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Are you trying to get a better understanding of the content you create on Instagram? Do you want to know more about what your audience engagement means for your page? Then it is strongly suggested that you switch to a Creator Account on Instagram.

When it started out Instagram had two types of accounts available for use, Personal and Business accounts. But with an increasing demand for more features tailored to meet the need of content creators, Instagram launched a third type of account, i.e. the Creator account.

This type of account is better for influencers too. When this feature was first introduced, you needed to have more than 10,000 followers in order to switch to a Creator account and make use of all its features.

Today, anyone can switch between a Private, Business, and Creator account. However, to help you achieve a high number of followers, you can buy Instagram followers online from, This will help you to gain more engagement for your Instagram posts in less time and make you eligible for a Creator account.

In this article, we will look at 5 ways in which you can make the most of your Instagram Creator Account.

1. In-Depth Analytics

The main attraction of having a Creator account is that of its extremely detailed analytics about your page and posts. You can view the number of people who have followed and unfollowed you daily, as well as the demographics of each type of follower.

Additionally, a Creator account comes with access to the Creator Studio, which was launched for the creators on Instagram. Here, you can view all your insights on a single dashboard. This helps you to reduce the time you will take to individually view different types of analytics.

You can also manage your posts and messages on this dashboard. Along with these special features, you retain the other analytics that came with a Business account. You can access all these features from a computer too, which makes it easier for you to manage your account.

2. Streamline Your Messages for Better Communication

As a creator, you are bound to want to create separate inboxes for the different types of people that text you here. With a Creator account, you can select which messages go to your Primary inbox, and which ones go to your General inbox.

You can even mark some Primary chats as General and vice versa, as per your requirements. This helps you to keep your important and personal chats separate from each other, and you can choose which goes where.

This is a great feature that reduces the number of spam messages you get. In addition to the two inboxes, you retain the Message Request inbox as well.

3. Choose Your Contact Detail Visibility

Social media influencers are constantly bombarded with emails, calls, and messages from vases who want the inglorious sponsors and businencers to promote their brand. While it is helpful to provide your contact details to get sponsors, it can also become too much.

With a Creator account, you can turn on and off your contact details whenever you want to. For example, if you already have a couple of sponsors for your next few posts, you can choose to hide your contact details.

When you require sponsors again, you can easily turn them back on and gain new sponsors. This helps you to avoid getting excessive messages from brands, especially those which you are not interested in promoting. It also helps you avoid spam mails and calls.

4. Sell Products on Instagram

Say you are partnering with a clothing brand on Instagram. What better way to promote them than by posting pictures of you wearing their products! A Creator account provides you with an added feature.

You can now tag the clothes that you wear which will lead interested viewers straight to the page from where they can make purchases. This benefits you and your sponsors. You can easily promote clothes and earn revenue while the brand gains new customers directly from your post.

Additionally, you can avoid questions from your audience regarding the details of the products since they can check it out with a single click. This saves your time and eases the process for your audience as well.

5. Select the Category That Defines You the Best

Another advantage that a Creator account has against a Business account is that it has many more Category options. This allows you to choose the Category that describes you the best, and you can even put something random for fun. You are a creator and not a brand, after all. So why not have some fun with it!

However, if you are looking to attract more businesses to collaborate with you, it is best that you clearly specify the type of content creator that you are. Not only does this look more professional, but it also helps you target an audience that will be interested in your work.

This increases the audience engagement that you receive and generally works best for your account.

Using these features, you can quickly grow your account and popularity on this platform. Keep an eye out for new features that can further help you since Instagram constantly rolls out new features to help out influencers and businesses on their platform.

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