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After conducting hands-on testing with 6 lighting setups over two years while streaming on Twitch and talking to professional streamers, we think that VILTROX 2-Pack Super Slim LED Lighting Kit is simply the best option for getting professional, while Do-It-Yourself setup based on VILTROX L116T RA CRI95 LED Panel is the choice for amateur streamers. These LED Panels are the best for video enthusiasts who use their PC and camera seriously and want to provide the most attractive picture possible. For beginners who are really tight on budget, we also have an even more budget-friendly pick.

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VILTROX 2-Pack Super Slim LED Lighting Kit

    • 3300K(Yellow)-5600K(White) Bicolor
    • Wireless remote control (very important for live streaming)
  • Lightweight yet durable Light Stand.
  • You can even go with a 3x option to make a truly top tier picture

If you are just starting out with the live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform, then it is necessary that your videos are properly lit. Anyone with a decent gaming PC or a modern game console can be a Twitch streamer. However, good lighting is one of the essentials you need for your successful live streaming. Does your live streaming studio space have good natural light or is it a windowless basement? Lighting your subject well is important (and if you’re the host, you’ll want to look good!) Even if your studio space has a lot of natural daylight, you’ll still need to invest in some lighting gear.

Best Lights for Streaming

MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Studio Soft Box Lighting Kit


  • 👍A good buy for the price
  • 👍One-year warranty


  • 👎Might have a hard time using the on/off switch for the softboxes

The professional photo and video lighting kit from MOUNTDOG is an ideal lighting option for video streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,, etc.

Features & Specifications:

  • Along with three light bulbs, you will get one extra bulb for the replacement. The bulb has a power of 1350W which gives a good lighting effect on any setup.
  • It comes with an adjustable stand which you can extend up to 80” and collapse up to 27.5” for getting different angles.
  • The included softbox can be adjusted up to 210-degree for achieving great lighting effects.
  • This kit includes a carrying bag which will help you to take this lighting setup anywhere you go with convenience.
  • You will get a one-year warranty from the company.

Fancierstudio Lighting and Green Screen Kit


  • 👍Softboxes feel well made
  • 👍Includes a carrying bag that is better suited for storage only


  • 👎The green fabric is very thin and you really need a solid-colored wall behind it

This set has got all your bases covered for a green screen, backdrop stand and lighting for a reasonable price. You can’t beat the price for what you’re getting. It’s obviously not meant to be a professional set up, but with proper setup and light positioning, you can achieve some great results!

This kit comes TWO 16″x24″ softbox on for fill light, one for key light and ONE 16″x16″ easy softbox for your hair light. You could use two 4 light heads as your main light and the 105W as your fill light or hair light. Light output is adjustable with 4 light outputs.

Placement of the lights is key here. The light bulbs themselves are adequate. The overhead light is pretty bright. However, the two lights for the screen are a bit tricky. It might take some time to find the right position to get nice consistent lighting across the screen. Brighter lights here would have helped, but again, for the price, you can’t complain.

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Panel Lights for Streaming


  • 👍This panel consists of 160 LEDs with two included
  • 👍On/off switch to change the brightness level according to the outside lighting.
  • 👍The high-quality LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 50000 hours.
  • 👍The included battery adapter allows you to use the compatible rechargeable batteries from Sony and Panasonic for optimum performance.
  • 👍It has illumination levels of 40lux, 70lux, 120lux, 240lux, and 900lux & a color temperature of 5600K and 3200K with a filter.


  • 👎The mounting ring is not reliable

It is the most popular mounted camera light available online. The lightweight and durable construction of this unit makes it extremely portable. It is perfect for making and streaming live videos on YouTube, Twitch, etc.

The Neewer CN-160 can mount to any standard hot shoe on most DSLR or digital video cameras as well as tripods and light stands equipped with a hot shoe mount or 1/4″ thread. It is also equipped with a pivoting head, allowing you to raise or lower the light’s angle. The light is battery powered and requires 6x AA Lithium-Ion batteries.

The LED camcorder lamp light allows you to link lights together to make larger light. Features 160-LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser. Helps to ensure your pictures’ perfect settings.

There are 2 filters included with this item, with Spotlight effect, Diffuse effect, and for reducing the color temperature to 3200K. The light intensity can be changed to offer professional effects.

Adopts concentration LED lights, irradiation distance can reach more than 5m, suitable for long-distance shooting. the light can also be adjusted from concentrating light to diffusing light which is suitable for short-distance shooting.

CowboyStudio Triple Lighting Kit


  • 👍The set is easy to pack up/set up and carry around
  • 👍Lots of accessories included


  • 👎Not the best umbrellas
  • 👎Might be issued with the light stands after several months of use

CowboyStudio Triple Lighting Kit is great for lighting up your face when you’re on stream or for a green screen setup. These high-output daylights balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for broadcasters and digital photography.

A mini light stand included in the set provides lighting from various levels that can help eliminate shadows and/or can be used to create effects.

The only thing I wish with this particular bundle is that they included the Black outside/silver inside umbrellas. It works, but an awful lot of the light that you want reflecting back (hence the umbrellas) just pass through the very thin material they are made of.

Great price considering how efficient it is, I also like that it is compact when you store it or want to bring somewhere.

Buying this kit, you will get the following items in the mail:

  • Two professional tripod/light stands, 7 Ft Max height
  • Two High-quality light socket
  • Two High quality 33″ Soft umbrellas
  • Two Compact fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulbs, 45w/5000k
  • Carry case

Ring Light for Streaming

In case you are really focusing on showing face details and take close-ups like Pokimane you should definitely consider buying ring light.

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light


  • 👍Easy to setup and use
  • 👍Different light modes
  • 👍Doesn’t take a lot of space
  • 👍Remote control


  • 👎Not a professional light

The UBeesize ring light will help you take stunning selfie pictures as well as to record perfect videos for broadcasting online. This professional tool will provide efficient lighting effect even in the darkest environment. The included cellphone stand is compatible with both the iPhone and Android mobiles which makes it a favorite product for the video streamers.

You will be able to make videos at night or take a great selfie picture in dark areas with this ring light. It is a professional tool for creating live videos/recording with a smartphone or computer, perfect for Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

This streaming light will provide you with:

  • 3 Light Color – white, warm yellow, warm yellow + white
  • 10-Level Brightness – optimize your lighting source as best
  • 360-degree adjustable – easily rotate the swivel ball head for ideal viewing

Diva Ring Light Super Nova


  • 👍Eliminates skin imperfections
  • 👍Daylight Balanced
  • 👍Flicker-Free


  • 👎Expensive

Diva Ring Light Professional Kit Lighting for Twitch Streaming will help you to shoot excellent video and image quality for making excellent footages.

This professional-quality fluorescent light provides soft, nearly shadowless illumination. The Super Nova helps to eliminate skin imperfections & makes your subject’s face appear to have a fresh clean look. It also comes equipped with a dimming feature that helps control your light source.

The unique ring light shape also renders a beautiful catch light in the eyes of the subject that make the eyes look like they sparkle. This light is dimmable so that in situations where low light is required, the built-in 20-100% dimmer allows you to reduce the output. Diffusion Included as an extra bonus is a diffusion cloth that straps onto the light to help soften the light even more for a flawless look.

Daylight Balanced and Flicker-Free light come equipped with a 5400K Bulb and a high-frequency ballast helps to eliminate fluorescent flicker.

If you are interested in filming makeup tutorials, check our makeup lighting guide.

CowboyStudio Triple Lighting Kit45W Super Bright Daylight Bulbs Provides Optimum illumination with 5500K color temperature$45
Fancierstudio Lighting and Green Screen KitIncludes Two 16″X24″Softbox One 16″x24″ Softbox For Hair light, 3 x Lightstand 6.5ft tall (One Boom Arm with Sandbag) sand not included, 2 x Light head able to hold 4 bulbs each One Light Head For Hair light Fit Single Bulb, 8 x 45watt photo video fluorescent bulbs And One 105 watt Bulb For Hair light, One 8ft high 10ft wide background stand one 10’x12’ green screen.$140
MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Studio Soft Box Lighting KitThat comes 1350W of light and an adjustable stand.$85
Diva Ring Light Super NovaThis comes with a light stand kit and a z-bracket attachment.$279
UBeesize Selfie Ring Light3 colors lighting mode: white, warm yellow, and warm white. Each lighting mode has 11 adjustable brightness to choose from, meet all your needs in different circumstances.$35
NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Panel Lights for StreamingIncluded hot shoe adapter supports.$90

What Lights Do Streamers Use?

When you’re streaming great production quality is one way to grab in more viewers and show them you care to bring them the best quality content available.

Lighting your webcam properly is part of this process. You don’t want your viewers to think you are in some creepy, uninviting dungeon, do you? Proper lighting in your environment can be easy to not think about. It will make your viewers feel good while watching your content, without you even having to do anything.

As mentioned, it’s important to buy the right lighting equipment, and it’s easy to make the mistake of overspending. Check the list of the suggested equipment above to choose the best light for streaming within your budget.

Streamer with two monitors and light

Twitch Green Screen Lighting

If you are in the process of setting up your Green Screen you have to adjust your lighting, especially if you are using basic beginner setup.

First of all, softboxes are a must.

If you’re planning on using them for 6+ hours a day I’d advise going for some LED bulbs, while the CFL bulbs will do a perfectly good job at lighting you / your screen they chuck off a lot of heat and that can get uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have an air conditioner.

We recommend using the “XJLED 4th Generation 40W Led Corn Light Bulb E27” which haven’t given any issues.

How to Get Good Lighting for Twitch Video?

  1. You can always use more streaming lights in your studio, but starting off with one good key light and some fill lighting will definitely yield immediate results for a better looking live stream.
  2. The key light is the main light source. This should be the brightest light in your room, and it should be positioned somewhere behind the camera – usually at a 30- to 60-degree angle. You’ll want a relatively bright, consistent light source. Some new streamers may use a computer monitor as their key light. However, this isn’t the best idea, because your monitor is constantly changing light, temperature, and color. For the same reason, a window doesn’t make a great key light – you want something you’ll be able to control at all times.
  3. Using just one light can make you look a bit dramatic. In order to combat the shadows your key light will inevitably create, you’ll need a fill light. A fill light is usually placed behind your camera, opposite your key light, and is softer and less intense than your main lighting source.
  4. Adjust your webcam settings with every new lighting setup. After setting up and turning on the lights you’ll be using during your stream, open up your webcam’s advanced settings and uncheck any auto settings (auto-exposure, auto-white balance, auto-gain, etc.) Once you’ve un-checked these settings, you’ll need to manually adjust them so that your picture looks correct.


It turns out there are millions of people around the globe who want to sit and watch other people play video games all day. But nobody is eager to watch a dark bad quality video. Lighting is extremely important if you are using your webcam. It makes you look more presentable, and more importantly, helps you have a cleaner body outline when you use a green screen key.

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