Is blocking your Facebook contacts the only way to hide your friend list? Certainly not.

Over time, Facebook has introduced a number of privacy tools for users to allow them complete control of their profiles. The most critical is the friends-list privacy settings on Facebook.

But you don’t have to completely cover your profile by stopping users from viewing your friends who are related to you. By clicking on it, you can change the parameters. It’s now simpler than ever to change your privacy settings, and you can shield your Facebook friends list from anyone.

Reasons to Hide Facebook Mutual Friends

Some people do not want their Facebook friend list to be hidden, and others do. Every Facebook user has their own perspective on how to use their account.

Perhaps they’re attempting to provide protection to family members or acquaintances by preventing other Facebook users from communicating with them or seeing what they’ve posted on their timeline.

If you don’t want to share your contact list with the public or other users, Facebook gives us the option to shield our Facebook friends list from them.

Can you Hide Mutual friends on Facebook?

Facebook also introduced new custom settings that you can use if you need to shield your friends from someone or expose all of your friends to only one user.

Check the list below on how you can go about it:

Step 1

To begin, go to the Friends tab and click the pencil icon.

Step 2

Then choose ‘Edit privacy’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Now, choose the ‘Custom’ gear button.

Friendships of shared mates can be hidden using custom settings.

Step 4

A pop-up titled “custom privacy” will appear. There will be two choices for sharing: share with and don’t share with.

If you only share the list with one person, the friend list would only be available to that person. This collection will be hidden from the rest of your peers.

Step 5

You will also mask the list from any other people who have been added to the ‘Don’t share with’ choice. Those users can’t see your friend list because it’s hidden. In this situation, you must choose Friend or Friends of Friends as your ‘Share with’ choice.

How do you stop your friends see your mutual friends on Facebook?

It’s a very straightforward procedure, and you’re just a few steps away from doing it. To do this, you must take the steps outlined below:

1st phase

Go to your Facebook profile page after logging in to your Facebook account.

2nd step

Then there will be a Friends choice, which you should choose. It displays a list of all of your Facebook friends.

3rd phase

You can Edit the privacy option after pressing the Manage button. When you click on it, a new popup box appears with various privacy options.

Hide Facebook Friends List on PC

After selecting Edit Privacy, you can see a Friend List alternative at the left, as well as a Public option on the right side. Then press it, and a drop-down menu will appear. Simply pick Only me from the drop-down menu and click it. Finally, press the “Done” button.

On Android

There’s no reason to be concerned if you’re using a mobile. The method for mobile devices is also seen below-

1st phase

To begin, open your mobile internet browser and navigate to to log in. Then, after entering your email address and password, press Login.

2nd step

After you’ve successfully logged into Facebook, go to your profile page and look for the Friends option; simply press it.

3rd Step

Following that, you’ll see a public choice, which means your Facebook friend list is open to all. To hide your friend list, choose the public alternative, then choose more to see additional choices.

4th step

Following that, you’ll see various choices such as Public, Friends, and Just Me. Choose the “Just me” alternative if you wish your friends list to be totally hidden.


Bottom line: While hiding your Facebook friends list from the public is a brilliant idea (and one we highly recommend), hiding your list of shared friends from the people you’re friends with isn’t going to help you all that much. As a result, Facebook does not provide the option.

And, to be honest, even though you could conceal your shared friends, your friends will always be able to figure out which friends you have in common. They’d just have to look at your Timeline to see who’s responding to your messages.

Most Facebook users these days have their privacy settings for their posts set to “Friends,” and we’re sure you do, too, because you seem to be serious with privacy (as well you should be).

If the privacy level for your posts is set to “Friends,” then someone who has connected with any of the posts on your Timeline is clearly a Facebook friend.

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