So you’ve been typing to stop seeing what friends like on Facebook? Well, we bring you a couple of guidelines on how this can be done. We understand how frustrating the feature may be, so we’ve put together solutions that we think may do the job, for the most part. Note that this guide does not make use of any third-party applications, only platform-provided fixes.

Why you can see what your friends like in your Facebook feed?

Well, most social media operators, Facebook included, work to make their platforms as satisfactory as possible. These platforms are social, and a satisfactory social platform typically utilises relatability, be it with news, tech, entertainment, and so on. This is simply why you can see what your friends like, where the  platform will be trying to provide you with something

How to stop seeing friends’ likes on Facebook

The Facebook media platform does not give any function-specific methods with which you can stop seeing what friends like. Be that as it may, some features are available, features that perform their function as stated, while also completing the task at hand, which, in this case, would be to remove certain suggestions from those in your friends’ list. Some of these methods are identified as:

Method 1 – Hiding Certain Content

This is generally, a good idea of how you can accomplish the result at hand. When you open and enter the app, you simply need to scroll and, or navigate until you reach whatever post you aim to take down. All liked posts generally have a tendency of showing up in the feed, so that is most likely where you will find it. When you do find it, simply click on the arrow at the top, the one that faces downwards. This triggers a dropdown menu, on which you will see a “Hide Post” button. Click on the button, and the post will automatically disappear from your feed, along with all other posts from that particular user, or set of users.

Method 2 – Unfollowing a Friend

At this point, you are obviously well aware of the whole concept of followers and friends on Facebook, and how it all works. Well, this method of removing what your friends like makes direct use of just that. This method doesn’t sever your friendship, it only removes the more adaptive social link be between you and your friend, where you will not be able to see what they like, along with a number of other things that they may share on the platform. While on the main Facebook page, you need to navigate to the search bar, found at the topmost part of the screen. On the search bar, type in the name of the account you would like to unfollow. Once it appears, click on it and you will be taken to its main profile. Here, you will see the account information, along with your relationship standings with that specific user. Among these, you will find a button labeled “Following.” Tapping on the button activates a pop-up option, from which you will select “Unfollow.” After this point, you will not see more of the posts from that specific user.

How to control what you see in News Feed

Well, platforms like Facebook tend to operate by adapting to each and every user, where they collect data largely based on your kind of activity. In other words, whatever you see appearing in your feed is, in most cases, based on what you like, or what the people you interact with like, along with some other platform featured items. That said, the methods above are not exactly full proof, neither are they convenient for all users. Some people, after using either methods, would at least make an effort to prevent the same from happening again.

This can be done by being very conscious of what you post, what your share, what you comment on, what you like, as well as who and what you follow while on the app. At this moment, Facebook does not give any specific tools that can help you control what you see.

Some Tips

As stated more than once in this review, there are no specified tools or features that aid you in the hiding of certain things. It is simply something that comes with a greater or broader function. In other words, what we are trying to say is that, with greater knowledge of the platform, some other minor features can be observed to have somewhat of a similar effect to that of what we are trying to achieve. That said, here a couple of tips that may come in handy while you are on Facebook

  • You should try the desktop version of the service. All the functions and features may be the same, but the desktop version is easier to make out understand. Ease of use is always a top priority.
  • The first method of hiding a post may be functional, but it may also require a bit more work. In order to fully remove a user’s likes from your feed, you may find yourself having to hide quite a number of individual items from that user.


Receiving unwanted items is quite annoying, where  most people end up asking, “How do I stop seeing what my friends like on Facebook?” To such ends, we really hope that this short guide served some purpose in assisting you, if you ever had such a problem.

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