Influencer marketing strengthened its positions in 2021 and is not going to slow down in 2022. People still trust people, especially well-known social media stars on Instagram. By the way, the latter has managed to develop a very confiding relationship with their followers. Any influencer’s advice on a particular product or service is perceived positively by the audience and arouses the desire to buy it immediately. You are likely to have just realized that it is impossible to manage without influencer marketing campaigns to promote your brand in 2022. Forewarned is forearmed. And as additional arms, here is a list of search tools of Instagram influencers to facilitate and speed up finding the right person who will appropriately convey the message to your target audience, and help your brand grow.



Aside from a huge base of influencers who you can search by category, audience, engagement rates, and brands they have collaborated with, this tool offers a powerful CRM, an opportunity to track the progress and results of your campaign. You no longer need to scroll Instagram feed to find relevant people for your projects, collect the data manually and store it in separate documents. Influence.Co has 125K+ Influencers from different countries and several tariff plans varying on the price. If you need only access to the database, there is a free plan that includes 50 results per search, 3 lists with opinion leaders, and 12 conversations per month.


This is a platform with 3M+ influencer profiles, 20+ Advanced Search Criteria, Influencer Outreach, and Campaign Management as well. The algorithm of the tool analyzes each piece of content created by opinion leaders for reach and engagement to be up to date and provide brands with the data of proved worth. You can conduct very accurate research, putting in several keywords and assigning them different degrees of importance. Doing this, you will narrow the pool of candidates but chances are getting higher to catch the goldfish. One of the interesting features of Upfluence is analyzing influencers’ audiences by brand affinities and cultural interests. What is more, Upfluence also offers a Chrome plugin that allows analyzing an influencer’s profile straight from your browser. It is a truly fully-scale Influencer Search tool designed to do most of the processes, and you just check and nod in agreement.


Socialbakers is the AI-powered social media marketing tool, designed more for Social Media Management, Monitoring, Content Strategies. However, it also offers a simplified influencer search. With AI-driven discovery, first the audience of your brand will be analyzed and then you will be recommended the influencers preferred by your audience. Socialbakers platform checks all the accounts and profiles not to waste your budget and avoid fraud. Create a shortlist, compare chosen professionals, select the best one, and start a brilliant collaboration. You can try the tool for free if you create an account on the platform.



This is a mechanically simple platform where you can browse for the opinion leaders in your niche, add them to your cart, and start preparing an order, basically, the social media post you want to be published. The next stage is to choose a preferred time for a post and pay the influencer. Tracking, statistics, daily audits are also available on the platform.


ninja outreach
One more full-service Influencer Search Tool that allows you to filter the candidates by categories (read niches), and add them to a sortable list. Having influencers’ emails in the database, the tool also helps to send automated, personalized emails and track details on clicks and replies. There is a 7-Day Risk-Free Trial and there are also paid tariff plans. The cheapest plan costs $49 per month. NinjaOutreach has 60,000,00 Instagram influencers at its disposal with all the info such as follower count, engagement, the price they charge for one post, so you are very likely to find who you are looking for.


buzz sumo
“Look past vanity metrics to uncover truly influential leaders”, – BuzzSumo says. It is suitable for finding creators on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are Influencers and Outreach sections to find, analyze and follow your “potential star helpers”. You can also monitor top-performing content on particular topics, and keep track of the most popular social media stars in your niche. Having come across an appealing publication, you can drop a message to the creator and discuss collaboration, for example. It is a good way to choose an influencer assessing his work first and then the metrics, etc.

You can use the tool for free but a paid version will bring you more joy, of course. The price starts from $99 per month or $79 per month when you pay yearly.




Heepsy will assist you in finding a right person, having 7 million influencers with more than 5k followers in the base. Once you have selected several prospects, you can create a list, and then sort out the candidates. You get access to complete data about an influencer: an average engagement, other brand collaborations, a growth graph, and a quality score to make sure whether it is a fake candidate or not. The latter, by the way, evaluates the influencers with a score from 0 to 100 points. It is possible to try Heepsy out for free but the search results will be quite limited. The prices for paid plans vary from $49 to $199 per month depending on the scale of your campaigns and other requirements.


brand snob
BrandSnob is specialized in making it simpler to connect brands with the most relevant Instagram influencers and creators using AI and machine learning. BrandSnob assures to work with influencers with high a degree of authenticity and strong engagement with their followers.
The tool offers both a self-service via the application and a managed service by BrandSnob itself. You start by creating your offer and posting a fixed price for it. Then whether you browse profiles and invite influencers for collaboration or they submit their candidatures on your consideration. AI helps to choose social media mentors aligned with the values of your business for a successful campaign. Do not hesitate to start a Free 7 Day Trial. All Access Membership for brands costs $185 /month.

This is one of the very few influencer marketing platforms with a presence in Australia.


IZEA is known as one of the pioneers of the influencer marketing industry. It offers two broadened tools such as IZEAx Discovery and IZEAx Unity Suite. The first one is a search only tool when the second one is designed to manage your campaigns. There are 4M+ Influencers’ profiles on the marketplace with data filtres, list building + export. You are also able to make direct offers to influencers, track the status of everyone participating in your campaign, get an in-depth analysis of all the campaigns, etc.


TapInfluence allows you to search influencers based on interests, demographics, performance history, and then create campaigns, schedule them and monitor engagement analytics, etc. The platform is also focused on automating the workflow to simplify your work. Aside from the discovery of social media experts based on unique filters and criteria, all the necessary features for the management of campaigns are available.

Keep in mind: when choosing the most appropriate tool among a huge number, assess the cost of tariff plans or separate services, look through reviews. Also, pay attention to the interface and usability of the website or application. You should feel pleased and comfortable working there.


The automation of actions at the peak of popularity in modern society. Influencer search tools are specially designed to save your time and contribute to a high quality of work. Each of these tools has a large number of features so as not be limited just by searching. Benefit from them and build fruitful influencer marketing campaigns.

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