It seems that Instagram is one of the most important issues under discussion at present along with politics and eco-consciousness. We are so concerned about how our profiles look in the feed, a number of followers, and our image on social media that prefer taking pictures of morning coffee to drinking it just for pleasure. O tempora! O mores!

As Instagram is working on removing a feature of showing likes, a craziness about them is going to cease. Meanwhile, followers are still pressing on our mind. You wonder … how do people get so many followers? What spells should I learn by heart to draw an audience? No magic words, just diligent work. Take a look to learn how people succeeded in gathering so many followers, and what methods you should prioritize to get to one row with them.

A small hint: the only way to understand what you should do is to do at least something.

How Do People Have So Many Instagram Followers

You definitely came across the profiles on Instagram that have thousands of followers but people who represent them do not produce any catchy content. You are in perplexity and about to hire a detective to clarify how on earth they managed to attract the audience. No need. Just be more attentive and look through a list of methods we have compiled to determine where you took the wrong turning.

Please note: we immediately exclude the option of any purchases of followers or someone else’s account with the audience. This is the path to nowhere. A large number of bots is useless, and what is more, it harms your reach.

So, how do people get so many followers on Instagram accounts?

  • They are useful
  • In recent times, Instagram has become a platform to share valuable information. You are able to broaden your outlook on each topic you might be interested in. Pieces of advice from psychologists, tips from fashion and travel bloggers, recommendations of beauty and care products, recipes, best places for a romantic date in Paris, and much more. People work hard to be really helpful and spend hours on creating texts to put below the picture. Usually, they choose one topic and become experts in it along with posting pictures from everyday life.

    If my vision of the world, for example, coincides with somebody’s on Instagram, chances are high that I will follow that person. People who can ease the life of other people with appropriate recommendations, and do that consistently are in great demand.

  • They are famous
  • It is obvious that celebrities attract much attention. They have got a lot of fans that are interested in their lives and would like to know the latest immediately. Nowadays, singers post their new video clips, actors announce the films they are going to star in, politicians try to gain credibility being closer to ordinary people. There are lots of examples when somebody took part in a reality show, became recognizable, and got thousands of followers on Instagram ever after. If you are a well-known person in real life or if you stood up from the crowd by any means, you are likely to get fans in a virtual world as well.

  • They broadcast positive vibes and cheerful mood
  • Style and mood of profiles really matter. Some people prefer warm hues when others – cold ones. If your style and vision of the world do not match with a particular individual, he will look at your profile for a minute and leave it. A unique visual style of content awakes interest and desire to stop and examine everything closely. It is really easy to feel the mood that is concealed on the other side of the screen. Positive vibes and joie de vivre draw people like a magnet and make them stay.

  • They follow the rules and use all the methods to get to the top
  • Those who are obsessed with gaining popularity, try everything available on Instagram. They apply a large number of hashtags and do not mind looking spammy. They comment on each post to become noticeable and take into account the recommended time frames for posting. What is more, they make publications consistently and divide them into topics. They engage with the audience, periodically arranging different activities: like-time, questions and answers, interactive stories and online games in posts. They analyze the stats and adapt the content to the audience. Nevertheless, they do not try to deserve the love of everyone at once as it is more important to stand your ground and respect your values and views. All these methods in the complex is a right way to success you are striking for.

  • They are half-naked
  • I am likely not to astonish you with next phrase but I will tell it all the same. When it comes to showing off the human body, everybody is ready to stare like a stuck pig. Pictures of sexy girls in bikini or without it, and handsome men that display their six-pack abs will never be lack of attention. Instagram censors the most intimate pictures and can delete them without notifications according to its strict community guidelines on nudity. However, eye-popping photos of seductive body parts are posted every day, and there are always thousands of Instagrammers that are hungry for a portion of hot and spicy content.

  • They invest money in promotion
  • Advertising on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to attract the target audience and increase awareness. There are several formats of ads: photo ads, stories ads, video ads, etc. You just need to determine how long you are going to show a particular ad and how much you are willing to spend on it. Flavor with catchy content, select the audience (automatic or create your own list manually taking into account locations, age, and interests), and reap the benefits of your activity. Ordering promotion with an aid of influencers or bloggers is also a popular way to become noticeable but it might be too costly.

  • They are too friendly and sociable
  • If you are an introvert, let this point pass. Those who attend popular events, get acquainted with everybody they meet on the way, and practice self-PR convert people from real life into devoted followers. This method is a little bit abstract and does not guarantee incredible engagement right away but friends of your friends, classmates of your colleagues, and sons of your mother’s friends can make you a good company on Instagram. Communicate more, and do not forget to share your Instagram URL.


Nobody knows what method will work personally for you. For some Instagrammers high-quality pictures and thought-out descriptions are enough to make people get interested in them when others have to participate in the competitions to get people together on their Instagram accounts. You should realize that success does not fall onto your head from a skyscraper. Everybody who has more than several thousands of followers work hard every day even it does not look obvious in social media. I am sure that among 1 billion active users, you will snatch a few hundred for yourself. Never give up and do your best!

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Marina Hikm
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