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It is social media platforms like Instagram that have propelled businesses and brands to reach unfathomable heights of popularity and success. Instagram itself is the home of over 50% of internet users. 

Thus, Instagram is a good place to evolve. However, it becomes easier with these 7 unique tools that you can use with Instagram.


Buffer offers an effective solution for your Instagram. You can schedule your Instagram posts using BufferPublish and regram posts in a hassle-free manner using their repost feature. With the help of Buffer, you can connect your social networks and understand how often to publish your content and which time gives you the best output on your posts. 

While posting on Instagram, you can add to a sharing queue or schedule posts for a specific time. Even reposting a product/service review from a client’s account can be done easily. Along with that, there are features involving link shortening and basic analytics that help you to up your brand marketing on Instagram.


Another app that works like icing on your Instagram-pie is Tailwind. It gives you the scheduling functionality and along with that, offers strong analytics functionality. Under the analytics functionality, you get insights about your profile metrics, virality, trend reporting, and engagement benchmarks. 

Tailwind is also an official Instagram partner, which means you get direct posting to Instagram with business profiles. Other additional features that make Tailwind a lucrative choice is its hashtag lists and recommendations. With the help of Tailwind’s Chrome browser extension, one can even regram.


Instagram scheduling is something that Hootsuite does with professionalism. It even converts your Instagram account into a business one, if not done already. While scheduling your post, you can watch a preview of how it looks to your audience, which is a significant way to analyze if the post is pleasing enough to garner attention. 

As Hootsuite supports other social networking platforms too, it lets you publish your Instagram post directly on other accounts. It also allows you to add streams for hashtags, your posts, and the posts that are scheduled.


Iconosquare’s insights on your Instagram account is remarkable. It helps understand how your posting frequency drives new followers as well as lost ones, every day. With the help of Iconosquare, you can post across several different accounts at one time from a single dashboard. 

It comes with a library of wholesome, high-resolution content that is ready for you to use. Its editorial calendar view lets you schedule posts ahead of time. Measuring tags and mentions and getting an in-depth engagement insight becomes handy with Iconosquare.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is your boxset of success containing Instagram analytics, management tool, and content creation tools. You can schedule your post ahead of time over multiple social media platforms. It comes with a centralized media library that helps you manage built-in editing tools. 

An interesting feature of this tool is the inclusion of social CRM in it. Thus, it funnels conversations into a central ‘smart’ inbox that lets you boost your conversions in due time. Hashtag performance can also be monitored using Sprout Social. In a very methodical way, it complies all your post insights and creates presentation worthy reports to go through.


Staying aware on Instagram is crucial and that is when Awario steps in to save the day. A social media listening tool, Awario lets you track mentions, monitor your competitors, and uncover growth opportunities on Instagram

Awario is essential to establish a good name for the business. It helps you grow, support customers, and get solutions for PR problems of the days ahead. You can set up alerts for hashtags or keywords you want to track and Awario will track it for you. You can connect with influencers on Instagram, find sales opportunities, and create reports.


Content creation is an essential part of running an Instagram account. It is tools like Taggbox that gets you covered in this arena. It is a premium Instagram marketing tool that helps you curate user-generated content for successful social media marketing. It is a handy platform that works as an Instagram aggregator tool as well as a social media tool. 

Being an aggregator tool, it lets you embed your Instagram feed over any platform or website. Hashtags for your brand and user-generated content can be embedded that gives your page unseen exposure. It also helps you run contests or Instagram campaigns with ease. Additionally, the tool comes with plenty of cool designs, themes, and colors that you can experiment with. 

There is absolutely no doubt that Instagram is one of the major digital marketing tools used by brands, big and small. And, this plethora of tools alongside you, can help you enhance your reach, increase engagement and get going in the market.

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