TikTok is a social network where users share short videos of up to one minute. The idea, which seemed silly at first, is attracting the attention of millions of people around the world. There isn’t a child with an Internet connection who doesn’t know about TikTok, but lately, adults have also become interested, watching and even making short videos with music.

TikTok is a great way to reach the next generation of sports fans. Therefore, even the most conservative teams and athletes try to promote content here. Plus, if done right, it can be a source of additional ad revenue. And the fans don’t mind. The more interesting and fun content, the better! Therefore, together with Telecomasia.net, we will recommend 5 must-followed sports accounts.

Milwaukee Bucks – @bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo – @ giannis_an34

The Bucks quickly picked up the trends and began to make high-quality bright content, interesting, first of all, to NBA fans. Besides videos featuring popular TikTok tracks, they actively engage players, allowing them to create many behind-the-scenes videos with their players, offering fans content that they simply couldn’t see before.

Separately, of course, it is worth highlighting Giannis, one of the league’s most charismatic basketball players. Greek Freak publishes highlights from games and workouts that show that this guy has a great sense of humor and taste in music.

Tom Brady – @tombrady

Tom is very active and diligent in his TikTok account, regularly releasing high-quality videos. How long does this guy have for all the time? The editors from Centreforum.org love Tom Brady’s account for the champion vibe 5x Super Bowl MVP. You will not see such several Vince Lombardi trophies anywhere else.

Ryan Garcia – @kingrygarcia

If 1.6m subscribers for Tom Brady seem like a lot to you, what about the 3.2m subscribers of WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia? This account will be of interest to boxing fans. Ryan gained worldwide fame after his strong-willed victory over Luke Campbell in January this year, which became the 21st consecutive Mexican American boxer. In his account, the athlete shoots episodes of his life, joint videos with popular bloggers and training… a lot of training. It’s nice to see him hit very quickly. And if you are sure of his victories, then you can bet on Ryan Garcia’s fights in one of the bookmakers presented on Meta.reviews.

Vegas Golden Knights – @vegasgoldenknights

Some of the biggest show-goers have moved their talents to TikTok. NHL stars are filming 60-second clips that showcase the true spirit of the Vegas franchise. The team is doing a tremendous amount of work on content. In their profile, you can follow the lives of athletes, as well as evaluate popular trends in the performance of the players of your favorite team.

Clemson Tigers – @clemsonfb

Clemson is the NCAA football team for which Trevor Lawrence, the most popular player among students, plays. He is the potential No. 1 pick of the NFL-2021 draft. And even though the Tigers play in the NCAA, they are as good as professional teams in terms of content. This team didn’t start creating content on a relatively new platform very long ago, but they’ve held a high level of quality and great player involvement since the early days, showing snippets of games, practices, and the team’s inner workings. If you want to watch how college football lives, then feel free to subscribe to Clemson’s account.

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