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Almost every week Instagram makes updates in the application. At the beginning of October, it introduced its Threads messenger with a video calling function that is designed for communicating with the closest friends. This week’s update shocked some users when others left it unnoticed. “Following” tab which allowed to track likes and actions of users that you follow was removed from the app. Jealous women are racking their brains asking: “Why can’t I see someone’s activity that I am following on Instagram?” They are coming up with new ways of snooping right now while their men are laughing at funny videos with dogs. Let’s find out why Instagram played such a dirty trick with its users, and how to deal with it!

Why Did Instagram Following Feed Tab Disappear?

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They say it was the most toxic feature in the application. Primarily, it was made for helping people discover new content and accounts. However, it was often used for snooping, judging, and led to hassling, arguing among couples, and breaking ups. The term “micro betrayal” even appeared, and lovers tried to find their soulmates out in a lie. That’s horrible. Instagram made up its mind to remove the following feed tab. The administration of Instagram noted that they were seeking to simplify the interface of the application. What is more, lots of users did not even know that other users were able to observe their activity, that there was such a tab in the application. Now Instagram’s Explore page copes well with presenting new content in a more digestible format to discover.

We think that there is also an issue of privacy, not only the unpopularity of the tab. Since this week, clicking on the “heart” icon, you are able to see the activity on your page only. Instagram Following Activity is not showing anymore. We lost the invaluable power to monitor the social media behavior of our friends. Okay, what’s next?

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How to See Someone’s Instagram Activity?

After clicking the heart icon, Instagram will direct you to your notifications page, and nowhere else. The one and most reliable (because it needs only your time and patience) opportunity to see someone’s activity on Instagram is to check every profile the specific user is subscribed to. It is still possible to snoop on likes and comments until they are also gone. But what if the person who is under your surveillance follows a thousand accounts? Will you check each?

There are lots of tools that can assist you in stalking. For example, Snoopreport which is the monitoring tool that lets you track what any public account likes and who it follows on Instagram. You need to enter the account’s username and you will get the report with the user actions at the end of the week. In addition to simple data, you can also get the info regarding the user interests, activity periods, hashtags of the posts liked. It is a very useful tool for both marketers, and for personal interest. There are several subscription plans that depend on how many accounts you would like to track. With Snoopreport or similar tools you don’t have to spend several hours every day checking all the likes, and comments. In a word, you will have an official tool for spying.

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We will never know why Instagram decided to hide the following activity. However, we are sure it had well founded reasons to phase this feature out. It’s obvious that the Following tab was a source of conflict for a lot of friendships and relationships. The most resourceful users are likely to find how to bluff their way out of this situation. In any case, this is the change for the better.

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