Instagram is a platform, where users can share their images and videos with their Instagram followers. Instagram is different from Facebook and Twitter and one can apply filters to their photos and videos and can easily sync them to the social media platforms. Instagram photos can be directly posted on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, etc. Instagram helps in reaching out to our Instagram followers easily and let us know more about them. Instagram is popular because it is a user-friendly, image-centered, mobile app and is a social media platform that helps maintain social networks. Instagram is all free for use on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and since then it has gained attraction to many. On the Instagram platform, users can edit, upload short videos and photos and can add captions, use hashtags, location-based geotags to make it easy for other Instagram followers to search and locate. People can share their posts to their Instagram followers or to the public by simply tagging with hashtags and geotags. There is also an option of making the profile private. Instagram users can like, bookmark others’ posts, comment, and send private messages to others through Instagram direct feature. Instagram is also used for business purposes, where businesses can promote their products and brands.

People who have built large Instagram followers are known as influencers, because their audience idolise them and follow their opinions. In other words, influencers are those who have the power to affect anyone’s purchasing decision. So, Instagram influencers have the ability to persuade others through authenticity and trustworthiness. Instagram influencers also get paid huge, if their Instagram followers are large, that is around 50,000 to 80,000 followers. Influencer marketing has become a trending phenomenon today, a marketing tactic. Here are some of the tips to become an Instagram influencer. They are optimising social media platforms, understanding the audience, creating and posting genuine content, engaging the audience, and collaborating with other brands.



  • Using a personal profile photo in the profile picture- This increases traffic to your page.
  • Avoiding using logos in the profile picture- There is a possibility that people don’t show any interest for your story or post, when logos are used in the profile picture.
  • Keeping in mind what Instagram followers want to see- For example, people want to see us more importantly than skills, advice, etc.
  • There should always be a fresh bio- Bio is the first thing that people notice, so the bio should be more clear and concise of what the account is all about.
  • There should be an appropriate niche- Being passionate about the things we like and sharing the same with our Instagram followers give the real insight of our account.
  • Being transparent and open- Being fake will not work out. Honesty is the most important factor of increasing our Instagram followers.
  • Defining the ideal audience, or the Instagram followers- This step makes sure whom we want to connect on Instagram, whom we want to spread the message to, that is the motive and purpose of our Instagram page.


influencer vs.unfluencer

Switch your account to a business account- One can easily switch their account to a business account, simply by going to the Instagram settings and following the steps required. Conversion to a business account can help growing Instagram followers quickly. This will analytically help to know about the growth of followers in addition to basics of growth of Instagram likes, comments, etc. Creating a business account helps to know the number of visitors of the page on a daily basis and if the post is really increasing the traffic. The link in the bio will help connect to the business.
Change the bio to increase the Instagram followers- Instagram users are more interested to know if the Instagram business page, we created, is really useful to them. The bio should be informative, inspiring, and engaging so that it increases the Instagram followers. Bio should be of the type, which feels relatable to the audience in today’s society. For example, the bio can be for women empowerment, etc.

Using hashtags in the posts- Hashtags should be in accordance with the business page. To increase the page traffic, one can use those hashtags in the comments. To make people follow the page in large numbers or surge the Instagram followers, one should go to IG search, click on tags, type in each hashtags, mentioned in the comments, and follow other related hashtags.

Seeking like-minded pages whom we connect with- Following people who are working in the same field can lead to growth of the business. Connecting with someone, who inspires, can lead to great heights of success. Sending them personal messages about what inspires, can foster further growth.

Meaningful content to make people appreciate and engaged- Creating inspiring, educative, and entertaining content can help retain our Instagram followers. Taking feedback from them about their interest and implementing the same can build long-term connections.


Increasing Instagram followers and retain the same is not easy, but constant efforts can make this possible. Make trustworthy and genuine contents and this can lead to even overnight popularity. So remain focused and keep working hard.

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