
  3. Click the following icon and the button ‘Give (number) gifts’.
  4. You will be redirected to the payment page to complete the process.

The main thing to remember about the community gifting is the fact that you can not choose users to send the channel sub at the moment. The platform has a certain algorithm which was developed for selecting eligible viewers from the chat. It can also gift followers, mods though trolls and banned users are excluded from being gifted.

According to the users’ reviews about community subs, usually, the last ones are gifted to spend the longest time in the chatroom. However, the platform is grateful to different evaluations of the feature and admits that further improvements will happen in the nearest future. At the same time, many streamers agree that this kind of donation is even better than money since it attracts new viewers to the channel.

Depending on the number of subs you have bought, you will see so many messages in the chat mentioning every user who was presented with it.

Gifting through a chat

Sometimes there is no need to look for an intended recipient of the gift sub. If you see the name of this person in the chat, it is possible to reward him or her directly in the chat.

  1. Find the name of the gift recipient.
  2. Click and open the chat card of this user.
  3. You will see a button ‘Gift Subscription’.
  4. When you click it, you will be offered to choose a Tier.
  5. As soon as you do that, click a button ‘Gift a Subscription’ and you will be taken to the checkout and then payment page to complete the process.

A recipient will get your present immediately after the payment is processed. You will see a message in the chat, and your viewer will get a notification.

Anonymous gifting

It is possible to send a present to the Twitch user without informing him or her who has done that. If you do not want to be in the spotlight, you can gift a subscription anonymously. For this purpose, you need to tick ‘Gift Anonymously’ in the right upper corner of the Gift a Sub menu.

The process of gifting looks the same as previous examples but the only difference is the absence of any information who has given this present, no badges given and it is not added to the total count of gifts. The message in the chat and user’s notification do not contain any information about the sender too.

Mobile gifting

Despite the fact that there is a Twitch app for most of the mobile devices, there is no simple way how to subscribe to the channel you like there. The same goes for presenting subs via mobile phones and tablets. It is much more reasonable to choose another way of giving gift subs on Twitch mobile.

Experts advise following these tips:

  1. Open a web browser of the mobile device and find the website there. When the website has loaded, you will see its mobile version. However, it is not suitable for further process.
  2. Open the web browser settings and select ‘Request Desktop Site’. Your page will reload and you will see the same page like on the computer screen.
  3. Choose the theme of streams from ones available on the platform and one of the streams to gift.
  4. When you open the stream, you will see a familiar ‘Subscription’ menu over the video. Click it to select the ‘Gift Subscription’ button and continue the process.
  5. You will be redirected to the page which offers to choose one of three Tiers available and a line to type the Twitch ID of the viewer.
  6. As soon as you start typing, you will be offered accounts which start with the same letters. You can click on the necessary account from the list or type the ID till the end.
  7. Check the cost of Tier and the account ID at the bottom of the menu and click the button ‘Give a Gift Subscription’.
  8. You will see the checkout page to complete the process and be proceeded to a payment page.

How to Get Gifted Subs on Twitch

Are you the one who is dreaming of receiving a gift subscription? In fact, every dedicated viewer deserves to get a gift but only some of them are lucky enough to be presented with such a benefit.

How can you increase your chances to get a gift sub? In fact, there are no accurate requirements to meet since the decision is made by a person who gives this gift. At the same time, if it is a gift to a specific viewer, we can recommend being an active follower of the channel. It would be great if you express your attitude to the stream you are watching in the chat, make donations, be active and interact with the streamer. Usually, streamers decide to praise such dedicated viewers with a monthly sub.

When it comes to the community gifting, every user of the platform can be chosen as a recipient since lucky viewers are selected by the Twitch algorithm. It does not have any requirements to the giftee apart from being a Partner or Affiliate of the platform, avoid trolling or being not banned. At the same time, some users mention that this algorithm usually chooses the most active users of the chat presenting them with the opportunity to follow other streams too.

The process of getting a gift sub is very simple. It happens automatically after the payment processing and a lucky giftee gets a notification to read in the upper right corner (a bell icon).

Don’t forget to thank your gifter for a wonderful opportunity!


Twitch introduced gift subscriptions per viewer and community ones not so long ago, but this possibility to show your gratitude to viewers has been appreciated by many streamers. Every broadcaster realizes how great it is to have dedicated viewers and one month of channel sub can be great praise for their love.

This guide has informed readers about what gift subs are, what types of subscriptions are there to be presented and how every user can gift them.

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