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How much do Twitch Streamers Make in 2020

Have you ever thought of playing games and streaming them on Twitch? If you are a keen gamer, you should also know that this activity allows earning money. Moreover, Twitch broadcasters can earn big money and the experience of the ten best gamers of the platform confirms this fact. You Continue Reading

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How to Block Someone on Twitch – 9 Ways

Have you ever suffered from intrusive and annoying viewers of your channel? It is not a secret that many people join channels and their chats not only to watch streams but also to spoil the mood of other viewers. Others consider it funny to send strange messages or produce different Continue Reading


Is Twitch Safe for Your Child?

All possible media have already mentioned that one of the main marketing trends in 2020 is video content. The audience is migrating from Facebook and Instagram to the platforms that were initially made for video materials. Therefore it is the time when TikTok, YouTube and Twitch will completely take all Continue Reading

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What is a Twitch Thot?

Nowadays, Twitch is a very popular streaming platform. It was originally made for entertainment and playing/streaming video games. Later, Twitch Creative and IRL broadened horizons of the platform and subsequently provided Twitch with a greater influx of fans. There are actually many female professional gamers that use the service. However, Continue Reading

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Twitch Teams Ultimate Guide

I am sure that sometime you were asked such a question on a typical job interview: “Do you prefer teamwork or working independently?” According to Google and Human Resources specialists, the right answer is – “I enjoy both!” What is the best algorithm of actions on Twitch then? Lots of Continue Reading