Lyrics in Instagram Stories – Best Practices

Instagram never ceases to amaze its users with new features. With such a successful development, we will not have to explain to our great-grandchildren what hashtags, likes and live videos. In any case, I hope so.

Last week Instagram introduced a new feature that allows you to add lyrics to your Instagram stories. While I am revealing details, you can sing along like nobody’s watching!

What is Lyrics in Stories

Let’s recall a good old karaoke. An interactive entertainment which we were engaged at least once. Since last week, Instagram has been providing you with an opportunity to sing when and where your heart desires. You have already been able to add a song to your Story earlier. A new feature is music stickers with lyrics option, which displays the song lyrics on screen. It is similar to what you might do with the app TikTok which is extremely popular among teens. That good old karaoke. Exactly. But without a microphone for now.

Please note: to add music with lyrics is available everywhere where Instagram Music feature is active.

How to Use Them Right Way

I feel that you can’t wait trying out this gorgeous innovation, so I am going to guide you.

  1. Select a piece of media and open it in your Story.
  2. Tap on Stickers button in the top right corner of your screen, and then tap Music.
  3. A music library will pop up, prompting you to search for the desired track. Select a song that will match your photo or video in Story.
  4. Modify the part of the song, and cut it to use in your Story.
  5. If lyrics are available for the chosen song, they appear automatically and right away.
  6. Once they appear, you can trifle with font and how the text appears on your screen.
  7. Sing along and enjoy!

lyrics in IS


Please note: if you haven’t succeeded with adding lyrics to your Story – check Instagram app for the updates



Adding lyrics in Instagram Stories is a super cool feature that is going to become even more popular than your beloved polls and quizzes, I swear. As Martin Luther once said: “As long as we live, there is never enough singing”. I completely agree, and going to add music with lyrics right now. Will you join?

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