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If we look at makeup tutorials from a viewer’s side, it seems that you do not need much efforts to sit in front of the camera and put some mascara on your eyes. If you are a good-looking girl with a pleasant voice and numerous bright tubes on your desk – success is guaranteed. If only everything were so easy and effortless. To start filming makeup tutorials, you should be well-prepared technically. When it comes to lighting, most of the makeup artists or beauty bloggers will say without hesitation that it matters, and incredibly influences the video quality. Let’s figure out why you should invest some money in quality lighting kit and choose the best lighting for your makeup tutorials.

What is the Best Lighting for Makeup Videos

So many people, so many minds. Each person who has already had to roam the internet searching for ring lights and softboxes will have his own vision regarding perfect equipment. Nevertheless, it is possible to find the golden mean.

Natural light

Photographers and videographers adore the rooms with wide windows. Natural light is really the best one for recording videos but it plays tricks sometimes. When the weather is rainy and the sky is cloudy, it is very difficult to reach the desired effect. The most suitable time for filming is until the afternoon when the sun is bright but not harsh yet. Just sit as close to the window as possible.

To play safe, it is better to have appropriate equipment at hand. Combination of natural and artificial light will exceed your expectations.

Ring Lights

Ring lights are on the peak of popularity among makeup gurus because they are able to illuminate the whole face. Ring lights eliminate shadows and do not concentrate just on the central part of your face, creating a flawless image as a result. Circle light is chosen for makeup tutorials more often than other light sources as it copes with all the tasks set perfectly. Have you ever noticed a halo-like reflection in the eyes of makeup masters on the videos? It is created by ring lights and its power to spread light evenly. Set out your camera and ring light in front of you – and they will not let you down.

Fill Lights

Sometimes key light is enough. However, if you get down to business seriously, you will not do without fill lights. They serve as softeners of the shadows caused by a key light. Softboxes, if place them to either side of the camera, will make a good company to a circle light. Rectangular ones are impeccable as they imitate the light that comes from a window. Softboxes are very powerful, making a broad coverage. They have got reflective material and a diffusion panel, therefore, the light is very smooth. There are also umbrellas that are used to get a nice natural-looking light. There are reflective umbrellas (black and silver) and shoot-through umbrellas (white and translucent). Compared to softboxes, reflective umbrellas create more controlled lighting for your subject and keep it from passing through due to the opaque outer material. Shoot-through umbrellas are made of translucent white fabric, and so that it makes them able to diffuse the light properly. Bloggers prefer using umbrellas as they produce a more polished look.

Background Lights

The purpose of background lights is to add high-definition to your hair and help you not to merge with a background. Usually, a light on a higher stand that reminds of a street-lamp a little bit, is used to illuminate your hair. You can use a tall household lamp for this as well.

LED on-camera Lights

As a rule, this type of light is mounted on top of cameras and produces a continuous light source for subjects in front of it. With hundreds of small LED bulbs, the image comes smooth and clear. LED on-camera lights can be very expensive depending on their size and power or lumens.

Keep in mind: when you use key and fill lights, pay attention to color temperature. All the lights must have the same color temperature that it influences the color of the light itself. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K). Temperatures above 5000 K are the best to replicate daylight with white to blue hues, those that are under 5000K produce warmer light: yellow-white or even orange.

How to Choose a Ring Light for Makeup Video

Whatever I am telling here, a ring light for makeup videos is always in preference. It eliminates shadows and you can clearly see all the details. It is a determinant factor while applying makeup on camera. Ring lights distinguish themselves with lots of characteristics you need to take into account before selecting one to set up in your space.

  • Brightness
  • The intensity of brightness varies. You should choose a ring light with an average supply of brightness not to overdo. Excess light cause an unnatural feel.

  • Dimmability
  • In those cases when you need to lower the brightness, dimmability will come to the aid. An opportunity to dim the light as needed, allows you to create that type of environment you strive for.

  • Quality and durability
  • You’d better invest in a high-quality product once than whip up and down looking for a master to repair a cheap ring light. It does not mean that you should consider a well-known brands only. Look through the reviews and pay attention to a light that bloggers use. It will ease the pain of selecting that one and only.

  • Accessories
  • I would not say that you have a necessity to purchase a complete lighting kit but it makes sense to be attentive with accessories. There always should be several filters to change the lighting. If you are ready for buying a complete lighting setup, after all, a light stand, phone clamp, and a tripod head should be high on your list.

Best Lighting for Makeup Tutorials

Neewer 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light Kit

Neewer ring light kit

There are already three advantages displayed in the name of this lighting to persuade you that it is really excellent. This kit includes: Dimmable Fluorescent Continuous Ring Light, 59″/150cm Light Stand, Soft Tube, White and Orange Color Filter Set, Hot Shoe Adapter and Power Adapter. An outer diameter of the ring itself is 18″/48 cm; inner diameter – 14″/35 cm.
It is super bright but a dimmability option allows to adjust to a lower setting. The angle of the light can also be changed. Neewer 18” is very easy to set up, and will definitely enhance the quality of your makeup tutorials.


  • There are two filters made of high light transmission plastic materials
  • The light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy and collapses easily. Very simple in storage and transportation
  • Able to create a halo-like reflection in the eyes and make them brighter
  • Enhance facial features under constant lighting
  • You can freely rotate the light for the best position
  • Camera mount option
  • Affordable price, $89.99


  • Plastic filters are fragile enough. Do not treat them roughly when they are attached to a light stand



It’s a LED light that produces uniform light with no harsh shadows. What is more, it was designed to save energy. It is a crucial thing for vloggers. The kit includes: Ring Light, Light Stand, Soft Tube, Phone Holder, Charger Plug, Carrying Bag.
ESDDI Ring Light 14-Inch is dimmable from 10% to 100%. You should just scroll two built-in knobs to adjust the color you need ranging from Soft White to Daylight lighting environment (from 3200K to 5600K). High color rendering index (CRI>90) helps not to distort the colors of skin, and show its true tone.


  • Height-adjustable and sturdy light stand
  • An opportunity to attach the camera right in the center
  • Easy to set up
  • Eye-care and energy-saving


  • Doesn’t support an external mic.
  • The end of the power cord that connects to the back of the ring light is very sensitive

Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18″ Lighting Kit

Diva Ring Light Super Nova

Seems like a perfect ring light for video and a missing item for your makeup tutorials. The Diva Ring Light Super Nova is able to provide soft illumination, make your eyes sparkle, and eliminate skin imperfections. Fluorescent lights generate very little heat so your camera will never be overheated. A dimming feature copes well with controlling your light source. The diffuser cloth will never let harm your eyes protecting them from the brightness. What is more, you are offered multiple mounting options due to a mounting bracket and a gooseneck in the kit.
The kit includes: 18″ Dimming Diva Ring Light Housing, 5400K Daylight Bulb, Diffusion Cloth, AC Power Cord, Flexible Gooseneck for a Light Stand, 6′ Diva Ring Light Stand, Tripod Z Bracket for a Video Tripod.


  • A diffusion cloth and a dimming knob
  • Flicker-Free
  • Multiple Setup Options
  • A 1-year warranty assurance


  • Expensive
  • A carry case isn’t included

Fovitec Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Fovitec softboxes

If you are ready to go beyond the mark, Fovitec Lighting Kit is your solution. It is not a familiar ring light but it is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Contents of the kit: two 7’6″ stands, three 20″x28″ softboxes, socket heads, boom stand and sandbag, eleven 45W bulbs, and one bag. It is able to improve facial complexion and create depth in your videos and photos. Suits for multiple applications and will reduce your electrical cost because of energy efficiency.


  • Deliver true and accurate colors
  • Daylight balanced 5500K CFL
  • Easily adjustable due to the swivel knobs (height from 2’8″ to 7’6″)
  • No noise and no flicker


  • Not a ring light



Consisting of 240 LEDs, this ring light is as valuable as a diamond ring. It is accompanied by filters, mounts, a light stand, and a phone clamp. This high-quality piece of equipment can boast of low heat output and power loss, and constant current drive.


  • Long service life
  • A wide dimming range from 1%-100%
  • No ultraviolet and infrared light radiation
  • Variable output
  • Extra-long cord and heavy-duty thumb screws


  • If the LEDs go out, you can’t replace them

Check out this lighting gear that deserves to be highlighted as well:

  • MACTREM, 18 inch 58W LED Dimmable Makeup Ring Light
  • Neewer Tabletop 8-Inch Ring Light Kit
  • Fstop Labs, 18 inch Bi-Color LED Ring Light with Stand
  • AMTIAN, 18 Inch, 2700-5500K Color Temperature Ring Light
  • Photo Doctor, LED Video Ring Light with Mirror


Hope that I succeeded in shedding some light upon the best lighting for a makeup tutorial. Sounds like a witty pun. The options are endless. You need just to weigh all your needs-wants, and make a choice. Perhaps, you care about a lengthy of cables or charger plugs less than a flawless look on camera. However, take into consideration all features and specifications to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Do not skimp on a high-quality image. Allow your viewers to examine closely all the details and enjoy that famous halo in your eyes. That’s it!

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