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A modern person is likely not to be able to hold a conversation about the cost of foodstuff on the market rather than to discuss reach on Instagram, promo campaigns with the help of opinion leaders or importance of links in bio. By the way, the last one on this list might arouse quite serious arguments and even provoke grievance.

Only one link that doesn’t require any manual efforts besides clicking on it, is available without any outside partner services on Instagram. And it is situated in your Instagram bio.

So much noise around this precious link. Let’s reveal why it is is so important and figure out what’s what.

How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Bio

“You are really able to add multiple links in your Instagram Bio. It’s not a joke!” Hearing that comes as a relief, especially for those who have been suffering from that one and only link when there is so much needed to be shown.

There are heaps of tools to increase your Instagram Bio Links to stop changing them as often as you did before. Basically, these tools allow you to house several links you need = web pages on one resource. All these “magic” tools allow you to get more of your Instagram account, and I will shed some light upon the best of the existing.

Best Instagram Bio Link Tools 2019


Linktree interface

“Let your content live longer than the feed”, – appeals Linktree team. Why not indeed?

Imagine a tree with lots of branches. You can hang on any of them, climbing up and up. Linktree is that maple or oak from your childhood that gives you an opportunity to drive your followers to all the content you want to draw them in with just one bio link that stores multiple.

There is a free version which is easily managed, provides you with themes to select and allows to upload your own profile picture. PRO version costs 6 USD/month and has much more features to use.

Top features of the free version:

  • unlimited links
  • tracking the number of clicks on your links
  • tracking lifetime views
  • scheduled links
  • Amazon Influencer Program Integration

Top features of PRO version besides those listed above:

  • newsletter signup integration
  • an opportunity to remove Linktree logo
  • retargeting your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID
  • adding thumbnails to each link
  • highlighting the most important links with priority links etc.

Please note: choosing the free version, you will have to display Linktree’s logo.




Shorby main page

Unlock your Instagram traffic driving power! Shorby is a perfect tool for optimizing your traffic. Besides creating multiple links for Instagram, you can add contact links leading to Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc., and track how well they perform.

Top features:

  • free 5-day trial
  • unlimited links
  • tracking and retargeting
  • personalized URL
  • 3,000 smart clicks *, etc.

Shorby offers three tariff plans. PRO and Agency offer more smart clicks, Google Analytics, unlimited branded URLs, etc.

  • Start – $9/month
  • PRO – $29/month
  • Agency – $99/month

The landing page on Shorby allows you to change the background, add any links that matter, and include links to your social media accounts as well.




Lnk.Bio main page

Lnk.Bio is likely to attract you with its simplicity and rapidity to use, and graceful interface, of course. Using it, you can share all the important links, putting the most important ones on top of the list.

Top features:

  • unlimited links
  • safety (you are not asked to provide your Instagram password)
  • cross-link social media profiles to optimize the engagement
  • web-based, etc.

Prices: there are four tariff plans that are pretty affordable:

  • Free with random URL
  • PRO – monthly offering your custom URL and email support, 0.99$/month
  • PRO – lifetime, 9.99$/lifetime
  • PRO – whitelable with an opportunity to Remove Lnk.Bio Logo, 24.99/lifetime

After all the settings, you will get a simple page layout with a profile picture, Instagram handle, the links you have selected with a heading above.


Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect main page

Thrive Architect is one of the products by Thrive Themes. I hope you are already familiar with WordPress, aren’t you? So, Thrive Architect is a tool to create content and layouts in WordPress to start using them as fast as possible.

Top features:

  • “click-to-edit” & drag-and-drop editor
  • 276 landing page templates
  • customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, and lead generation forms
  • email marketing tandem, etc.

Please note: you will create and host the pages from your WordPress site. You should be able to handle it very well.

Thrive Themes has got a lot of valuable products available such as Thrive Comments, Thrive Leads, Thrive Optimize, etc. to improve your marketing campaigns.

Price: Thrive Membership with access to all services costs 19$/month or 228$/year.
A single site license for Thrive Architect, for example, costs $67 with one full year of support. by Later by Later interface by Later is able to get more than just several links in BIO. You will be able to add links to your Instagram posts or tag products on the pictures. So, while followers are scrolling through your feed, you are getting traffic.

Top features:

  • adding links to your feed
  • personalized URL in BIO
  • scheduled links
  • tracking traffic and sales data

Please note: you will not be able to customize the page but it matches with Instagram perfectly by Later is focused on e-commerce, as you could guess. Your followers are able to do shopping right here through the feed avoiding a search of the product in your store.

Prices depend on whether you are an individual or business. The plans start from $19/month to $49/month.




Leadpages main page

“Turn clicks into customers!”, – says Leadpages tool. It is the best choice for those businesses who do not have a website but can create & host landing pages with the help of Leadpages.

Top features:

  • lots of landing page templates
  • drag-and-drop editor
  • A/B testing
  • stats and analytics
  • WordPress and email marketing integration
  • customer support

Leadpages tool gives you the liberty of creating infinite marketing campaigns with its various templates or make your own one using the drag-and-drop feature.

Price: from $37/month to $321/ month depending on a plan. Free trial for each plan is available for two weeks.




ShortStack main page

ShortStack is capable of lots of things to increase engagement and gain followers. To cut a long story short, it is a landing page builder that makes a speciality of marketing campaigns.

Top features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • piles of templates for creating landing pages
  • numerous templates for launching contests & promotions
  • email marketing features
  • analytics/ROI Tracking

We all know how much people love those campaigns that include giveaways, personality quizzes and so on. ShortStack will assist you in creating one.
Using a ShortStack landing page as you Insta Bio Link, you will get more than just leads. It is worth making an attempt.

Price: from $29/month to $499 per month. Free trial for 10 days is at your disposal


Sked Link


Sked Link interface

Sked Link is a user-friendly tool to reflect your branding in the best possible light. With one link you will be able to send followers to any destination you would like to. A free version has a full range of services when somewhere else you will have to pay for them.

Top features:

  • your own bio link
  • a welcome message
  • various themes to choose from
  • setting up styles, fonts, colors, etc.
  • an opportunity to integrate with your Facebook pixel for remarketing and Google Analytics
  • changing your links anytime

Link analytics is promised to be launched very soon as well.

Sked Link is powered by Sked Social but it works independently. However, if you are Sked Social user, benefit from getting access to extra features such as a lucky chance to remove Sked Link branding or show your Instagram Grid with custom URLs from Sked Social.


Link In Profile


Link In Profile main page

Link In Profile made up its mind to stand from the crowd and let you send followers to a link via a specific Instagram photo. Quite wise!
You have just posted a photo with a product to your Instagram and Link In Profile allows you to add a link directly to the page where it is possible to buy that product.

What is more, Link In Profile empowers you to measure, I mean to check your traffic and track effectiveness.

Price: personal plan – $9.99/month with a free trial for one month




Taplink main page

Taplink tool is next to be introduced. You can multiply pages, and store them in one place. Using Taplink, you can create smart links to messengers to get your followers to talk, send users to other social media with one click, set up micro landing pages with attractive pics and engaging texts, and even accept requests and online payments.

Taplink knows how to provoke interest in you, therefore, it knows how to do the same with your followers.


  • Basic – $0
  • PRO – $ 16.8/year
  • Business – $38.4/year

Why Do You Need to Optimize Your Instagram Bio Link?

If you have already realized the promise of advertising on Instagram, I hope you have, it’s high time you optimized your Bio Link. The opportunities that Instagram provides for advertising and selling your products and services can lead you very high and let you rest on the laurels as a result. But first a reasonable approach.
Launching a campaign, you should always remember that your display on Instagram is just a singular brushstroke within your overall marketing strategy. However, such a significant one.

As a rule, you have a lot of products to promote or you have several pages on your website to attract traffic to. It will look illogical and even strange if you change your Instagram Bio Link several times per week or if you keep just one for the whole period of your campaign.
Instead of linking to a single page, optimizing it, you will be able to introduce more pages and pieces of content. You can appear more creative and adroit launching the campaigns designed exclusively for your Instagram audience.

Optimizing sets you loose, and shows that you respect your clients saving their precious time and leading them in the right direction. How dare you ignore it?

How to Choose the Right Instagram Bio Link Tool

Your goals are still at the top of your game. Each tool that I described above has much more to offer than just multiple links. If you still prefer to focus on including several links first, rest your gaze on Linktree, Shorby, Lnk.Bio or Sked Link.

Consider using Leadpages, Thrive Architect or ShortStack if you need to link complete landing pages to your account.

You can take into consideration your budget and select the most cost-effective tool to benefit from.

If you are ready to break out with creativity, try ShortStack with its numerous contests and giveaway options or by Later with linkable posts.

The most sophisticated users concentrate on an interface and other elegant details that also makes sense. It’s up to you, by the way.


All successful marketing campaigns have passed over at least one “testing mode”. Some of them succeeded at the first attempt, others needed the second or the fifth.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes. In any case, none of these tools will harm your business, your followers or yourself.
Just keep in mind that optimizing your Instagram Bio link is likely to help accomplish the goals you have set within your marketing campaign. You should stop reading this blog post already and get down to adjusting your Instagram Bio right away! May engagement be with you!

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