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If someone told us in 2010 that Instagram will become as unrecognizable as we know it now, we would not believe. Nowadays, it is not just an application for sharing photos and videos with elements of a social network. Instagram is a fully-fledged platform to exchange information, discover, sell and buy. What is more, it is swarming with tons of pretty faces. Instagram is heaven on earth for ladies who aspire to be always up to date with the beauty latest trends and updates, tips and tricks. There are lots of makeup tutorial Instagrams by women from all over the world who teach how to do wonders with faces. Today I would like to share the best ones for you to put them into practice, and turn your face into a masterpiece.

Best Makeup Tutorial Instagram Accounts

It is quite difficult to select the best makeup gurus among thousands. Any set of profiles will not be objective as every person has its own vision of beauty. In my list, I will be guided by useful tips, quality cosmetics that beauty bloggers use, and aesthetically appealing pictures. Here we go!


Instagram followers: 272 k

It is not odd anymore when men find themselves doing not male jobs like carpentry or plumbing. Someone just told that men perceive beauty not the same as women, and usually take different roads to do makeups. Give a glance to Daniel Chinchilla. He is an illustrative example of male beauty experts. Daniel is responsible for the brilliant face of Ariana Grande and other celebrities. Usually, he shares the products he uses while doing makeup, his favorite trends, and well-tried techniques. Now and again, this guy from Los Angeles publishes short videos how he puts on concealer, makes the cheeks, enhances the contour of the eyes, etc. He runs Permanent Makeup Studio in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Instagram followers: 1.1 m

This lady from London is a beauty expert, and also a beauty columnist for the British edition of Glamour magazine. Since 2004, Nikky’s work has been found in such magazines as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, etc. Nikki prides herself on her ability to enhance each person’s individual beauty as she is usually guided by a personal approach to every model or client.

She has launched her rubric #SundayTutorial on Instagram where she makes videos of her makeup process. Check her highlights to get even more beauty tricks.


Instagram followers: 1.7 m

patrickta makeup artist

Patrick Ta is a well-known celebrity make-up artist. Hadid sisters, Kaia Gerber, Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, and other famous ladies confide their faces to him. Patrick is very active offline. He takes part in beauty festivals, gives masterclasses, and runs his beauty brand – Patrick Ta. This makeup artist is obsessed with glowy skin. Visit his Instagram account to learn the tricks with a highlighter and perfect combinations of several products to get the red carpet look.


Instagram followers: 12.9 m

nikkietutorials make up

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch makeup artist, beauty vlogger. She is one of the worlds famous makeup artists that gained online popularity when her video on YouTube “The Power of Makeup” went viral. It made lots of people to show their faces with and without makeup. On Instagram, Nikkie shares her work in process, always tagging the products she uses. Her makeup style distinguishes with bright eyes and strongly marked lips.

In 2017, Forbes magazine named Nikkie de Jager one of the top ten beauty “influencers”, and this year she started working for Marc Jacobs as the Global Beauty Adviser.


Instagram followers: 254 k

Let me introduce a makeup artist and hairstylist from Australia. She has been working in this industry for more than ten years and has already become a highly sought-after makeup artist. She prefers to do makeups for shoots, weddings, and events. Despite the fact that almost all the looks by Tanielle are intended for glamorous occasions, they are not heavy, and even quite natural. The lady always mentions cosmetics she uses for her masterpieces and has got much to learn from.


Instagram followers: 108 k

Penny Antuar is an Australian makeup artist, who was lucky to work alongside Rihanna for the launch of her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty. At present, she as a founder of KYTOLOGY beauty brand that features functional accessories for makeup artists. On Instagram, Penny showcases her works and shares her own secrets and techniques she has been gathering for 12 years. She gets lots of requests for warm, terracotta-coloured eye looks. That’s why her Instagram account bustles with this kind of looks.


Instagram followers: 132 k

rebeccaseals make up

Rebecca Seals is a ginger-haired makeup artist that now and again turns into cartoon or fictional characters. She is a self-taught professional that has got thousands of fans. Rebecca experiments with bold colors and unique techniques with an accent on eyes to make them incredible. Her Instagram account is very vivid and full of positive vibes.


Instagram followers: 137 k

vivis_makeup artist

This makeup artist from London says that her mission is to bring out each individual’s unique beauty and make sure they shine. Her content on Instagram focuses on short clips, pieces of advice on products, and fascinating looks that she creates with her beauty kit. She has got lots of variants of bridal and model makeup on her account to gain inspiration.


Instagram followers: 15.9 m

jamescharles make up artist

James Charles is a makeup maestro that became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. He is most known for his YouTube channel but Instagram is also his well-performing platform for sharing beauty content. He is a quite extraordinary personality, and a controversial subject in public but his makeup talent is worth being included to this list.


Instagram followers: 3.2 m

margot robbie makeup

Charlotte Tilbury is a famous British makeup artist that is a founder of her own skin care and beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. Basically, she shares the cosmetics she uses while creating stunning faces, and makes short “how-to” videos that are kept in her highlights. Amal Clooney, Sienna Miller, and Cara Delevingne are just a few of her regular clients. She is one of the key figures in the beauty industry.


Instagram followers: 774 k

vladamua beauty artist

Vlada Haggerty is an American that was raised in Ukraine, currently based in Los Angeles.
She creates something between commercial makeup and pure art. Vlada is the heiress of Pat McGrath who she had an opportunity to collaborate with. This beauty guru became famous for her lip-art. She draws Escher’s cubes and drops of water, covers them with liquid gold and sequins. On her Instagram page, there are lots of examples of her lip art creations that mesmerize.


Instagram followers: 606 k


Jack Emory is a self-taught makeup artist that makes short video tutorials on Instagram. His account stands out from the crowd by audacious experiments, and his desire to take creativity and self-expression to the next level. Once he bought paint brushes from a craft store that looked like makeup brushes. Looks like a sky-sign. Since then, he has been creating art on his face.

You can also get much inspiration, find out new techniques, products, and trends having a peek to the Instagram accounts of prominent beauty brands. Check Maybelline New York, NYX Professional Makeup, MAC Cosmetics, Too Faced Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics that was founded by the celebrity Kylie Jenner, Rimmel, etc.


Each of the accounts listed above is a kingdom of beauty, allure, and motivation to become a better version of yourself every day. It is very cool that Instagram makes knowledge accessible to any user. Just do not forget to put them into practice. Hope that selection of makeup experts will help you become a new beauty guru in the nearest future.

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