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Because of the wide and increasing population on social media today, it’s not surprising that many businesses have also started to use the platforms for their marketing efforts. Gone are the days when profiles were centered on just people. Now, even corporations are saturating this medium as well.

When businesses start to apply social media marketing, one of the most talked-about benefits is the ability to boost customer engagement. Among all other goals, this is one of the most important. When this boost in customer engagement is achieved through the aid of social media personas, businesses can say with confidence that going through all their efforts in their campaigns has proven to be worth it.

What Is Social Media Persona?

Creating a social media persona is important because it will be your blueprint for your target customers. It would profile-specific demography to narrow down your options and have an interaction with them. The persona you’d create in your social media would guide you in knowing how to represent your product and what content you need to post.

To convince you further, here are some positive effects of social media personas:

1. It Grows Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and customer engagement go hand-in-hand. When people on the internet know more about your brand through organic interaction and engagement, your product’s awareness increases as well. Social media persona would help in promoting as it will help you know people’s preferences. This means people who are into your cause will get to know about your brand’s existence. In effect, your company’s market share will increase as well.

This is very important in today’s competitive business arena, simply because the higher your market share is, the greater your profit potential also becomes. This is what social media can do —being able to collect information from people to maximize business opportunities.

2. It Increases Interaction And Communication

Customers love it when the brands they support have a close-knit level of interaction with them. No one wants to get stuck hiding behind a corporate veil. Otherwise, your customers are going to feel cold towards you. Instead of seeing the people who work tirelessly behind the brand to provide them quality products and services, all they’ll see is your corporate entity.

With social media persona, this interaction would be strong and present because you’re sharing content on a more personal level. There are so many ways you can post real-time content on social media sites—from recorded and live videos to catchy stories and skits.

A great post to read in learning about the process is recommended to know all your options.

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3. It Results In Direct Engagement

When customers have concerns to bring up to companies, they mostly had to go through customer service via phone or e-mail. Unfortunately, these modes can also be unavailable at times. Customers may have to be passed on from one representative to another before their concerns get addressed.

With social media personas, there are messaging opportunities that result in a more direct engagement. Direct messages in social media would enable customers to send queries and need help through these messaging platforms, and these are addressed and solved faster by social media persona.

4. It Brings More Traffic

Having a social media persona for your business is also a very effective way to bring more traffic into your e-commerce and physical stores.

When you engage with the population on social media, you’re making yourself more popular. If your brand continues to be absent on social media, then you’re losing valuable market share in favor of your competitors.

Bringing more traffic to your website is needed, so your business can thrive. Because you’ve got a positive engagement, they may even end up making a purchase. Otherwise, if your traffic and engagement continue to be poor, sales wouldn’t be coming in.

5. It Creates A Wider Reach

Social media persona increases customer engagement and makes your scope wider. You don’t even have to be in a specific location for you to engage with customers. Right where you are, you’ve got access to a multitude of people through social media.

Because of this wide reach with your engagement, more people likely to be drawn to share your content. This makes you more popular and also more competitive.


Because of many technological advancements in place, brands now have more opportunities to reach out and engage with potential customers. Whether it’s for positive interaction, building new rapport, or solving customer complaints, having a strong presence on social media would greatly be beneficial.

The advantages of creating social media persona on your customer engagement should convince you enough to create one for your brand. Since the lifeline of every business is its customers, it is highly significant to put a premium on interacting with them.

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