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Did you know that TikTok pays $500 influencers to join the app and start creating the content? If you want to grow your audience and get more likes, you should know when to connect with your audience. And what is the best time to post on TikTok?

When are the best times to post on TikTok?

The best times for you to post your TikTok videos depend on quite a few factors. Where are you from? Who is your audience? Where are they from? When are those people using the TikTok app? Only after you have answered these questions can you develop a good TikTok posting schedule.

The reason you need to know the best times to post on TikTok is because of the way TikTok’s algorithm works. They first send your video to a small group of users and judge their reaction, before deciding whether or not it is worth showing it to more people.


The TikTok app has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide, 500 million of those come from India, 180 million from China, and 130 million from the U.S. In March of 2020, TikTok was downloaded over 115 million times worldwide.

  1. Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform.
  2. A user opens the app 8 times per day.
  3. 83% of users have posted a video.
  4. It is estimated that TikTok has about 60 million monthly active users in the United States. 60% are female, 40% are male. 60% are between the ages of 16-24. 26% are between the ages of 25-44. 80% are between the ages of 16-34. This data comes straight from TikTok.
  5. Gen Z – 60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers. Gen Zers are trendsetters. Next year, 74 million people in the U.S. will be part of “Gen Z”, which will make it the largest generation of all.

Why are these figures important?

Well if you have a global audience, this will automatically affect the amount of content that you produce. Also related to when the content will be posted. Time Zones automatically determine that a large portion of your content will be shown during the busiest hours in a specific geographic region.

What about users’ location?

As you know, there are 24 time zones across the globe, so you want to make sure that you are posting your content at the time that your primary audience is online. In order to find out the best times to post on social media, you want to make a detailed assessment of your audience in terms of who you are trying to reach and engage with. And that’s where a new “pro account” can be really helpful.

TikTok Pro

If you’re really serious about TikTok videos, you should consider a “pro account” that comes with a set of new features, one of which includes analytics.

Analytics will indicate how many followers you have, what their gender split is, and the top territories your followers come from. If you haven’t switched to a Pro account yet, you should do it.

Best day of the week to publish TikTok videos

The next thing to determine is when your audience is awake, free, and what their schedules are like. The vast majority of people on TikTok are young, between the ages of 18 and 34. Those people are most likely at work during the day and at home on their phones at night, so it’s reasonable to conclude that the best time to post is during lunch hours, at night, or on weekends.

Best times of the day to post on TikTok

How old is your target market?

If they are between the ages of 11 and 16, posting at 9 am local time on a Monday may not be the most informed decision as this demographic will often be at, or on the way to school.

Likewise, if you are aiming for the demographic between 18-25, they could be in College or Work, so you would want to post when they are either on their lunch breaks, but this gives you a very narrow window.

Here are a few suggestions from different online resources:

  • Online marketers

Most marketers and other online resources are suggestive of the fact that most people will use the app when they wake up, so between 6 am and 7 am, then again at around 10 am, and then 7 pm at night. These do vary with what day it is, so you need to take this into account, especially on weekends when people won’t be getting up at 6 am and 7 am

  • Google search

The main audience is between the ages of 18 and 34 who are usually busy during the day. So the best time to get their attention is during lunch hours, at night, or on weekends.

  • Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub suggests that the best hours to post on TikTok are early in the morning (7 – 9 am) and then later in the afternoon (3 – 10 pm).

If you are trying to cover all kinds of followers all over the world, then you’ll have to build a content schedule to cover the biggest territories your fans are coming from.

It will be hard to maintain your schedule if you have audiences in countries with large time differences. But it appears to be the only way to cover posting content for your audience.

How often should I upload TikTok videos?

How many times to post on TikTok?

To be honest, consistency is your key to success. And TikTok is no different. You want to be posting at the same time on a daily basis in order to grow your audience. Once you have found where your audience is located, work out what time they are awake and most active.

In order to get more fans and likes, it is suggested to post at least five videos per week. That’s potentially a lot of…work, even though the videos are capped at 15 seconds. And considering that there’s currently no way to actually monetize your TikTok account, you have to hope to get famous enough on TikTok that you can branch out to YouTube or Instagram deals to really make it big.

There is no doubt that TikTok is taking over, and the clock is TikTok-ing away while kids everywhere are busy changing the social media game. So now is the time to get in before your mom starts posting TikTok reminders for you to make a dentist appointment or something.

Tips to find the best times to post on TikTok

Multiple videos

It may sound obvious, but it’s also a little tough to manage. Creating more videos requires more creativity. But you don’t need to constantly come up with new ideas. In fact, you can easily document what you’re up to. Documenting is easier than constantly producing funny sketches.

Collaborate with other users

Ever heard of the term “cross-pollination” in social media? It’s the process of using one social media account to share a message with a new or larger group of followers on another account. By sharing your content with a fellow TikToker’s audience, you’re gaining access to more followers.

Post old videos

Sharing older content not recorded on TikTok is a good idea. As it will help you increase the amount of content you share. So, sharing older content is a great way to ensure that you’ve got something fresh to offer your audience


It may seem obvious, but if you don’t utilize the right hashtags, the people you want to engage with won’t be engaging in your content. No matter what time you make your post. Make sure that you follow users who are representative of your target market and see what hashtags they are using!


In order to get a big name and millions of followers, you need to find your special trait and share it, produce more content, and leverage collaborations and hashtags. And of course, you need to be consistent, make regular posts at the right TikTok time in order to engage your audience.

If you upgrade your account to pro, you will be able to define all the stats of your audience. Once you have their active hours and time zones on lock, you can get back to what you want to do and create content!

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