Incorporating a business in the US means observing the necessary stages to register a company in the US for legal recognition as a business corporation under a particular industry. The United States is distinguished as a place with people of different origins. This makes it a very good environment any business venture can thrive. Aside from the diversity of the American market, it is also a leading society in terms of technology and innovation, which makes it the best fit for business activities in this century. If the product you intend selling as a businessman is targeted at African Americans or Caucasians, you only the need to apply the best strategy to reach your buyers. Regardless of this, registering a company in the US involves a long process. For foreign investors, it involves a longer process. However, we are set to simplify them for you.


The United States is a very peculiar environment for business activities. The country is very large in landmass and population. This implies the need for a business owner to take diligent step by step procedures to register a company in the US. Below are the different stages involved:


This stage requires periods of reflection on what to think of before taking the step to register a company in the US. Thus, you will need to answer a series of questions such as;

  • Which state is best for your company’s registration in the US??
  • What is the best approach to prevent the theft of intellectual property?
  • Is there any need for a special permit of operation for your company?
  • What will be your immigration needs? (for non-Americans)
  • How many staff will you need for the company to be effective?
  • Which method do you have to generate capital for the company?
  • Which approach do you have to use to market your product and make huge sales and profit?


Here, a business owner backs his or her decision with action that can give him assurance to register a company in the US. You prepare. You don’t just think. You also make choices for the action stage where you proceed to register the company. These are what you do:

  • You choose a unique name the company you want to register in the US will be called.
  • You decide the kind of company you will to register
  • Choose the state where you will incorporate your company.
  • Determine the amount of shares/value and the contribution shareholders will have to make to the company’s capital.
  • Define the role of every stakeholder of the company and their responsibilities.


When you are done with the stages of reflection and preparation, next thing to do is to proceed with the implementation. The following are what you should achieve:

  • Register your company in the US
  • Hold a meeting to appoint the company’s executives and offer shares to shareholders,
  • Get the necessary identifications to open a bank account.
  • Open your company’s bank account.
  • Prepare and file the BE-13 questionnaire.

The main reason why business owners need to go through these stages of a company’s registration in the US is to gain assurance of protection of their trademark after the incorporation of the business.


The company’s registration in the US has a unique process to follow because of the diversity of its business environment, and government legislation. For instance, Alabama is the largest state doesn’t mean it is the right place to register a company. A company’s registration in the US takes place in a favorable place for the niche. Thus, this article offers different stages that can simplify the hurdles involved to register a company in the US.


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