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Twitch Transcoding Ultimate Guide

Twitch is truly a leading live streaming platform for video games, esports, and even creative content. Mixer and YouTube Live are trying to catch up with Twitch in every way. But agree, it’s not so easy to lure two million users away or even a half. Despite the fact, that Continue Reading


Does Twitch Count Yourself as a Viewer?

The number of users is impressive on Twitch. According to official data, there were 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, and around a million average concurrent users in May 2018. How once The Little Prince told: “Grown-ups like numbers”. There is the same story on Twitch. Continue Reading

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How to Change Twitch Username

It is a normal situation that sometimes we want to change our usernames on social media. We grow up, our vision of life and ourselves changes, and the nickname “Mr. Shooter” does not look appealing and imposing anymore. Fortunately, social media provides us with an opportunity of changing our names Continue Reading

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How to Get Twitch Verified Badge

Everyone who is able to use the Internet seems to know in person the king among streaming platforms. Twitch stands firm on its positions and looks unyielding. Alongside with various features for streamers, it provides them with an opportunity to earn a living. At present, it does not matter whether Continue Reading

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How to Stream on Mixer on PC, XBox

Streaming has become an integral part of modern people’s lives so far. Video content is gaining much popularity, capturing attention better, and resonating emotionally with the audience. There is a myriad of live streaming platforms at present that it is really difficult sometimes to focus on one. Twitch is about Continue Reading

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How to Allow Links in Twitch Chat

Communication and interaction are those things we are not able to exist without in modern society. Sometimes we get tired of people and prefer hiding in the forest to living in a big city. However, such a desire usually passes over very quickly. All social media, up-to-date services, and platforms Continue Reading