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A lot of people become frustrated when they need to enter their email addresses when they need to register on websites like social media, or other web services. Not everyone agrees to expose private email addresses to the public. Fortunately, some services offer an opportunity to register on services like Yahoo and others without using a private phone number or an email. The verification process by means of such services works via an online account.

Text messages are received through specific hardware and software allowing you to register on almost any web service on the internet. Users can get their virtual SMS number free.


OnlineSIM makes it possible to privately register on a variety of websites, apps, and services.

There’s a variety of countries of origin and phone numbers of mobile carriers available. There are 30 countries and more than 10,000 phone numbers to choose from. There’re options of short and long-term phone number rent available. At any rate, third-parties won’t get access to your personal number.

For example, if you’d like to create a second page for your Facebook or Yahoo account, go to your account and select a country, then select a website. Copy a phone number you received and paste it to the registration form to receive text messages. After you’ve received an SMS you’ll be able to just copy a confirmation code and use it to complete the registration of the account.

You can get your phone numbers for an unlimited period of time and receive an unlimited number of text messages. With OnlineSIM you get your virtual sim online free. offers a total number of 6 phone numbers from the UK and Sweden. One of the major benefits of the service is that you just have to refresh your browser tab to see highlighted text messages that have been received. This service offers private numbers as well, and that allows users to view messages in their private inboxes.

The site allows users to receive SMS messages to the Hungarian and American phone numbers. The website works like clockwork. The only drawback is that American numbers are pretty unreliable and there’s also a lack of numbers to select from.


TextNow provides trustworthy phone numbers for receiving confirmation codes from online services. After signing up for a free account you’ll be able to get a phone number automatically. That’s an advantage. The drawback is that the website lacks the stability of working.


Twilio generates private numbers for free when users register for trial accounts. Users can use any phone number on the website to receive a code and verify accounts on social media and other websites.

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