If you were asked whether you check Instagram on an everyday basis I am sure you would answer “yes” without hesitation. The number of users on this social media has recently exceeded 1 billion people that is almost the entire population of India. Sounds staggering, doesn’t it?

We waste so much time liking, posting, and sharing that sometimes prefer staying invisible, and this up-to-date application provides us with such an opportunity.

However, there are some tricks which are able to tell the users of smartphones on iOS and Android if someone is active on Instagram. Read further. I am going to shed some light.

How do I Know if Someone is Online on Instagram

The feature “Show activity status” is enabled in the personal profile settings on Instagram by default. It functions by analogy with Facebook and WhatsApp messengers. However, you can switch it off, if necessary.

There are some specific facts and signs to detect if the user is online. Which one?

1. Tracking of likes

It is the easiest way to catch the user on the expanse of this social network. You can find out the time when the user put a value judgment “I like”, left a comment or started following someone last time.

  1. Go to your profile and tap ❤️
  2. There are two tabs, “Following” and “You”
  3. Swipe right and then swipe down to refresh the feed to see which activities your friends have recently done.

Please note: You are able to see recent activities of users you follow only.

2. Private messages in Direct Inbox

You can ascertain whether the user is connected if you have ever corresponded with him via direct messages. A green dot next to the username and photo will confirm his presence in the application. What is more, you’ll see the most recent activity status (seen the message, typing, active 10 minutes ago etc.)

How to Tell if Someone is Active on Instagram

Please note: If you turn off your activity status in settings, the feature described above is no longer available.

Please note: The account that you want to check must have activated the visibility as well. If not, the feature described above is no longer available.

3. Live Video

This tip may seem as easy as ABC. Nevertheless.

You can start a live video, and all people joining your broadcasting are online. A simple way to catch someone who is hiding.

4. Instagram Stories

If you need to capture somebody right away, post an Instagram Story, and monitor every second the users that has just seen it. They are likely to spend some more time scrolling the feed or watching stories of other users. Here it is!

How to Turn Off My Activity Status

If you prefer becoming invisible on Instagram, turn off your activity status.

Let me explain how:

  1. Go to your profile and tap =.
  2. Tap Settings Gear > Privacy > Activity Status.
  3. Turn off your activity status.

Show activity status

It’s in the bag! Congrats!


Almost every week Instagram introduces new features and makes people open the application more often than the day before. I have highlighted some available ways to check if someone is active on Instagram. Tomorrow, perhaps, new methods will be launched. Who knows?

By the way, may your snooping be successful!

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