You could be in any industry and yet, you will still need the power of social media to promote your brand and to reach out to potential customers. Moreover, if you do use the tools and the correct marketing strategies on social media platforms, you will not only be able to organically grow your likes, followers and increase your engagements, but you will also be able to generate indirect leads to your website and even gain a loyal customer base. This will also increase and boost your brand’s revenue streams but also will help you broaden your reach to potential consumers.

For people who do not know this, Instagram was primarily a photo-sharing social media platform that slowly even introduced the whole concept of stories and adding videos as well. Now, this helped in promoting and creating the excitement for new products or services a brand was about to introduce. In recent times, Instagram has launched the IGTV, which is basically Instagram Television and allows you to upload videos that have a duration of an hour. So, obviously being a decently new feature, Instagram tends to promote the new tools it keeps on introducing in order to make sure that the screen time increases for every user. But, when you upload an IGTV video, you will also need the required audience in order to increase your engagements which will further increase your followers. So, the more followers who view your IGTV videos, the greater number of followers you gain on your social media profile.

  1. The Number Game

    Coming to how to use your IGTV videos to increase the number of Instagram followers you gain, you have to understand that just posting IGTV videos to your social media handle is not going to increase your engagement, and attract the attention that the video needs. You should know the audience you are targeting and the content that appeals to them. So, what are the different ways that you can use IGTV to get more followers on Instagram?

  2. Make Your content Interesting

    You have to keep in mind that the IGTV videos that you post will show up on the feeds of your followers, and if they do not see something they like, or even relevant to their interests, there are high chances that they will unfollow you and you will not be able to increase your engagement and draw in more people, which will also result in Instagram not promoting your videos. These videos do not disappear after a day and they should be engaging enough to your target audience for them to share them with people who have similar interests which will not only increase the engagements but also your followers.

  3. Finding The Best Time To Post

    This point again proves that you should research the audience you are targeting for your product or service that you are offering. You need to know all about the majority of your audience, the time zones they are living in, their age, and so on. Usually, the most common time and the best time to post new IGTV videos is around 8 pm to 10 pm in the night and during the weekdays, which are from Monday to Thursday. But again, what works for the majority may not work for you, and all of this depends on your audience, so definitely try posting at different times to know which exactly brings in the engagement and likes.

    Another thing that people fail to do, the most common mistake is that a lot of brands do not post their IGTV videos consistently and regularly. By not doing this, you are actually decreasing your engagements and it is also equally important that you maintain a fixed schedule that will help in maintaining your engagement rate and will also notify your followers of your posting schedule.

  4. Social media sharing

    By sharing your IGTV videos on various other social media platforms, you are able to access a huge audience, and moreover you are also able to increase the engagement on your social media profile. You also have to make sure that the quality of your videos is good, and not blur because this will definitely reduce the rate of engagement and even result in people unfollowing you because the quality of the content you post is not up to par.

    The steps that are given above are tried and tested steps that definitely did work when followed through consistently, and when followed diligently. These methods are guaranteed to give you success and increase your followers through the IGTV videos you post on your social media profile.

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