Twitter is the 4th most popular social media platform in the world visited by millions on a daily basis. They enjoy watching various posts there but videos take one of the leading positions there. According to the statistics, every 10th post contains a video. People watch 2 billion videos on Twitter each day. How often it happens that a person wants to share a video piece with a friend who is not registered on Twitter! If earlier it was challenging to do that, nowadays it takes only a couple of minutes to download Twitter videos. What tool to choose for that?

Look: this article explains how to get Twitter videos on different devices for free and with a minimum of effort.

How to download videos from Twitter on PC

There are several tools developed for people who want to get a Twitter video to the device. The majority of them run only on computers that still keep leading positions among devices for accessing web pages. It is more comfortable to enjoy a video piece on a larger screen and with better sound quality, so both desktop computers and laptops are selected by users to download video pieces. Many people hate the peculiarity of many social media websites to provide new content incessantly because they lose access to favorite posts. It is exactly the reason why people decide to store the best videos on their computers and return to them anytime they want.

How can you do that? The answer is simple: it is necessary to choose a trusted tool for downloading videos from Twitter. There is one popular misconception among people that a tool for getting videos from FB, YouTube, Tim Tok, and other websites is suitable for Twitter as well. However, it is important to use the software that was developed especially for Twitter and SSSTwitter is one of them.

This is an online tool that allows saving videos from Twitter directly to your computer without installation. You should complete the following steps:

  1. Open Twitter and find a video you want to save.
  2. Copy the link to this video from a command line or by clicking the Follow button and pressing the Copy link to Tweet button.
  3. Open and enter this link to the search bar on the landing page.
  4. Press the Download button and choose the format ranging from 320×180 to HD.
  5. Press the Download button next to the desired format and the process will start automatically.

You see how simple it is to get a video using the SSSTwitter tool, but there is one more way to do that too. You should ensure that a Twitter page you have opened contains a video to save with a Tweet ID – multiple numbers provided at the end of the link. If you see them in the command line, press the link to edit and enter ‘sss’ directly after https:// before the word ‘Twitter’. When you press the Enter button again, you will start an automatic download of the video piece after you choose the format.

SSSTwitter is not the only Twitter video downloader used for saving videos from this popular social media platform. However, it is a free and secure online tool that is available anytime and anywhere. It is characterized as non-malicious and guarantees ease of use and high download speed to everyone.

How to download videos from Twitter to your smartphone or tablet

Not only computers are used nowadays for accessing social networks. There are over 1.3 billion accounts on Twitter and 80% of users access the website from mobile devices. No wonder so many users want to learn a simple way how to download a video to a mobile gadget too. However, they should understand there is a difference in how to save video on two popular mobile platforms.

iPhone and iPad

It could be great to use the same simple way on iOS powered gadgets but they have one peculiarity. Both iPhone and iPad devices will run videos in native Chrome or Safari browsers making them impossible to copy the link. However, there is a way out of this situation too, so be ready to pass through the following stages:

  1. Enter the AppStore.
  2. Find the Documents by Readdle application and download it to your device.
  3. Open the Twitter app using this browser, find a video to save, and tap it to fill the entire screen.
  4. Select Share Tweet via and copy the link.
  5. Go to with its help using Documents by Readdle.
  6. Enter the link to the search line and press the Download button.
  7. Choose the format and complete the process.

Android devices

When it comes to Android-powered devices, it takes little effort to download a video even if you use a Twitter app. Any web browser is suitable for this purpose and there are two ways to do that. Even if you use a mobile website version on your device, it is possible to edit the link in the command line and add ‘sss’ before the word ‘mobile’ and after https:// to be redirected to the Download page. This approach is possible only if you access Twitter via a mobile browser.

Those who use a Twitter app may save a wanted piece following these steps:

  1. Open a Twitter app, find a video, and tap the Share icon.
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Open in any mobile browser.
  4. Enter the link and press the green Download button.
  5. Select the format and complete the process.


It is clear that getting a video piece from Twitter with a trusted downloader is a piece of cake. There is no need to have advanced computer skills to cope with this problem so everyone can easily do that on any device. Of course, there are some differences in saving videos to computers and mobile devices, but with the hints mentioned above, you will not have any problems with any of them.

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