Best Instagram Travel Hashtags

Best Instagram Travel Hashtags 2019

You may not be an Instagram travel influencer (yet), but that doesn’t mean you can’t use their hashtag strategy to grow your following and get your photos out there. Top Instagram Travel Hashtags The right tag can help booster your views, get more people commenting on your content, and help Continue Reading

Why Do YouTubers Have Multiple Channels?

Why Do YouTubers Have Multiple Channels?

Today, it is difficult to surprise anyone with the news that you post videos on Youtube. But you may wonder what makes vloggers get several channels on one video portal? Probably, you will agree that the main reasons why people shoot and add video on Youtube are not only a Continue Reading

Do YouTubers Get Paid for Likes?

I suppose everyone has heard that many people earn money on YouTube videos, but not everyone realizes how monetization actually takes place. Do YouTubers really get paid for likes? Or our likes and dislikes do not play a significant role in their earnings? I think you will agree with me Continue Reading

How Much Data Does Twitch Streaming Use?

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming services at the moment and you might be one of those streamers broadcasting your video games on the site. Twitch has more than 2 million active broadcasters and to stand out in that crowd, you need to be technically proficient. Even if Continue Reading

Best Lights for Twitch Streaming

TOP-6 Best Lighting for Twitch Streaming

If you are just starting out with the live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform, then it is necessary that your videos are properly lit. Anyone with a decent gaming PC or a modern game console can be a Twitch streamer. However, good lighting is one of Continue Reading

Best Webcams for Streaming on Twitch

Best Webcams for Streaming on Twitch

Whether you are streaming a popular game for your viewers or you’re just chatting with your fans, a webcam is necessary. A high-quality device is attractive and can give your stream a crisp look to it. Generally, streams that include a “face cam” tend to be more popular. A good Continue Reading

Twitch Image

Twitch Squad Streaming Guide

People like watching others play games. Twitch’s business model works on the addictive appeal and strong network of gamers and viewers and makes money out of it. The company is designed to be a platform for content, including eSports sports tournaments, personal streams of individual players, and gaming-related talk shows. Continue Reading