Facebook has advanced some of its privacy settings. Users now are able to control their profile privacy all on their own. This is all due to one person who set up some lockup privacy settings that make the changes to one’s posts and photos.

If a user would have been unfriended by someone on Facebook it will hide all those pictures and posts of that person from the one that would have been blocked as a result of that person’s privacy settings. If these two become friends again that is the only time that the other person will be able to see their friend’s post and pictures.

Can Someone Hide A Facebook Post From You?

It is very much possible for a friend to hide their posts from you on Facebook. If your friend does not want you to see the pictures or posts that they might want to put they can simply change their privacy settings and after doing so they will then unfriend. They also can just restrict you from viewing certain posts and pictures of theirs.

How Do You Tell If Someone Blocked You From Seeing Their Posts On Facebook?

For you to see if your friend has blocked you from seeing their posts you can do the following:

  • Visit your friend’s profile: If you find it hard to ask your friend yourself you have the option of going on your friend’s profile so that you can be able to verify everything yourself.
  • Look for empty space that will be at the top of their profile: There usually is a gap that you will find between private posts and public posts.  You will not be able to see your friend’s pictures and other private posts if your friend has restricted you. The gap that will be there will now depend on if your friend has made his posts public and you might not be able to see that gap even if you would have been restricted.
  • Look for a sudden lack of content: If you cannot see your friend’s photos or anything else that you know they might have had does not necessarily mean that you would have been restricted. In some cases, it just might be that they would have just removed some of the things on their timeline.
  • Ask a mutual friend to look at your friend’s Timeline: It might just be that sometimes your friend would agent deleted some of their information or would have just locked down their account so that they retain privacy from their Facebook friends. What you can simply do to save yourself all those kinds of stress that you might have is to just look for one mutual friend that you have with the person. You ask them to check if there will be any new posts and pictures that you yourself cannot see from your own account.
  • Ask your friend if they restricted you: You can save yourself that heartache and stress and go to your friend and ask them yourself. You might have been added to the Restricted list by mistake and your friend might not know and you will get angry at your friend when they are not to blame.


What Can You see if you are restricted?

If you are restricted from viewing your friend’s post you will only get to see that information that other friends would have posted and tagged the one who would have restricted you.

Can friends see past posts?

Definitely! For these settings, if the person previously had public posts then after changing the settings, those ones will be still available to view.

Can you see if a friend has blocked you from viewing their posts?

Yes, it is possible for you to see that your friend has blocked by checking for yourself using a very simple process that will be provided for you.


A lot of people nowadays have seen the need to live a private life that is more private and does not include other friends of theirs and even other family members. There are ways that one can do this, the first option that you can get is to simply just restrict those people from viewing your posts and pictures as well. There are many other options that you might have as well.

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