How to Change Username On Instagram

Do you remember the time when it was trendy to create nicknames on social networks? There were so many “sweet_strawberries”, “lady_killers”, and “dr_cocktails”. I am sure that somebody has just recognized himself and felt shy. Personally, I was creative enough and managed to change my nicknames every month. Nowadays, it Continue Reading

twitch donations

How to Set up a Donation Goal on Twitch

Human beings always feel a need for something. Just recall a theory by Abraham Maslow that is called a hierarchy of needs. All of us need to meet basic, physical requirements such as health, food, sleep, etc. If they are satisfied, we move further. Twitch streamers also have their own Continue Reading

twitch chat

How to Allow Links in Twitch Chat

Communication and interaction are those things we are not able to exist without in modern society. Sometimes we get tired of people and prefer hiding in the forest to living in a big city. However, such a desire usually passes over very quickly. All social media, up-to-date services, and platforms Continue Reading


Podcasting on YouTube – Ultimate Guide

Somebody once said that women love with their ears. The 21st century confirms that everyone loves with his ears, and this love is not determined by compliments only. More and more people prefer to perceive information by ear. They listen to the books in the subway or while driving a Continue Reading

Twitch sub

Does Twitch Subscription Auto Renew

It seems that every person who attended college experienced a similar situation. There was a team of “cool boys”, and all others – just ordinary students. If you were a member of that special group, you were highly appreciated, got more smiles from girls, and treated like a big dog. Continue Reading