They say that natural beauty is the best beauty. I can make a bet that this phrase was created by a man. Women spend hours in front of the mirror putting on lipstick and making eyeliner arrows, doing their best to become better. No wonder. Makeup is one of the most powerful ’weapons’ in a woman’s beauty arsenal. Sometimes, ladies regret that they were not taught at school how to use it properly. Nowadays, the Internet explodes with thousands of beauty tricks and makeup videos. Women from all over the world teach each other how to do wonders with their faces. I am sure you also know some magic secrets, and it would be perfect if you share them as well. Experience and ideas – from you, how to make it professional from a technical point of view – from me. Here we go!

Types of Makeup Tutorials

I could say that there are so many various types of a makeup tutorial as women on the planet Earth. And I will not be mistaken. Each woman is special and has its beauty tricks. There are some established types of makeup tutorials on the internet, and it is strongly advised to be aware of them. It will be helpful to understand what you are good at, make videos on that very topic, and bring information to your audience in a professional way.

Basic Makeup

This topic is always needed. Most of us put on some lipstick, mascara or foundations every day. Teach how to do all these rituals correctly according to face shapes or hair color. What is more, we can easily get tired of our everyday look. Show how to upgrade it and add newness. Ladies will be extremely grateful, believe me.

nude makeup

Thematic Makeup

So many special occasions to catch admiring gazes. There is no doubt that high heels and a wonderful dress are able to do wonders but thematic makeup will make a lady even more irresistible. Makeup for Halloween, bridal or gothic – from dark eye shadows to sophisticated lines.
Teach how to transform faces to look relevant for a particular celebration and stand out from the crowd.

theme makeup

Focus on one particular face part

Select one particular face part and film a makeup tutorial with a hint on eyes, lips, or cheekbones. Tell about all possible techniques, must-have makeup accessories, and tools, product recommendations, etc. This kind of educational material will play in your favor, displaying that you are a professional in one concrete sphere, and do not disperse your attention for all and nothing.


Fixing mistakes

It seems that we know our skin and face better than anyone else. Nevertheless, we make mistakes and sometimes even do not realize them, keep going day by day. Highlight the most common ones in your makeup tutorials, and offer how to avoid or fix them. Nobody wants to go outside with too much foundation, clumpy eyelashes or clown cheeks. Dear makeup gurus, please, save our ladies, and prevent them from beauty blunders!



Let your audience see that makeup is a very powerful tool when it comes to transformations. Before and after videos have already gained much popularity on Instagram, especially when celebrities broke the Internet with their #nomakeup pics. While filming this type of tutorial, you will show that is very simple to upgrade attractiveness and obtain confidence for a short period of time. What is more, the most attentive viewers will pick up your pieces of advice. Lots of likes and thumbs up are forthcoming.

before after makeup

Makeup Techniques

You will hardly feel a lack of topics for this type of content. The techniques are endless and tend to alter every year. Throw light on trendy or less popular ones. Demand for fresh knowledge will never be out of date. Tumblr makeup, draping, strobing … turn these words from white noise into an active vocabulary of every present-day lady.

The whole day will not be enough to describe all the types of makeup tutorials. I have made an emphasis on those you need to be definitely aware of.


How to Make a Makeup Tutorial Video

If you do not have years of experience in video production, our step-by-step guide will help you create makeup
tutorials at a high level. If you are already a professional, it is always a good idea to brush up your knowledge.

  1. Craft a plan
  2. All big projects start with a sheet of paper. Take one and make an outline to remember all the steps you are going to highlight in your tutorial. You can even write down some key phrases or prepare a complete script to stay on track while filming. A well-prepared text instills confidence and courage.

  3. Prepare all the tools and products and lay them out
  4. Before filming, prepare your makeup and lay everything out at arm’s length, and in the order of usage. Do not forget to clean your makeup brushes, set up a mirror, and pick up some kleenex and cotton pads. It will save your time and efforts. Keep in mind these easy makeup tips to make your look polished.

  5. Get ready with equipment and shooting space
  6. Set up your camera on the tripod and make sure your room is well lit. There are lots of lighting equipment but a ring light is highly recommended as it lights a whole face. If you use some LEDs, do not forget about reflectors to disperse the light evenly.

    It is also important to set up a backdrop or simply clean up your room. Think of sound too. Use a lavalier microphone to be sure that you are heard perfectly.

  7. Get ready with video editing software
  8. It is a no-brainer that raw footage is not fit for uploading. You should obtain some high-quality video editing software before filming and have some editing skills as well. It is perfect when you can delegate this slot of work to somebody. However, learn the basics yourself to be on the safe side. Cool effects and interesting transitions always add a professional touch to your tutorials.

  9. Do a test video
  10. To prevent yourself from several takes, do a test video. Record for one minute to check how you look on camera, your voice sounds, and if it is enough light. It would be frustrating if you recorded an entire video and was unsatisfied with the result. Do not worry even if several attempts will be needed. Be patient!

  11. Record your tutorial
  12. When everything is checked and ready, start recording. Some videographers advise filming short takes, others – en entire video at one blow.

    Please note: it is advisable to record voice and video separately. While editing, it is easy enough to combine your voice and video files into a smooth and flawless tutorial.

  13. Include Pop-Up Videos
  14. It is better to repeat information a lot of times to make sure that your message will exactly reach the audience. Some facts may seem obvious for you but people usually need more explanations. Include Pop-Up videos to your tutorials to amplify narration with visual addition.

  15. Call-to-action
  16. Include call-to-action to your tutorials. Do not insist on buying particular products but do not miss an opportunity to call for subscribing to your channel or participating in a giveaway you hold as well. While you are still having your customers’ attention, kindle their interest, and convert them in subscribers.

  17. Upload a file to your computer
  18. When the recording is complete, upload it your computer. If you recorded several takes or filmed in short segments, make sure that all files were uploaded and you did not lose any.

  19. Start editing
  20. We are approaching the finish. It is the time of editing. Keep in mind that some clips should speed up, and others – slow down. When you coat eyelashes or blend out eyeshadow, do not torture your viewers, and edit out or speed this fragment. While showing the details or key moments – slow down to make them clear and visible. Add transitions to make your tutorial well-organized and add effects as well. You are a beauty master, so all this glitter, flashes, and sparkles will adorn your tutorial.

  21. Export the video in high-definition
  22. It is an extremely important point. If you neglect it, your viewers will have to enjoy (read suffer from) fuzzy and blurry image instead of clean and crisp one.

  23. Upload your video
  24. Whether it is YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram, your work will not be completed if you forget about tags, titles, clear description, and also neglect including all the links to products if you promised in the tutorial. Pay attention to an eye-catching thumbnail as it is a core detail a viewer will primarily see.

Top Tips on How to Film a Makeup Tutorial

Teaching somebody is not an easy activity. You have to possess particular traits of character, pleasant voice, be extremely good at your subject, and know how to deserve an authority. Remember that you are going to guide people into a secret world of beauty therefore you should be well-prepared. Here are our powerful tips on how to deliver information in an intelligible way and succeed as a makeup teacher.

  • Steal like an artist. It is not forbidden to get inspiration from your so-called colleagues. Spy what kind of videos are the most successful, gain experience, perfect your line, and create unique content.
  • Before each tutorial, show all the products and brushes you are going to use this time. Some bloggers make such a description only when they have been paid for promotion. Mercantilism is not our way. Be generous. Specify color names or numbers of the products and also mention them in writing form in bio on YouTube, for example.
  • Use numbers to clarify the steps. Say them aloud and let them appear on the screen as well.
  • Sometimes people aren’t able to switch the sound on. Include subtitles to your video.
  • Always check battery charge of your camera before filming your tutorials.
  • Change angles while shooting. It will make your video more lively and add visual interest.
  • If you do not use professional light equipment and prefer natural light to studio light, start filming in the morning or evening. The light is softer than in the afternoon, for example, and there are fewer shadows.
  • Do not neglect to edit your material. Hone in the skills of making your tutorial in a masterly fashion way, and choose a good video editing software. Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro are proved.
  • Use a tripod, or keep your camera steady to prevent viewers from thinking that an earthquake is drawing near. Shaky footage looks like you are very nervous on the other side of the screen, and it really distract viewers’ attention.
  • Practice to look as natural as possible, I mean your camera presence. Do not forget about greetings, thank words, and other signs of polite behavior. Speak louder and interact with your audience as though you are sitting in the same room.

Makeup Tutorial Ideas & Examples

With all the tips and step-by-step guide above, you are well-shod. However, an extra portion of inspiration will not be superfluous to anyone.

  • Get inspired by famous makeup brands or manufacturers of beauty products such as Maybelline, Estée Lauder, Givenchy, Lancôme, etc. Each of them has its channel on YouTube with lots of enticing ideas.
  • Beauty bloggers and makeup artists can come in handy to assimilate some experience. When selecting, heed a personal interest together with professionalism. Pay attention to what lighting, camera, microphones they use. The number of subscribers also matters as it will give you a vision of how that very person gained such an amazing success among the public. Before and after, Getting old, Face lifting effect, Movie heroes, Guess Who … and this is not even a half of all the ideas.
    Check Nikki de Jager, James Charles, Rachel Claire Levin, Jeffree Star, etc. to see the gods in action, and boost your skills.
  • Pinterest bustles with lots of makeup tutorial ideas and examples. Just precise what you are looking for and get millions of encouraging examples for your tutorials.
  • makeup tutorial_face

  • If you are going to focus on one particular type of makeup tutorials, just google using keywords, and lots of articles, pictures and videos will pop up.
  • makeup tutorial_lips

    makeup tutorial_eyes


The community of beauty bloggers and makeup artists that demonstrate their skills to the world is enormous and ever-growing. However, if you have a strong desire, ambitions, and pep, you will fit in with this community. Whatever they say, makeup does not spoil anybody, if it is done professionally. Its mission is to highlight the natural beauty. Your mission is to do it yourself and teach others. Besides your knowledge of beauty products and makeup techniques, you will have to mess with equipment. It is worth spending some days on it.
Hope our complete guide will be worthwhile, and the world will get one more beauty guru very soon. Go forth!

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