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Of all the streaming platforms out there, Twitch is undoubtedly the largest live broadcasting platform in the world for all types of streamers. However, with over one million monthly broadcasters, if you are a small-mid-sized streamer, it has become difficult to take steps towards the Twitch partnership. This is why Twitch has announced its new Affiliate program.

The program serves as an effort to recognize the dedication and hard work of small-medium sized streamers by giving them the incentive to continue following their passion – while opening up the opportunities to earn some serious money.

While Twitch Partners tend to have more features in general than Affiliates, the subscription feature is identical between the two account types and works in the same way. There are a few monetization options and badges of honor that Twitch withholds strictly for its partners. For example, Affiliates can receive bits. However, only partners can have a verified chat badge.

Twitch Monetization Tools

How to Set up Subscriptions on Twitch

Subscriptions are available to streamers who are either a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

Statuses are rewarded to users who actively broadcast several times a week. Plus, Twitch streamers have a consistent and loyal viewership.

Subscriptions are incredibly important for streamers since they provide them with a source of recurring income that snowballs month-over-month as more viewers opt-in to subscribe.

Twitch, in particular, is looking for streamers who aren’t already Twitch Partners. You need to have the following to be considered for the program:

  • Your broadcast minutes need to be 500 minutes or more
  • You need 7 unique broadcast days
  • An average of 3 or more concurrent viewers

The main aim of the Twitch Affiliate Program is to expand the number of streamers on Twitch who use streaming as a means to generate revenue as well as give more people a chance to make their dreams of full-time streaming come true.

How Many Twitch Followers Do You Need to Get a Sub Button

A large number of followers is not a crucial factor to get a subscription button on Twitch. A streamer should have at least 50 followers, and also meet the requirements listed above.

When Do You Get a Sub Button On Twitch?

Once you have achieved and maintained the above broadcasting criteria, you will get an invitation via email from Twitch admin. Once you receive the email, there are only a few steps involved with activating your Affiliate account (which are outlined in the email). After you provide Twitch with the necessary information.

How to Get a Subscribe Button?

After you have been invited as an affiliate, a new section will appear on your Settings tab that will allow you to register for the Affiliate Program and set up a sub button!

How to Promote Your Subscriptions?

After you added the desired button icon to your account, you need to promote it in order to enable subscribers using it for your benefit.

  1. Twitch Panel
    Once you get your subscription button, add something permanent to your channel that shows not only that your fans can subscribe, but also what they will get. Use your branding and keep it as professional as possible, but make your subscription panel stand out from the rest of your page. Motivate your fans to subscribe to your stream.
    Twitch panel
  2. Social Media
    Don’t forget to promote your channel on social media. You want your fans to know that something new is happening, and one of the best ways to do it is through the fans who are already following you on Twitter and Facebook.
    Share the news about your subscription! Tweet or post about it multiple times. Use different language, highlight the benefits that subscribers are getting, and use screenshots.
  3. Chat Bot
    And of course, do not forget about your chat! As your fans are paying attention to two things: your stream and your chat. So they may miss your Twitch panels. This is why chat bots matter. You should be putting your subscription link into your rotation along with your social links and other important sites. Promoting through your chat bot is one of the best ways that a streamer can promote his or her subscription button.


If your Twitch channel has no subscription button on twitch yet, then this is something you should get in the nearest time via the affiliate program to start making more profit for your broadcasting.

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