A lot of times people create Facebook accounts but they do not specify their original date of birth. The reason for this is that some of the people would not want people to know their exact age and many other reasons also. When you would have done that and then decide that you want to go back to your original date or birth at times you will not be able to submit it to Facebook because Facebook keeps a lot of limitations on their policy.

This is noted to be a very good security policy because there is no one that can be born two times for them to provide a second date of birth. Facebook however knows that in some cases people would have made a mistake when trying to provide the real date of birth and for this reason, it keeps a hidden process for users to submit a date of birth again for the users to provide real information as Facebook wants real information from users so that they keep secure privacy of the user, you.

Why you may need to change your birthday on Facebook

A lot of people have a number of reasons that might make them want to change their birthdays on Facebook. Some of these include:

  • Someone might be ashamed that they are too old or too young than their friends or the one they will be in a relationship with
  • To get a job that they might be too old or too young for
  • Some put dates of births that make them seem older so that they get accounts and when they are finally the right age they would want to change back to their real ones.

How to change the date of birth on Facebook after limit

Users of Facebook are allowed to manage birth date on profile. If you want to change your Facebook profile’s date of birth then you will have to follow the simple steps that you can do in the Facebook Lite app or even on your desktop just by going to facebook.com. You have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: First of all you have to log in with your Email ID/Mobile number and password.

Step 2: Now you then go to your profile section and click on ‘Edit Profile.’

Step 3: Once the profile tab opens you will have to select the ‘Basic info’ from the list on the left side.

Step 4: All of your information including mobile number, date of birth and birth year, and more, will be visible.

Step 5: To change your date of birth you will have to do click on the down arrow and from there you will have to set the exact date and month you want to change. If you have not exceeded the limit you can change also the year on your date of birth settings.

Once you complete the action by clicking the ‘Save’ button and your new date of birth is set for your Facebook profile.

How many days it’s locked after the change

At times users would have mistakenly saved a wrong date on their birth date field on their Facebook profile and start wondering how they can be able to change it. Facebook certainly takes the birthdate as very sensitive information in case of your account recovery. When you change your birthdate you will not be able to change the date again instantly.

If you happen to have that other previous birth date on your profile that will be the wrong one you can be able to modify it instantly in the first case. If you change your birth date you will not be able to that same thing again within the next 14 days. When 2 weeks pass you will then be able to change your birthdate but the limit for you to change your age on Facebook is 3.

Importance of submitting real information on FB

  • You might be asked to verify your information in the future by Facebook and you would have forgotten since you would have lied.
  • You might find it hard to recover your account if you would have provided false information and would probably forget.
  • You might miss out on great job opportunities because your age or any other false information that you would have provided will not be working well with the one that will be required.


How many times can I change my birth date?

Facebook only allows you to change your age on Facebook three times.

After how long can I change my age again?

Users can be able to change their age after 14 days of previously changing again.


A lot of people have different reasons for providing false birthdays on Facebook. To some it is for protection but for some, it is for fun. Users are given the opportunity of changing such information but only 3 times by Facebook. The review above has all the information that you might need pertaining to this.

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