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As soon as Instagram appeared, we used it only to share lifestyle pictures. People were sure that the world had to know what they ate for breakfast, who they went out with, how their pets felt, and so on. What is more, we tried to gain a good name and prove our uniqueness. Nowadays, things are a little bit different. Instagram has been changing its algorithms and is bustling with promotional posts. However, we still strive for an acknowledgment of our merits, we crave for verification of our profile.

Verification on Instagram or a blue check is a secret desire of each user among billions. Is it possible to get this kind of confirmation or are we just chasing the rainbow? Have a look.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified

A verified badge is a blue check next to a user’s name on Instagram. It was introduced to distinguish public figures, celebrities, and brands from swindlers. According to Instagram, you are not able to ask for a blue check if you are not the one from above. Famous people and brands usually have got millions of followers. Hence it appears that you also need millions to get verified.

Nevertheless, there is no exact number of followers set by Instagram you definitely should have. The more, the better.

You will be very surprised finding out that there are accounts with very small amount followers but they can boast of a blue check. For example, @kraftdressing is likely to be a verified account with least followers. How is it possible? You might be lost in conjecture. Kraft Dressing is a well-known brand that makes a part of The Kraft Heinz Company that is the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world. Instagram has not got any doubts that the brand is unique and famous, and deserves a verification badge. As you see, a number of followers does not matter in this case.

By the way, if there is no risk that someone will give himself out for you and your real account will be mixed up with fake ones, why do you require a verification? Perhaps you would like to benefit from getting on top of search recommendations or just to show that you are special? The question remains open.

Good news for audacious explorers. Everyone can request for verification but no one knows how Instagram makes decisions. It might take a few weeks to get a response.

Instagram Verification Requirements

Hunting for fake followers is useless. Instagram takes into consideration absolutely another set of requirements before awarding someone with a blue checkmark. Those who try to boost their following with some shady applications aiming at gaining verification this way are likely to throw stones at me. Well, if a number of followers is not a decisive factor, what then?

  • Be real. Instagram asks to send a photo or a scan copy of documents for an identity verifications first. There could be your national ID, passport, driver’s license or business tax filing or article of incorporation, if you act on behalf of the brand. Your profile should also prove your authenticity, containing lots of images that do not raise doubts.
  • Be unique. Sounds strange as everybody is unique by nature. On Instagram it means that only one account = one unique presence could be verified. If your brand is represented in various countries that differs in language, it is another story.
  • Complete your profile. An actual name, a profile picture, information in bio, and at least one post is a must. If you have a blog or a website, include a link to it in bio. It is an additional proof to the point one of this bullet list. Make sure that your profile is public, and avoid any “add me” links to other social media accounts.
  • Be outstanding. It will be much easier to get verification if you are a public figure or a well-known brand. Instagram also makes an analysis if you are highly searched for on Instagram and how often you appear in other media.

Keep in mind: do not provide any false information for a verification process. When it comes to light, Instagram will deprive you of a verified badge, and even will be able to delete your account.


It does not depend on a number of your followers whether you get verification or not. Work on your content every day, engage your followers’ attention, and make them stay. Even if you are not at the top of the search list yet, remember that it does not affect your uniqueness. There is no one like you in the entire world.

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Marina Hikm
Marina Hikm
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