Makeup Video Ideas

Do you like making people beautiful? Is makeup your passion and profession? It is time to let your talent go viral and even start earning money by shooting informative pieces on various makeup video ideas.

It is natural that competition in this sphere is tough. There are thousands of beauty bloggers who cover various aspects of makeup.

At the same time, makeup is a rather interesting sphere since you can always find or invent something unique and share your creation with others. It is necessary only to find inspiration and choose your own niche in this direction.

This article will shed you some light on both widely appreciated and gaining popularity video ideas for beauty channel for you to make the right choice. You will also find out what to consider when you shoot a video for YouTube and Instagram.

Beauty Video Ideas for YouTube

YouTube is a Mecca for finding videos on a variety of topics and the beauty industry is one of them. However, shooting a good video can be a challenge if you do not have the necessary equipment and are not aware of the peculiarities of this process.

It is worth saying that YouTube videos are usually more professional since the modern audience is rather demanding. If you do not produce a quality product, there is hardly anyone who will subscribe to your channel. That is why it is important to obtain basic equipment pieces including:

  • Camera (smartphone, camcorder, DSLR Camera, etc.);
  • Microphone (take care of the audio quality and buy a microphone supported by your camera);
  • Lighting hardware (use lighting equipment in the static location where you are going to work);
  • Video-editing software (buy or download one from the Internet).

When you have obtained all the necessary pieces, it is time to learn how to make your Youtube video more efficient. These are several hints to remember:

  • Think of establishing a distinct style (organize a beautiful setting, props, background, music, etc.);
  • Select the most suitable frame and shots (wide, medium, or close ones);
  • Get as much light as possible (natural, fluorescent, LED, reflectors, ring lights, etc.);
  • Check the sound in the environment you work: noise is unaccepted, there should be a minimum of echo.

Now, when you have prepared everything for your beauty videos, it is important to choose an exclusive idea to stand out in the market. Here are several examples to think about:

  1. Tutorial on celebrity makeup. You can find a photo of a famous celebrity and show how to repeat that appearance.
  2. Question and answers. Quora or any other network or forum feature many questions on this topic, so it is possible to give answers to them in your videos.
  3. Top favorites. There are popular beauty vloggers with millions of subscribers. You can choose the ones you like and discuss their creations.
  4. Makeup tools and accessories. Not everyone knows what a concealer is and how to use it. There are many such items in the beauty industry and you can inform others about both popular and new tools and accessories used in this industry.
  5. Everyday experiments. A woman should look excellent every day! Share your experiments with cosmetics on a daily basis to look different each time.
  6. What do I have in my everyday bag? No matter how small a woman’s bag or purse is, there is still some cosmetics. You can discuss both necessary and odd tools you carry in your bag on a daily basis as well as check bags of other girls and ladies and discuss them.
  7. Worst experience and mistakes. Everyone used to have unsuccessful makeup. You can look for the mistakes of other people as well as show how this experience can spoil your look.
  8. What to take in the travel bag? You always take odd things packing your suitcases on holidays and vacations. Give advice on what to take in different kind of trips and what should be left at home.
  9. Checking YouTube advice. Youtubers with beauty channels never neglect to give advice and sometimes, it can have an opposite effect. You can check their pieces of advice and support or dispel them forever.
  10. Product review. A variety of new cosmetics and tools from multiple brands appear in the market on a daily basis you can try them and provide detailed product reviews and feedback.
  11. Improvised means. Is your imagination endless? Let yourself improvise in this sphere using everything you can find at your home. Traditional means and approaches do not lose their popularity even despite such an abundance of beauty products in the market.
  12. Wedding image. Every bride wishes to look excellent. Provide wedding beauty tips to girls with different appearance, character, and style.
  13. Halloween examples. If you think that Halloween transformations happen only once a year, you are mistaken. There are people who never get tired to try something new and frightening images such as zombie or monster are their favorites.
  14. Graduation image. Thousands of students graduate from schools, universities, and colleges annually. Don’t they want to look beautiful too?
  15. History of makeup. Little do people know about the history of classic beauty direction, so you can inform others how it has been changing for centuries and what the predictions about its future are.
  16. How to achieve an effect of smoky eyes. Not only smoky eyes are in trend now. Provide your viewers with “How to” guide on any beauty topic.
  17. How to contour lips/eyes. You can explain the basics of makeup using only one organ: eyes, skin, lips etc.
  18. Makeup for 5 minutes (10 minutes). Time management is a top priority nowadays, so fast but good results are a necessity for modern women. Teach your viewers how to look wonderful within the minimum of time.
  19. An image of a schoolgirl. Modern schools do not have certain rules for girl’s beauty image. Teach teenagers and school girls how to look elegant and avoid punishment.
  20. Makeup to match an outfit. Every outfit requires a certain image on the face. A channel can tell others what to emphasize putting on different kinds of clothes.
  21. Going on holiday. Birthday, anniversary, business or Christmas party are only some of the destinations to show off yourself. Let everyone know how to prepare for any of the upcoming holidays.
  22. Youtube beauty bloggers’ mistakes. Even professionals make mistakes. If you spot any rough errors made by people with thousands of subscribers, don’t hesitate to correct them in your blog.
  23. Dos and Dont’s. Like in any other sphere, it is impossible to leave dos and don’ts behind.
  24. This year trends. The beauty industry is ever-changing, so keeping up with its trends may be a nice topic for a blog.
  25. Making kids faces beautiful. Not only adult women and young girls try to improve their look. Today, it is very popular to make children’s faces adorable too.
  26. How to gather yourself without a mirror. It is not always possible to find a mirror. Teach others how to look awesome without its help.
  27. People’s reaction to your ‘talent’. We get beautiful not only for ourselves but also for others. Ask people you see for the first time about their attitude to your creations and share this feedback in your blog.
  28. Visiting different studios. Every city and country has hundreds is beauty salons, spa, hairdresser’s office. Act as an inspector and check how efficiently they do their job.
  29. Makeup for $5 (or any other sum). Women always spend much money on their beauty procedures. But is it possible to take care of your appearance spending minimum of cash? Offer your solutions.
  30. Competition with a friend. Beauty contests have always attracted many spectators. Organize your own competitions and share your results online.

Makeup Video Ideas for Instagram

Instagram videos differ from the ones we used to watch on YouTube. Here you need another strategy if you want to make your videos go viral. We have prepared several tips from experts to help you improve the quality of your Instagram channels:

  • Shoot not long videos from 3 to 60 seconds;
  • Set yourself clear goals what you want to achieve with every new piece;
  • Tell the story with the beginning, main parts, and conclusion;
  • Choose the best light;
  • Keep your hands steady to avoid shaking;
  • Add sound and funny stickers;
  • Make your video longer using a sequence of clips;
  • Consider the surrounding.

These simple tips will contribute to every fun makeup video you are going to shoot. Moreover, quality products are always more appreciated, so do not hesitate to find the best topic for your beauty vlog on Instagram.

  1. Natural look. Many girls believe that the main task of cosmetics is to change their appearance for better. But in fact, its goal is to make your natural beauty more noticeable. Let others know how to look not only beautiful but also natural.
  2. How to use up empties. Every girl faces a problem when her favorite lipstick or cream runs out. You can tell how to use the remnants of your cosmetics till the end until you buy new items.
  3. Fun/moody face. Beauty experts can reflect your mood using their professional skills. Choose different life situations or moods and experiment.
  4. Haul. Shopping is a pleasure if you know what to buy. Make beauty hauls taking only worthy products and paying attention to ones to be passed by.
  5. One brand. There are many cosmetics brands in the market today. You can devote each video to all products of one brand.
  6. Morning, afternoon, and night image. Girl’s appearance changes with the time of the day. Offer alternatives to each of them.
  7. How to take care of your skin. Beauty involves care. Teach others how to take care of yourself to look attractive and young.
  8. How to remove different types of makeup. Not only makeup application makes ladies appealing. It is vital to know how to remove each of them right to prevent poor consequences.
  9. Someone makes me beautiful. You can attract your friends, relatives and even new acquaintances to become a part of your blog and represent their view of your beauty.
  10. This or that. We always have a choice limited to two items. Help others to make this choice right.
  11. DIY beauty. Sometimes, there is no need to go anywhere to look beautiful. Check different DIY methods and recommend the best ones.
  12. Email promotions. How many ads we see on a daily basis! Try examples recommended to you online and check if they can make a prom queen promised!
  13. Dead tutorial. Have you ever tried to play dead? Professional beauty master can help you. The incredible popularity of different series encourages many young people to try on this image.
  14. Getting old. Everyone wants to know how he or she will look in 20 years. Why not provide people with this opportunity?
  15. By countries. It is possible to change nationality thanks to a beauty master, isn’t it? Travel all around the world together with a skillful professional.
  16. Half of the face. Many similar videos beat popularity records. You can apply makeup or some means on one half and leave the send one untouched.
  17. Before and after. Another popular format to make everyone surprised. No comments!
  18. Men try. If someone does not believe that a beautician can transform a man’s face into a female one, try to convince them with your vlog.
  19. Cartoon Hero. What fun it is to become a hero of a popular cartoon! Show your talent transforming ordinary people into miraculous creatures.
  20. Removing half. One more shocking type of video is when you show a real beauty first and then remove half of the makeup opening the secret what is hidden behind the wrap.
  21. Hiding scars/drawbacks. Many people look for effective methods on how to hide scars, pigmented spots, wrinkles. It is time to heal them in your short videos.
  22. Animal patterns. Animal patterns are very popular not only in fashion trends. Today, everyone can become a wild creature for a while.
  23. Transforming into a celebrity. Do you still doubt that Hollywood is closer than it seems? Join the red carpet right now due to the professional work of beauty masters. Impress people with the power of talent!
  24. Face lifting effect. Who does not dream to look younger? Probably, only kids do not. Your blog can help people remove a couple of years thanks to the efficient techniques used by masters.
  25. From a woman into a man. Don’t lose a chance to shock your viewers with incredible transformations online.
  26. Artwork on the face. Some people have to visit Louvre to see the world’s renowned masterpieces, and for some specialists, it is enough to look at the mirror.
  27. Retro style. The value of vintage and antique items only grows with time. Why not check if retro images are among them?
  28. Movie heroes. Hundreds of movies are filmed annually and many heroes have become iconic thanks to them. Offer others to follow how one of these famous figures can appear on your face due to several professional strokes.
  29. Guess who. There are many popular blogs which encourage competition among viewers. You can apply makeup and offer your subscribers to guess whose image you were trying to reproduce.
  30. Copying another vlogger. Making fun of others is a good idea if you have a sense of humor. Entertain your guests by joking or copy in the behavior of popular bloggers.


If making people beautiful is your passion, it is time to start your own YouTube or Instagram channel. Join many other gurus and amateurs on the web, but look outstanding. Choosing one or several ideas we have offered can help you to be competitive and achieve success in this field.

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