Have you ever practiced skipping YouTube ads? Undoubtedly, it is difficult to find a person who would exchange the pleasure of watching a video he likes for several seconds of advertisement. However, have you ever thought whether skipped ads pay out YouTubers?

You may agree that not everyone thinks about video creators who share their content online with the goal to get revenue.

But if to remember that profits of the channel owners depend on the number of ads watched by the viewers, it is possible to make a conclusion that we are not grateful to people who create this content.

This article will explain the notion of skippable advertisement, modern trends in this sphere, and whether we do a favor or root against the channel owner clicking the button ‘Skip ads’.

Do Youtubers Get Money If You Skip Ads?

YouTube has become a popular marketing platform used for advertising both goods and services long ago, but the desire to increase revenue received from the ads makes Google search for different approaches and make changes to their rules.

Look: we all know that YouTube has both skippable and non-skippable ads.

The last ones are usually shown at the beginning of the video piece and you have to watch it till the end to proceed to the content you wish. Such ads are very annoying for viewers but also the most profitable for the channel owners since they always bring about monetary benefit. They last for 15-18 seconds on average and can be shown at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the video piece.

Skippable advertisements are ones that are usually shown at the beginning of a video piece and can be skipped by the person in 4-5 seconds. You may wonder why Google has introduced such a kind of advertisement.

Here is the deal: there are 3 main things checked by YouTube on the basis of the viewer’s behavior:

  • How compulsive the content of the ads is (skipped ads are not appealing to viewers and can be charged more);
  • How important this video is for a viewer (the results show the value of the content created);
  • How patient a viewer is to ads and if he or she brings revenue to the platform.

The reasons why skippable ads have been introduced are clear but the question ‘Do Youtubers make Money If You Skip Ads?’ remains unanswered.

Want to know the best part? These ads used to bring about revenue to the channel and still do that only if they are watched till the end or for 30 seconds and more. Otherwise, Ad promoters are not charged money.

However, years of this experience made the YouTube team analyze this fact since such advertisement works the same as one shown on TV. Many surveys and researches were made to prove that even a couple of seconds in the ad watched may be beneficial for brand affinity and sales. Google has even provided a post on this topic telling about the awareness raised by this kind of advertising. As a result, the company decided to introduce a new approach to charging brands for advertising in 2018 and it was called True View for Reach. You can learn more about it lower.

True View for Reach: How Skipped Ads Started To Pay Out

Have you noticed the word ‘used to’ when we were answering the question about skipping ads? Didn’t it sound strange for you?

This is crazy: YouTube team realized and decided to change their huge mistake only at the beginning of 2018 when they announced that ads will cost advertisers money even if viewers skip them.

Better late than never.

A popular Google video service has added information about a new offer for brands and advertisers who want to reach a larger audience. This kind of advertisement is a variation of the popular skippable ads which works similar to the ads shown on TV.

This method works as follows:

YouTube runs the advertisement for 10-15 minutes like ones promoted on television and the advertiser has to pay for every impression on a cost per 1,000 impression basis. These impressions are counted after two first seconds, as it was established by the industry standard, and even if a viewer decides to skip it in 5 seconds, it is necessary to pay for 3 seconds he has watched the ad for.

However, it is worth mentioning that the traditional advertisement that can be skipped in 4-5 seconds and an advertiser is charged only after its completion is still actual. This method has been called “ True Full Views” by the company, while a new variation has been entitled “TrueView for Reach”.

Experts suppose that this new way of advertising can cost brands and companies less than completed views. However, there are also viewpoints that this approach is a step backward in the modern digital world since many companies will continue to use that traditional way of skippable advertising because it will probably be more cost-effective to them.

Naturally, there are marketers who are satisfied with the approach of reaching an audience like TV does nowadays, but the main reason why YouTube management team has admitted this method is, of course, the possible growth of revenue expected.

This innovation will probably make a great contribution to the earnings of bloggers who post their videos on YouTube. It is only possible to imagine how many people skip ads wishing to proceed to their main video and what a small percentage of viewers agrees to watch ads until the end. However, even despite lower charges for skippable ads, there will be still significant growth in the amounts of profits gained by influencers. This monetary increase will also lead to positive consequences since the number of content will increase together with its quality.


It is difficult to predict what changes in advertising are planned by Google in the nearest future because the introduction of TrueViews for Reach might lead to the refusal from skippable ads which bring revenue only due to the completed views. Today, we can surely say that vloggers who share their video creations on YouTube do not get monetary benefit from ads which are skipped by viewers. Now, it is time to wait for any updates from Google according to the latest news!

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