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Overwatch again attracts heightened attention from the gaming community. The matter is that the developers finally decided to reveal to fans some features of the sequel – Overwatch 2. It is not rumours, this is information from the stable proven by records of the gameplay. The second part is not just a visually improved version of Overwatch. Now we know for sure that Overwatch 2 will apply a new concept of tournaments – «5v5», there were lots of rumours about it on the Internet. Besides, we should expect numerous updates in the second part: new maps and modes, new looks and abilities of the heroes. Also there is a high likelihood that the developers will let some fans take part in the beta-test of Overwatch 2 in the near future. This was reported on Reddit by the technical director of Overwatch John Lafleur.

The most remarkable renovation of Overwatch 2 which was quite painful for some fans was refusal of the habitual scheme «6v6» and the decrease of the team up to five members. In this respect, the limits of roles stay so one team will have two battle heroes, two support heroes and only one tank. Aaron Keller that is working on Overwatch instead of Jeff Kaplan thinks that decrease of the number of people on the map will make battles easier for perceiving. Traditionally, there are twelve people participating in a match so it is difficult for a player to analyze the situation if there are eleven people apart from them on the map. With the «5v5» approach, there are only nine enemies and allies. Therefore, the role of each player will be more significant in the match, they will be able to react to changes of the situation on the map more precisely. It is interesting that developers tested schemes «4v4» and «7v7», but, according to Keller, the perfect balance is possible for teams with five players.

Of course, the transition to «5v5» is impossible without drastic changes of the very heroes. Tanks in Overwatch can’t perform alone effectively. In the second part every tank will be stronger and will get additional abilities. The developers even though of a new class for them – Brawler. The name hints us that the new tanks will be more aggressive, they will leap into action fearlessly, drag all attention to themselves, and, the most interesting part is that they can cause bigger losses than in the typical Overwatch.

To illustrate, Winston from Overwatch 2 possesses an alternative fire mode – it is an energy blast for attacking enemies in long-distance. Therefore, the hero becomes more universal. The most popular tank Reinhardt has a second charge of the fire shot. Additionally, Reinhardt will be able to cancel its charge when needed. Zarya will have two charges for distant and defense barriers. The designer of heroes from Blizzard Jeff Goodman says that the developers aren’t trying to make all tanks attacking heroes. Most of them will be stronger as tanks, will get more HP or energy for abilities. For example, D.Va can use her defense matrix but her explosive rockets are as effective as they are in Overwatch. So, the main concept does not change, the tank in Overwatch 2 remains the same character whose aim is to defend teammates.

As for new maps, the designers from Blizzard also want to fit it into the concept «5v5». Each location has more hideaways where players can stay alive longer if they use weapons in a battle effectively. The main presentation of the game showed New York with its Grand Central Station redesigned with the Overwatch style, Rio with a nightclub and a beach, Rome with the Colosseum, and Monte Carlo. Previously the developers demonstrated a winter map of Toronto.

Additionally, the changes concerned the characters that are not tanks. For example, Mei of the new version can’t obstruct enemies’ movements with her main weapon but only slow them down. She can’t disable an enemy tank this way. But not all updates are so drastic. Some characters just changed their appearance into a more technological one like Torbjörn.

It is still unknown when Overwatch 2 will be released. The developers from Blizzard have already shown the gameplay of the new game and the work is far from ending.

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